27 August

Alice Coltrane
Jazz Performer, Keyboardist, Harp, Composer, b.1937, Maiden Name: McLeod; John’s wife, Detroit, MI

Bill English
Drums, b.1925, New York, NY

Dickie Hawdon
Trumpet, b.1927, Leeds, England

Jack Delaney
Trombone, b.1930 d.1975, New Orleans, LA

Lester “Pres” Young
Jazz Performer, Composer, Tenor-sax, b.1909 d.1959, Bop pioneer, Woodville, MS

Meredith “Med” Flory
Jazz Saxophonist, Bandleader, b.1926, Logansport, IN

Mike Laatz
Tenor, alto saxophones, Drummer, Band Leader, b, 1949, South Africa He is compiler of customised and cryptic crossword puzzle in English, a retired doctor of homoeopathic medicine, living in Cape Town. Mike was the Games Creator for the English edition of Reader’s Digest’s 101 ways to improve your memory and is currently working on a second book for Reader’s Digest. He also draws cartoons for Stage magazine and is a qualified microlight pilot.

Roland Prince
Guitar, b.1946, St. John’s, Antigua

Rudolf Dasek
Guitar, b.1933, Prague, Czechoslovakia

Sonny Sharrock
Guitar, b1940 d.1994, Ossining, NY

Tony Crombie:
Drums, b.1925 d.1999, London, England


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