5 February

Bob Allen
Songwriter, Pianist, Arranger, Music Producer, Conductor, b.1927, of Four Lads

Chris Biscoe
Alto Sax, b.1947, East Barnet, England

Roxelle Claxton
Piano, b.1913, Memphis, TN

Carlton A. Coon
Leader, b.1894 d.1932, Rochester, MN

Jacqueline Dankworth,
Vocal, b.1963, daughter of Johnny Dankworth and Dame Cleo Laine, Northhampton, England

Don Goldie,
Trumpet, b.1930, Newark, NJ

Keith Ingham
Piano, b.1942, London, England

Al Kooper
Jazz Fusion, Rock & Roll Singer, Keyboardist, Organist, Music Producer, Pianist, Songwriter, Guitarist, b.1944, born in Brooklyn, N.Y.; lead of Blood Sweat & Tears, Blues Project, soloist

Art Land
Jazz Pianist, b.1947

Rick Laird
Bass, b.1941, Dublin, Ireland

Bill Mays
Piano, b.1944, Sacramento, CA

Wyatt “Bull” Ruther
Bass, b.1923 d.1999, Pittsburgh, PA

Gene Schroeder
Piano, b.1915, Madison, WI

Clark Tracey
Drums, b.1961, London, England

Eraldo Volonte
Tenor Sax, b.1918, Milan, Italy

Chuck Winfield
Trumpeter, Saxophonist, Flugelhorn, b.1943, of Blood Sweat & Tears

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