27 February

Carl Anderson
Jazz Singer, Actor, b. 1945 d.2004

Mildred Bailey
Blues Singer, Jazz Singer, Bandleader, b.1907 d.1951, RLN: Rinker, Tekoa, WA

Joyce Breach
Vocal, b.1944, Alameda, CA

Rob Brown
Alto Sax, b.1962, Hampton, VA

Joey Calderazzo
Piano, b. 1965, New Rochelle, NY

Dexter Gordon
Tenor-sax, Composer, Movie Actor, Blues Performer, helped define bebop style in jazz, 1923 d.1990, Los Angeles, CA

Les Hooper
Composer, b.1940, Baton Rouge, LA

Harold Jones
Drums, b.1940, Richmond, IN

Freddie Keppard
Bandleader, Cornetist, b.1890 d.1933, New Orleans, LA

Lottie Lehmann
Soprano, b.1888 d.1976, German

Guy Mitchell
Singer, Actor, Variety Show Host, b.1927 d.1999, Singing the Blues; Guy Mitchell Show; RN: Al Cernik, born in Detroit

Abe Most
Clarinet, 1920 d.2002, New York, NY

Maxim Saury
Clarinet, b.1928, Enghien-les-Bains, France

Jun Shimizo
Drums, b.1928 d.2003, Kobe, Japan

Neal Schon
Smooth Jazz, Rock & Roll Performer, Singer, Guitarist, Pianist, Clarinetist, Oboist, b.1954, MN: Joseph; of Journey, Santana, Bad English, Hardline

Leo Watson
Vocal, b.1898 d.1950, Kansas City, MO

Chuck Wayne
Jazz Musician, Guitarist, b.1923 d.1997, New York, NY

Ben “Frog” Webster
Jazz Performer, Tenor-sax, Pianist, Composer, b.1909 d.1973

John B. Williams
Bass, b.1941, New York, NY

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