8 August

Alex Stordahl
Bandleader, Conductor, Composer, Arranger, b.1913 d.1963 worked for Frank Sinatra, Eddie Fisher, & Gisele MacKenzie’s variety shows

Anton Fig
South African born in Cape Town, Rock & Roll Drummer, b.1952, of Paul Shaffer’s World’s Most Dangerous Band, Paul Shaffer’s band

Arthur Morton
Composer, b. 1908 d.2000, Superman the Movie,

Benny Carter
Jazz Performer, Alto-sax, Clarinetist, Composer, Arranger, Bandleader, b.1907 d.2003, New York, NY

Charlie Gaines
Trumpet, b.1900, Philadelphia, PA

Don Burrows
Reeds, Flute, b.1928, Sydney, Australia

Edward Ellington
Guitar, b.1944, New York, NY

Frank Traynor
Trombone, b.1927 d.1985, Melbourne, Australia

Jimmy Witherspoon
Blues Singer, Jazz Singer, Bassist, b.1923 d.1997, Songwriter, worked with Count Basie, Woody Herman, Earl Hines, Mel Lewis, Eric Clapton, and as soloist, Gurdon, AR

John Richardson
Drums, b.1932, London, England

Knocky Parker
Piano, b.1918 d.1986, Palmer, TX

Lenny Breaux
Guitarist, Jazz Musician b.1941 d.1984

Lucky Millinder
Bandleader, Composer, Singer, RFN: Lucius, b1900 d.1966, Anniston, AL

Nat Story
Trombone, b.1904 d.1968, Oak Station, KY

Owen Bryce
Trumpet, b.1920, London, England

Peter Packay
Trumpet, b.1904 d.1965, Brussels, Belgium

Rupert Cole
Alto Sax, b.1909, Trinidad, West Indies

Tom Pickering
Clarinet, b.1921, Burra, Australia

Urbie Green
Jazz Performer, Trombonist, RFN: Urban; b.1926 played with Cab Calloway, Mobile, AL

Victor Young
Bandleader, Conductor, Composer, Violinist, Songwriter, Arranger, b1900 d.1956, of Hollywood

Vinnie Dean
Alto Sax, b.1929, Mt. Vernon, New York

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