6 April

Gene Bertoncini
Guitar, b.1937, New York, NY

Dorothy Donegan
Piano, b.1924 d.1998, Chicago, IL

Bill Hardman
Trumpet, b.1933 d.1990, Cleveland, OH

Noah Howard
Alto Sax, b.1943, New Orleans, LA

Ed Hubble
Trombone, b.1928, Santa Barbara, CA

James “Rosy” McHargue
C Melody Sax, b.1902 d.1999, Danville, IL

Gerry Mulligan
Baritone Sax, b.1927d.1996, New York, NY

Garry Niewood
Soprano Sax, b.1943, Rochester, NY

John Pizzarelli, Jr.
Guitar, b.1960, Paterson, NJ

Andre Previn
Piano, b.1929, Berlin, Germany

Paul Ricci
Clarinet, b.1914, New York, NY

Charlie Rouse
Tenor Saxophone, 1924-1988, Washington, DC

Manfred Schoof
Trumpet, b.1936, Magdeburg, Germany

Horace Tapscott
Piano, b.1934 d.1999, Houston, TX

Arthur Taylor
Drums, b.1929 d.1995, New York, NY

Randy Weston
Piano, Composer, b.1926, New York, NY

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