17 February

Marian Anderson
Opera Singer, Contralto, b.1896 d.1993

Wallace Bishop
Drums, b.1906 d.1986, Chicago, IL

Hacke Bjorksten
Tenor Sax, b.1934, Helsinki, Finland

Bill Blackstad
Drums, b.1929, Minneapolis, MN

Harvey Brooks
Piano, b.1899 d.1968, Philadelphia, PA

Chris Burke
Clarinet, b.1936, London, England

Bruce Cale
Bass, b.1939, Leura, Australia

John Coates
Piano, b.1938, Trenton, NJ

Arthur Collins
Novelty Singer, Comedian, Baritone, b.1864 d.1933, in team singing with Byron Harlan, The Peerless Quartet

Arcangelo Corelli
Composer, Violinist, b.1653 d.1713, Italian

Will Davis
Piano, b.1926, Chicago, IL

Buddy DeFranco
Jazz Musician, Clarinetist, b.1923, Camden, NJ

Harry Dial
Drums, b.1907 d.1987, Birmingham, AL

Christian Garros
Drums, b.1920 d.1988, Paris, France

Elmer Gill
Piano, Leader, b.1926 d.2004, Indianapolis, IN

Spike Heatley
Bass, b.1933, London, England

Alex Hyde
Violin, Leader, b.1898 d.1956, Hamburg?, Germany

Karl Jenkins
Baritone Sax, b.1944, Swansea, Wales

Buddy Jones
Bass, b.1924, Hope, AR

Herbie Lewis
Bass, b.1941, Pasadena, CA

“Lazy Ade” Monsbourgh
Reeds, Leader, b.1917, Melbourne, Australia

Charlie Spivak
Trumpet, b.1906 d.1982, Kiev, Ukraine

Orrin Tucker
Bandleader, Singer, b.1911, St. Louis, MO

Klaus Weiss
Drums, b.1942, Gevelsberg, Germany

Alec Wilder
Composer, b.1907, Rochester, NY

Ronnie Zitto
Drums, b.1939, Utica, NY

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