1 August

Elmer Crumbley Trombone, b.1908 d.1993, Kingfisher, OK Kamil Hala Piano, b.1931, Most, Czechoslovakia Lionel Bart Composer, Lyricist, Dramatist, Playwright, Bandleader, b.1930 d.1999, English, RLN: Begleiter; wrote Oliver! Lucky Roberts Piano, b.1887 d.1968, Philadelphia, PA Maria Cole Singer, b.1920, Nat King … Continue reading

2 August

Albert Stinson Bass, b.1944 d.1969, Cleveland, OH Andy Secrest Trumpet-Cornet, b.1907 d.1977, Muncie, IN Big Nick Nicholas Tenor Sax, b.1922 d.1997, Lansing, MI Carl Saunders Trumpet, b.1942, Indianapolis, IN Helen Morgan Singer, Stage Actress, b.1900 d.1941 Carroll O’Connor TV Actor, … Continue reading

3 August

Cedric Wallace Bass, b.1909 d.1985, Miami, FL Charlie Shavers Trumpet, Composer b.1917 d.1971, New York, NY Dom Um Romao Percussion, b.1925, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Eddie Jefferson Jazz Singer, Lyricist, b.1918 d.1979, Pittsburgh, PA Enrique Villegas Piano, b.1913 d.1986, Buenos … Continue reading

4 August

Bill Coleman Jazz Trumpeter, b.1904 d.1981 Centreville, KY Bobo Stenson Piano, b.1944, Vasteras, Sweden Earl Swope Trombone, b.1922 d.1968, Hagerstown, MD Eric Alexander Tenor Sax, b.1968, Galesburg, IL Hank DeVega Clarinet, b.1930, El Paso, TX Herb Ellis Jazz Singer, Guitarist, … Continue reading

5 August

Airto Moreira Percussion, b.1941, Itaiopolis, Brazil Don Albert Trumpet, b.1908 d.1980, New Orleans, LA Ernestine Davis Trumpet-Vocal, b.1909 d.1994, Memphis, TN Jeri Southern Jazz Singer, b.1926 Royal, NE John Armatage Drums, b.1929, New Castle, England Lenny Breau Guitar, b.1941 d.1984, … Continue reading

6 August

Abbey Lincoln Jazz Singer, Actress, b.1930 Chicago, IL Allen Holdsworth Guitar, b.1946, Leeds, England Baden Powell Jazz Performer, Guitarist, Brazilian, b.1936 d.2000, pioneer of Bossa Nova who was more popular abroad than at home Buddy Collette Pianist, Composer, Reeds, b.1921, … Continue reading

7 August

Charlize Theron Actress, b.1975, Mighty Joe Young, Devil’s Advocate, The Cider House Rules, Reindeer Games, Sweet November, The Italian Job, Monster, born in South Africa Frank “Floorshow” Cully Tenor Sax, b.1918 d1991, Salisbury, MD Freddie Slack Jazz Pianist, Composer/Songwriter, Bandleader, … Continue reading

8 August

Alex Stordahl Bandleader, Conductor, Composer, Arranger, b.1913 d.1963 worked for Frank Sinatra, Eddie Fisher, & Gisele MacKenzie’s variety shows Anton Fig South African born in Cape Town, Rock & Roll Drummer, b.1952, of Paul Shaffer’s World’s Most Dangerous Band, Paul … Continue reading

9 August

JBrian Prunka (guitar) – 1975 Chris Williams (vocals) – 1978 D C DowDell (piano) – 1951 Dan Garmon (drums) – 1990 Frank Roberts (piano) – 1950 Jack de Johnnette – Jazz Drummer, Pianist, Bandleader, Composer, Singer, b.1942, Chicago, IL Kat … Continue reading

10 August

Al Alberts Singer, b.1922, of The Four Aces Alexander K Glazunov Classical Composer, b.1865 d.1936 Arnett Cobb Jazz Performer, Tenor-sax, b.1918 d.1989, Houston, TX Bill Johnson Bass, b.1872 d.1972, Talledega, AL Bobby Hatfield Singer, b.1940 d.2003, of The Righteous Brothers … Continue reading

11 August

Bob Envoldsen Trombone, b.1920, Billings, MT Bruz Freeman Drums, b.1921, Chicago, IL Buster Brown Blues Singer, Harmonicaist, Songwriter; b.1914 d.1976 Carrie Jacobs Bond Composer, b.1862 d.1946 Jess Stacy Jazz Pianist, Bandleader, b.1904 d.1995 Bird’s Point, MO Johannes Rediske Guitar, b.1926, … Continue reading

12 August

Andy Anderson Trumpet, b.1912 d.1982, New Orleans, LA Bent Axen Piano, b.1925, Copenhagen, Denmark Billy Douglas Trumpet, Vocal, b.1912 d.1978, New Haven, CT Dave Lee Piano, b.1930, London, England Doc West Jazz Performer, Drummer, b.1915 d.1951, Wolford, ND Earl Coleman … Continue reading

13 August

Allen Blairman Drums, b.1940, Pittsburgh, PA Benny Bailey Trumpet, b.1925, Cleveland, OH Charlie Galbraith Trombone, b.1920, London, England Dan Fogelberg Contemporary Singer, Composer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Pianist, b.1951 in Peoria, IL Daniele D’Agaro Tenor Sax, b.1958, Spilimbergo, Italy Felicia Weather Opera … Continue reading

14 August

“Stuff” Smith Violin, b.1909 d.1967, Portsmouth, OH Ben Sidran Piano, Vocal, b.1943, Chicago, IL Bobby Naret Alto Sax, b.1914, Loncin, Belgium Buddy Greco Jazz Singer, Pianist, Composer, Arranger, b.1926, RFN: Armando, Philadelphia, PA Don Bennett Piano, b.1941 d.2004, Chicago, IL … Continue reading

24 August

Al Philburn Trombone, b.1902 d.1972, Newark, NJ Alphonso Trent Piano, Leader, b.1905 d.1959, Fort Smith, AR Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup Blues Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, b.1905 d.1974, aka Percy Lee and Elmer James Bob Sedergreen Piano, b.1943, Akko, Palestine Bryan Spring … Continue reading

25 August

“King” Garcia Trumpet, b.1905 d.1983, Juncos, Puerto Rico Ben Brown Bass, b.1952, Opa-Locka, FL Carrie Smith Vocal, b.1941, Ft. Gaines, GA Charles Fambrough Bass, b.1950, Philadelphia, PA Elvis Costello New Wave and Jazz Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Bandleader, British, b.1954 in … Continue reading

26 August

Bob Short Tuba, b.1911 d.1976 Bradford Marsalis Jazz Performer, Saxophonist, b.1960 Tonight Show’s bandleader b.1992 d.1995 Breaux Bridge, LA Clifford Jarvis Drums, b.1941 d.1999, Boston, MA David Finck Bass, b.1958, Rochester, NY Frances Wayne Jazz Singer, Bandleader, b.1924 d.1978, Boston, … Continue reading

27 August

Alice Coltrane Jazz Performer, Keyboardist, Harp, Composer, b.1937, Maiden Name: McLeod; John’s wife, Detroit, MI Bill English Drums, b.1925, New York, NY Dickie Hawdon Trumpet, b.1927, Leeds, England Jack Delaney Trombone, b.1930 d.1975, New Orleans, LA Lester “Pres” Young Jazz … Continue reading

28 August

Ernie Fields Trombone, b.1904 d.1997, Nacogdoches, TX George Clarke Tenor Sax, b.1911, Memphis, TN Jim Rotondi Trumpet, b.1962, Butte, MT John Marshall Drums, b.1941, Isleworth, England Kenny Drew Jazz Pianist, b.1928 d.1993 New York, NY Michael Gregory Jackson Guitar, b.1953, … Continue reading

29 August

“Red” Kelly Bass, b.1927 d.2004, Shelby, MT Bennie Maupin Saxophone, b.1940, Detroit, MI Charlie “Bird” Parker Jazz Performer, Composer, Alto-sax, Bandleader, b.1920 d.1955, aka Yardbird; bebop co-creator; great jazz improviser, Kansas City, MO Chet Catallo Blues-Jazz Performer, Guitarist, b.1954 of … Continue reading

30 August

“Kid” Rena – Trumpet, b.1898 d.1949, New Orleans, LA Anthony Coleman – Piano, b.1955, New York, NY Brigitte Escobar (vocals) – 1968 Bronislaw Suchanek – Bass, b.1948, Bielsko-Biala, Poland Charlie Wood – Guitar (guitar) – 1951 Conny Jackel – Trumpet, … Continue reading

31 August

Alan Jay Lerner Lyricist, Dramatist, Playwright, Songwriter, b.1918 d.1986 in New York City; multiple Tony & Oscar winner; My Fair Lady, An American in Paris, Gigi, Brigadoon, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, Camelot; wed 8x’s; d. in … Continue reading

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    Love this stuff, but why is there a gap from Aug 14 to Aug 24?

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