14 August

“Stuff” Smith
Violin, b.1909 d.1967, Portsmouth, OH

Ben Sidran
Piano, Vocal, b.1943, Chicago, IL

Bobby Naret
Alto Sax, b.1914, Loncin, Belgium

Buddy Greco
Jazz Singer, Pianist, Composer, Arranger, b.1926, RFN: Armando, Philadelphia, PA

Don Bennett
Piano, b.1941 d.2004, Chicago, IL

Eddie Costa
Jazz Pianist, Vibes, b.1930 d.1962, Atlas, PA

George Pretre
Conductor, French, b.1924, N.Y. Met

Jack Gardner
Piano, b.1903 d.1957, Joliet, IL

James Horner
Composer, b.1953, Titanic

Jean-Pierre Catoul
Violin, b.1963, Huy, Belgium

Lorez Alexandria
Vocal, b.1929 d.2001, Chicago, IL

Mikio Masuda
Piano, Leader, b.1949, Osaka, Japan

Oscar Brashear
Trumpet, b.1944, Chicago, IL

Ray Beckenstein
Alto Sax, b.1923, New York, NY

Walter Blanding
Tenor Sax, b.1971, Cleveland, OH

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