7 December

Noel Akchote
Guitar, b.1968, Paris, France

Robby Ameen
Drums, b.1960, New Haven, CT

Ronnie Boykins
Bass, b.1932 d.1980, Chicago, IL

Mike Carr
Organ, b.1937, South Shields, England

Bent Fabricus-Bjerre
Piano, Leader, b.1924, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wolfgang Haffner
Drums, b.1965, Wunsiedel, Germany

Teddy Hill
Tenor Sax, Leader, b.1909 d.1978, Birmingham, AL

Cecil Irwin
Tenor Sax, b.1902 d.1935, Evanston, IL

George James
Tenor Sax, b.1906 d.1995, Beggs, OK

Chuck Loeb
Guitar, b.1955, Nyack, NY

Billy Moore
Arranger, Piano, b.1917 d.1989, Parkersburg, WV

Sonny Phillips
Organ, b.1936, Mobile, AL

Louis Prima
Trumpet, Vocal, b.1911 d.1978, New Orleans, LA

Matthew Shipp
Piano, b.1960, Wilmington, DE

Mads Vinding
Bass, b.1948, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tom Waits
Vocal, b.1949, Pomona, CA

Val Wilmer
Writer, Photographer, b.1941, Harrogate, England

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