30 August

“Kid” Rena – Trumpet, b.1898 d.1949, New Orleans, LA

Anthony Coleman – Piano, b.1955, New York, NY

Brigitte Escobar (vocals) – 1968

Bronislaw Suchanek – Bass, b.1948, Bielsko-Biala, Poland

Charlie Wood – Guitar (guitar) – 1951

Conny Jackel – Trumpet, b.1931, Offenbach Am Main, Germany

Danny Alguire – Trumpet, b.1912 d.1992, Chickasha,OK

Dario Dolci (sax, alto) – 1957

Darren Lyons Group/Quartet (drums) – 1962

Detlev Beier – Bass, b.1957, Luneberg, Germany

Floyd Bean – Piano, b.1904 d.1974, Grinnell, IA

Francis Davis – Writer-Critic, b.1946, Philadelphia,PA

Herman Lubinsky – Producer, b.1896 d.1974, Newark, NJ

Jewel Brown – Vocal, b.1937, Houston, TX

John Surman – Saxophones, b.1944, Tavistock, England

Johnny Mann – Director, Singer, Musical director; b.1930 d.2004, on George Gobel, Danny Kaye, Eddie Fisher, Joey Bishop, & Johnny Mann’s TV shows

Josep Soto (guitar) – 1957

Kenny Dorham – Jazz Trumpeter, Tenor-sax, Pianist, Composer, b1924 d.1972, Fairfield, TX

Luther Snake Boy Johnson – 1934

Muffy Falay – Trumpet, b.1930, Izmir, Turkey

Olive Brown – Vocal, b.1922, St. Louis, MO

Rachael Price (vocals) – 1985

Reza Saleh (bass, electric) – 1976

Rodney Jones – Guitar, b.1956, New Haven, CT

Sergio Bellotti (drums) – 1968

Stephanie Crawford (vocals) – 1942

Stratos Vougas (sax, tenor) – 1967

Tony Thorpe – 1900

Willie Bryant – Singer, Variety Show Host, Bandleader, Apollo Theater M.C., Big Band singer, b.1908 d.1964, New Orleans, LA

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