11 December

Eddie Johnson
Tenor Sax, b.1920, Napoleonville, LA

Darryl “The Munch”Jones
Bass, b.1961, Chicago, IL

Marky Marowitz
Trumpet, b.1923 d.1986, Washington, DC

Bat Mosly
Drums, b.1893 d.1965, Algiers, LA

Perez Prado
Piano, Composer, b.1916 d.1989, Matanzas, Cuba

Jack Purvis
Trumpet, b.1906 d.1962, Kokomo, IN

Anker Skjoldborg
Tenor Sax, Leader, b.1903 d.1986, Copenhagen, Denmark

McCoy Tyner
Piano, b.1938, Philadelphia, PA

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  1. Sexto

    Eddie Johnson – Died in April 07, 2010.

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