13 December

Wayne Bennett
Guitar, b.1933 d.1992, Sulpher, OK

Borah Bergman
Piano, b.1926, Brooklyn, NY

Betty Bradley
Vocal, b.1916 d.1988, New York, NY

Mark Elf
Guitar, b.1949, New York, NY

Chuck Findley
Trumpet, b.1947, Johnstown, PA

Sonny Greer
Drums, b.1895 d.1982, Long Branch, NJ

Bill Hood
Baritone Sax, b.1924 d.1992, Portland, OR

Reggie Johnson
Bass, b.1940, Owensboro, KY

Lou Mucci
Trumpet, b.1909, Syracuse, NY

Ben Tucker
Bass, b.1930, Nashville, TN

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