1 February

James P. Johnson
Piano, b.1894 d.1955, New Brunswick, NJ

Reuben McFall
Trumpet, b.1931, Los Angeles, CA

Tyrone Brown
Bass, b.1940, Philadelphia, PA

Mike Campbell
Vocal, b.1954, Los Angeles, CA

Victor August Herbert
Conductor, Composer, Cellist, Songwriter, b.1859 d.1924, Irish, b. in Dublin; Classical; responsible for ASCAP, Babes in Toyland

Singer, b.1906 d.2005, MLN: Loretta Sell; cabaret

Herman Hupfiled
Songwriter, b.1894 d.1951, wrote As Time Goes By

James Price Johnson
Jazz Pianist, Composer, b.1894 d.1955, wrote the Charleston

Joe “Tricky” Sam” Nanton
Jazz Performer, Trombonist, b.1904 d.1946, of Duke Ellington band, New York, NY

Joshua Redman
Tenor Sax, b.1969, Dewey’s sonBerkeley, CA

Joseph “Joe” Sample
Pianist, Smooth Jazz Performer, Soul Singer, Keyboardist, Songwriter, b. 1939, of The Crusaders, Houston, TX

Mihaly Tabanyi
Accordion, b.1921, Pilis, Hungary

Sadao Watanabe
Alto and Soprano Sax, b.1933, Utsunomiya, Japan

Rick Wilkins
b.1937, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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