3 December

Freddie Assunto
Trombone, b.1929 d.1966, Jennings, LA

Olvind Bergh
Violin, b.1909 d.1987, Hamar, Norway

Connee Boswell
Vocal, b.1907 d.1976, New Orleans, LA

Corky Cornelius
Trumpet, b.1914 d.1943, ?, Indiana

Barry Finnerty
Guitar, b.1951, San Francisco, CA

Brad Gowans
Trombone, b.1903 d.1954, Billerica, MA

Toivo Karki
Piano, b.1915 d.1992, Pirkkala, Finland

Herbie Nichols
Piano, Composer, b1919 d.1963, New York, NY

Klaus Salmi
Trombone, Leader, b.1908, Helsinki, Finland

Sylvia Syms
Vocal, 1919- ?

Joe “Brother Cornbread” Thomas
Clarinet, b.1902 d.1981, New Orleans, LA

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