30 December

Ron Affif
Guitar, b.1966, Pittsburgh, PA

Charlie Creath
Trumpet, b.1890 d.1951, Ironton, MO

Wolfgang Dauner
Piano, Leader, b.1935, Stuttgart, Germany

Jerry Granelli
Drums, b.1940, San Francisco, CA

Jimmy Jones
Piano, Arranger, b.1918 d.1982, Memphis, TN

Vincent Lopez
Piano, Leader, b.1898 d.1975, Brooklyn, NY

Jim Loughnan
Reeds, b.1928, Melbourne, Australia

Gene Mayl
Bass, b.1928, Dayton, OH

Jack Montrose
Tenor Sax, b.1928, Detroit, MI

Stan Tracey
Piano, b.1926, London, England

Albert Warner
Trombone, b.1890 d.1966, New Orleans, LA

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