10 August

Al Alberts
Singer, b.1922, of The Four Aces

Alexander K Glazunov
Classical Composer, b.1865 d.1936

Arnett Cobb
Jazz Performer, Tenor-sax, b.1918 d.1989, Houston, TX

Bill Johnson
Bass, b.1872 d.1972, Talledega, AL

Bobby Hatfield
Singer, b.1940 d.2003, of The Righteous Brothers

Chuck Israels
Bass, b.1936, New York, NY

Claude Thornhill
Pianist, Arranger, Bandleader, b.1909 d.1965, Terre Haute, IN

Dan “Slamfoot” Minor
Trombone, b.1909 d.1982, Dallas, TX

Eddie Fisher
Crooner, Singer, TV Host, Actor, Jewish, b.1928 in Philadelphia, PA; Debbie Reynolds, then Liz Taylor, then Connie Stevens’s ex-, Carrie’s dad; RFN: Edwin Jack; Coke Time star, George Gobel Show reg, Eddie Fisher Show

Leo Fender
Inventor, b.1909 d.1991, FN: Clarence; Guitar maker; the Stratocaster, a rock ‘n roller’s choice

Les Humphries
Pianist, Songwriter, b.1940, British

Mike Mantler
Trumpet, Composer, b.1943, Vienna, Austria

Nat Towles
Bass, Leader, b.1905 d.1963, New Orleans, LA

Patti Austin
Jazz, Soul Singer, b.1948 in New York City; Quincy Jones’ goddaughter

Robert De Kers
Trumpet, Leader, b.1906 d.1987, Antwerp, Belgium

Sal Pace
Clarinet, b.1910, White Plains, NY

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