14 February

Philippe Baudoin
Piano, b.1949, Algiers

Jack Benny
HALL OF FAMER, Comedian, Violinist, TV, Movie, Radio Actor, b.1894 d.1974, Illinois; Violinist, RN: Benjamin Kubelsky; Jack Benny Show’s himself, born in Waukegan

Perry “Mule” Bradford
Piano, Composer, b.1893 d.1970, Montgomery, AL

Tommy Campbell
Drums, b.1957, Norristown, PA

Pietro “Francesco” Cavallui
Composer, b.1602 d.1676, of operas, Italian

Stefano DiBattista
Saxophone, b.1969, Rome, Italy

Renee Fleming
Opera Singer, b. 1959

Gregory Hines
Tap Dancer, Movie, Stage Actor, b.1946 d.2003, Taps, The Cotton Club, The Gregory Hines Show’s Ben Stevenson, born in New York City

Elliot Lawrence
Piano, Leader, b.1925, Philadelphia, PA

Jack Lesberg
Jazz Bassist, b.1920 d.2005, Boston, MA

Magic Sam
Blues Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, b.1937 d. 1969, RN: Samuel Maghetti

Rob McConnell
Bandleader, Trombonist, b.1935, London, Ontario, Canada

Phyllis McGuire
HALL OF FAMER, Singer, b.1931, of The McGuire sisters; of Arthur Godfrey’s Friends

Dwike Mitchell
Jazz Pianist, b.1930, Dunedin, FL

Maceo Parker,
Jazz Musician, Alto Sax, b.1943, Kinston, NC

Chris Pyne
Trombone, b.1939 d.1995, Bridlington, England

Glenn Spearman
Tenor Sax, b. 1947, ?

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