21 December

David Baker
Trombone, b.1931, Indianapolis, IN

Alex Blake
Bass, b.1951, Panama City, Panama

Cameron Brown
Bass, b.1945, Detroit, MI

Marshall Brown
Trombone, b.1920 d.1983, Framingham, MI

Hank Crawford
Alto Sax, b.1934, Memphis, TN

Jerome Darr
Guitar, b.1910 d.1986, Baltimore, MD

Jack Dieval
Piano, b.1920, Douai, France

James Emery
Guitar, b.1951, Youngstown, Ohio

Panama Francis
Drums, b.1918 d.2001, Miami, FL

Louis Freichel
Piano, b.1921, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

John Hicks
Piano, b.1941, Atlanta, GA

Sal Marquez
Trumpet, b.1943, El Paso, TX

Rita Reys
Vocal, b.1924, Rotterdam, Netherlands

George Treadwell
Trumpet, b.1919 d.1967, New Rochelle, NY

Peetie Wheatstraw
Piano, 1902-1941, Ripley, TN

Frank Zappa
Guitar, Composer, b.1940 d.1993, Baltimore, MD

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