16 December

John Abercrombie
Guitar, b.1944, Port Chester, NY

Steve Allen
Piano, Composer, Comedian, b.1921 d.2000, New York, NY

Laurence Cottle
Bass, b.1961, Swansea, Wales

Noel Coward
Composer, b.1899 d.1973, London, England

Jim Dvorak
Trumpet, b.1948, New York, NY

Mike Fahn
Trombone, b.1960, New York, NY

Joe Farrell
Tenor Sax, b.1937 d.1986, Chicago Heights, IL

Bernard Flood
Trumpet, b.1907, Montgomery, AL

Robben Lee Ford
Guitar, b.1951, Woodlake, CA

Johnny “Hammond” Smith
Organ, b.1933 d.1997, Louisville, KY

Rene McLean
Tenor Sax, b.1946, New York, NY

Sam Most
Flute, b.1930, Atlantic City, NJ

“Turk” Murphy
Trombone, b.1915 d.1987, Palermo, CA

Peter Rasmussen
Trombone, Leader, b.1906, Horsholm, Denmark

Andy Razaf
Composer, b.1905 d.1973, Washington, DC

“Cub” Teagarden
Drums, b.1915 d.1969, Vernon, TX

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