4 February

Gil Bernal
Tenor Sax, b.1931, New Orleans, LA

Artie Bernstein
Bass, b.1909 d.1964, New York, NY

Wally Cirillo
Piano, b.1927 d.1977, Huntington, NY

Harold “Duke” DeJan
Alto Sax, b.1909 d.2002, New Orleans, LA

Tony Fruscella
Trumpet, b.1927 d.1969, Orangeburg, NY

Jutta Hipp
Piano, b.1925 d.2003, Leipzig, Germany

Manny Klein
Trumpet, b.1908, New York, NY

Wade Legge
Piano, Bass, b.1934 d.1963, Huntington, WV

Rickie Monie
Piano, b.1952, New Orleans, LA

John Stubblefield
Tenor Sax, b.1945 d.2005, Little Rock, AR

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