25 February

Dutch Andrus
Trumpet, Drums, b.1910 d.1989, New Orleans, LA

Sandy Brown
Clarinet, 1929 d.1975, Izatnagar, India

Enrico Caruso
Opera Singer, Tenor, Italian, b.1873 d.1921, b. and d. in Naples; RFN: Errico

Ida Cox
Blues Performer, Singer, b.1896 d.1967, Toccoa, GA

Albert Gay
Tenor Sax, b.1928, London, England

Bill Green
Alto Sax, b.1928, Kansas City, KS

Lawrence Gushee
Writer, b.1931, Ridley Park, PA

Ralph Hutchinson
Trombone, b.1925, Newcastle, England

Fred Katz
Cello, b.1919, New York, NY

Ryo Kawasaki
Guitar, b.1947, Tokyo, Japan

Barry McRae
Writer, b.1935, London, England

Tommy Newson
Conductor, Bandleader, Saxophonist, b.1929, Portsmouth, VA

Tiny Parham
Piano, Leader, b.1900 d.1943, Winnipeg, Canada

Ray Perry
Violin, Alto Sax, b.1915 d.1950, Boston, MA

Ake Person
Trombone, b.1932 d.1975, Hassleholm, Sweden

Victor Sylvester
Bandleader, Composer, b.1900 d.1978, English

Rene Thomas
Guitar, b.1927 d.1975, Liege, Belgium

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