15 December

Ed Allen – Trumpet, b.1897 d.1974, Nashville, TN

Buddy Cole  – Piano, Organ, Leader, b.1916 d.1964, Irving, IL

Curtis Fuller – Trombone, b.1934, Detroit, MI

Bruce Gertz – Bass, b.1952, Providence, RI

John Hammond – Producer, b.1910 d.1987, New York, NY

Barry Harris – Piano, b.1929, Detroit, MI

Stan Kenton – Leader, Piano, b.1911 d.1979, Wichita, KS

Toshinori Kondo – Trumpet, b.1948, Imabari, Japan

Jimmy Nottingham – Trumpet, b.1925 d.1978, New York, NY

Eddie Palmieri  – Piano, Arranger, b.1936, New York, NY

Gene Quill – Alto Sax, b.1927, Atlantic City, NJ

Dannie Richmond – Drums, b.1935 d.1988, New York, NY

Krzysztof Sadowski – Piano, Organ, b.1936, Warsaw, Poland

Donald Mahwetsa Laka – Piano, arranger, composer. December 15, 1958 in Mamelodi, Pretoria, professionally known as Don Laka, is a South African jazz musician, pianist, songwriter, music producer and entrepreneur. Co-founder of Kalawa Jazzmee and owner of Bokone Music. Bra’ Don is interviewed in the documentary SHARP SHARP! – the kwaito story (2003) where he discusses his role in developing the dance music form known as kwaito.

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  1. Sexto

    Gene Quill – Died in January , 1989.

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