12 February

Paul Bascomb
Tenor Sax, b.1912 d.1986, Birmingham, AL

Tex Beneke
Singer, Tenor-sax, Bandleader, b.1914 d.2000, FN: Gordon, Fort Worth, TX

Jiunie Booth
Bass, b.1948, Buffalo, NY

Buddy Childers
Trumpet, b.1926, St. Louis, MO

Red Clark
Trombone, b.1894, New Orleans, LA

Todd Duncan
Baritone, b.1900 d.1998, originated the role of Porgy in the Gershwin classic “Porgy and Bess”

Bubba Gaines
Tap Dancer, b.1913 d.1997, Waycross, GA

Leroy Harris
Sax, Clarinet, b.1916, St. Louis, MO

Roy Harris
Composer, b.1898 d.1979, wrote When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Michel Herr
Piano, Composer, b.1949, Brussels, Belgium

Hans Koller
Tenor Sax, b.1921 d.2003, Vienna, Austria

Ernst Landl
Piano, b.1914 d.1983, Vienna, Austria

Bill Laswell
Bass, Producer, b.1955, Salem, IL

Art Mardigan
Drums, b.1923 d.1977, Detroit, MI

Eric Nisenson
Writer, b.1946 d.2003, New York, NY

Mel Powell
Pianist, Arranger, Composer, Teacher, b.1923d.1998, New York, NY

Bernie Privin
Trumpet, b.1919 d.1999, New York, NY

Len Spencer
Singer, b.1867 d.1914, America’s first recording star

Greg Waters
Clarinet, b.1943, Milwaukee, WI

Barry Wood
Vocal, b.1909, New Haven, CT

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