28 February

Sven Asmussen
Violin, b.1916, worked with Sathima Bea Benjamin and Abdullah Ibrahim, Copenhagen, Denmark

Willie Bobo
Jazz Musician, Drummer, Bandleader, b.1934 d.1983, New York, NY

Lee Castle
Trumpeter, Bandleader, b.1915 d.1990, New York, NY

Edmund Cohanier
Clarinet, b.1905, Talloires, France

Loek Dikker
Piano, b.1944, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pierre Dorge
Electric Guitar, Composer, b.1946, Copenhagen, Denmark

Bill Douglass
Drums, b.1923, Los Angeles, CA

Donald Garrett
Bass, b.1932 d.1989, El Dorado, AR

Charles Gayle
Tenor Sax, Piano, b.1939, Buffalo, NY

Bill Green
Alto Sax, b.1925 d.1996, Kansas City, MO

Gregor (Kriko Kelekian)
Leader, b.1898 d.1971, Turkey

Marty Grosz
Guitar, b.1930, Berlin, Germany

Tommy Gwaltney
Clarinet, 1921 d.2003, Norfolk, VA

Max Jones
Writer, b.1917 d.1993, London, England

Louis Metcalf
Trumpet, b.1905 d.1981, Webster Groves, MO

Joseph Torregano
Clarinet, b.1952, New Orleans, LA

Joe Venuti
Violinist, Jazz Musician, Italian, b.1900 d.1978, his single Stop! Look! Listen! was the first #1 hit single on Billboard magazine’s first pop singles chart 1-4-36

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