1 August

Elmer Crumbley
Trombone, b.1908 d.1993, Kingfisher, OK

Kamil Hala
Piano, b.1931, Most, Czechoslovakia

Lionel Bart
Composer, Lyricist, Dramatist, Playwright, Bandleader, b.1930 d.1999, English, RLN: Begleiter; wrote Oliver!

Lucky Roberts
Piano, b.1887 d.1968, Philadelphia, PA

Maria Cole
Singer, b.1920, Nat King Cole’s widow

Robert Cray
Blues Singer, Guitarist, Bassist, Songwriter, b.1953 in Columbus, GA; lead of Robert Cray Band

Samuel Charters
Writer, b.1929, Pittsburg, PA

William Steinberg
Conductor, b.1899 d.1978, of Boston Symphony 1967-71

Morris Stoloff
Violinist, Conductor, Composer, Pianist, b.1898 d.1980

Yves Saint Laurent
Fashion Designer, Algerian, Roman Catholic, b.1936 RN: Henri Donat Mathieu

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