20 February

David Ackles
Singer, Songwriter, b.1937 d.1999

Oscar Aleman
Guitar, b.1909 d.1980, Resistencia, Argentina

Iain Ballamy
Tenor Sax, b.1964, Guildford, England

Walter Becker
HALL OF FAMER, Jazz Rock & Roll Bassist, Singer, Songwriter, b.1950, of Steely Dan

Carl Burnett
Drums, b.1941, Camden, NJ

Nadine Conner
Opera Singer, Actress, b.1913 d.2002

Anthony Davis
Piano, b.1951, Paterson, NJ

Richard Himber
Composer, Singer, b.1907 d.1966, Newark, NJ

Frank Isola
Drums, b.1925, Detroit, MI

Bobby Jasper
Tenor Sax, Flute, b.1926 d.1963, Liege, Belgium

Leroy Jones
Trumpet, b.1958, New Orleans, LA

Phillip Moore
Piano, b.1918, Portland, OR

Seymour Osterwall
Tenor Sax, Leader, b.1908 d.1981, Stockholm, Sweden

Fred Robinson
Trombone, b.1901 d.1984, Memphis, TN

Jordan Sandke
Trumpet, b.1946, Chicago, IL

Lewis “Lew” Soloff
Trumpeter, Rock & Roll Performer, Flugelhorn; b.1944, of Blood Sweat & Tears & sessionist, New York, NY

Nancy Wilson
Jazz Singer, Soul Singer, Actress, b.1937, Chillicothe, Ohio

Buddy Wise
Tenor Sax, b.1928, Topeka, KS

Jimmy Yancey
HALL OF FAMER, Blues Singer, Pianist, Composer, Boogie woogie, b.1894 d.1951, Chicago, IL

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