13 February

Gene Ames
Singer, b.1925, RLN: Urick; of The Ames Brothers

John Wolf Brennan
Piano, b.1954, Dublin, Ireland

Feodor I Chaliapin
Opera Singer, Bass Singer, Basso, b.1873 d.1938, Russian, MN: Ivanovitch

Adam Cruz
Drums, b.1970, New York, NY

Helen Dance
Writer, Producer, b.1913 d.2001, Toronto, Canada

Joan Edwards
Vocal, b.1919, New York, NY

Eileen Farrell
Opera Soprano, b.1920 d.2002

Wardell Gray
Jazz Performer, Tenor-sax, b.1921 d.1955, Oklahoma City, OK

Lennie Hayton
Piano, b.1908 d.1971, New York, NY

Buck Hill
Tenor Sax, b.1927, Washington, DC

Les Hite
Alto Sax, Leader, b.1903 d.1962, DuQuoin, IL

Ron Jefferson
Drums, b.1926, New York, NY

Wingy Manone
Jazz Trumpeter, Singer, Bandleader, b.1900 d.1982, New Orleans, LA

Keith Nichols
Trombone, b.1945, London, England

Ferdinand Povel
Tenor Sax, b.1947, Haarlem, Netherlands

Arthur Rollini
Tenor-sax, b.1912, of Benny Goodman band, New York, NY

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