17 December

Carlos Barbosa-Lima
Guitar, b.1944, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Walter Bolden
Drums, b.1925, Hartford, CT

Walter Booker
Bass, b.1933, Prairie View, TX

James Booker
Piano, b.1939 d.1983, New Orleans, LA

John Casimir
Clarinet, b.1898 d.1963, New Orleans, LA

Vyacheslav Ganelin
Piano, b.1944, Kraskovo, Russia

Kurt Henkels
Leader, b.1910 d.1986, Solingen, Germany

Yoshihiko Katori
Vibes, b.1960, Osaka, Japan

Louis Mitchell
Drums, Leader, b.1885 d.1957, New York, NY

Ray Noble
Leader, Composer, b.1903 d.1978, Brighton, England

Sy Oliver
Trumpet, Leader, Arranger, b.1910 d.1988, Battle Creek, MI

John Ore
Bass, b.1933, Philadelphia, PA

Sonny Red
Alto Sax, b.1932 d.1981, Detroit, MI

Al Williams
Piano, b.1919, Memphis, TN

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