18 February

Justo Almario
Saxophone, b.1949, Sincelejo, Columbia

Emil Barnes
Clarinet, b.1892 d.1970, New Orleans, LA

Roy Burrowes
Trumpet, b.1926 d.1998, Kingston, Jamaica

Billy Butler
Guitar, b.1928, Philadelphia, PA

Frank Butler
Drums, b.1928 d.1984, Kansas City, MO

Randy Crawford
Jazz Singer, Soul Singer, Composer, b.1952, RFN: Veronica

Al Foster
Jazz Performer, Drummer, b.1944, of Miles Davis’s bands from 1972-85

Lonnie Johnson
Blues-Jazz Performer, Singer, Guitarist, Pianist, Violinist,b.1899 d.1970, RN: Alonzo Johnson

Walter Johnson
Drums, b.1904 d.1977, New York, NY

Harold Land
Tenor-sax, b.1928 d.2001

Clyde Lombardi
Bass, 1922 d.1975, New York, NY

Hazy Osterwald
Trumpet, Vibes, b.1922, Berne, Switzerland

De De Pierce
Trumpet, b.1904 d.1973, New Orleans, LA

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