29 April

George Rufus Adams
Tenor Sax, b.1940 d.1992, Covington, GA He was a American jazz musician who played tenor saxophone, flute and bass clarinet. He was also known for his idiosyncratic singing. He is best known for his work with Charles Mingus, Gil Evans, Roy Haynes and in the quartet he co-led with pianist Don Pullen, featuring bassist Cameron Brown and drummer Dannie Richmond. For more information go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Adams_%28musician%29

Ray Barreto a.k.a. King of the Hard Hands
Conga, b.1929, New York, NY – Ray was a Puerto Rican jazz musician, widely credited as the godfather of Latin jazz. He was also the first Hispanic to record a latin song which became a “hit” in the American Billboard Charts. Barretto’s parents moved to New York from Puerto Rico in the early 1920s, looking for a better life. The family last name is “Barreto”; a mistake at the time Ray’s birth certificate was filed gave his last name its formal spelling. He was raised in Spanish Harlem and at a very young age was influenced by his mother’s love of music and by the jazz music of musicians such as Duke Ellington and Count Basie. For more information go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Barretto

Philippe Brun
Trumpet, b.1908 d.1994, Paris, France

Errol Leslie Buddle
Tenor Sax, b.1928, Adelaide, Australia

Jacques Butler
Trumpet, b.1909, ?

Lonnie Donegan MBE
Guitar, Vocal, b.1931 d.2002, Glasgow, Scotland – He was a skiffle musician, possibly the most famous of them all, with more than 20 UK Top 30 hits to his name. He is sometimes called the King of Skiffle and is often cited as a large influence on the generation of British musicians who became famous in the 1960s. For More Information go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lonnie_Donegan

Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington
Piano, Band Leader, Composer, Genius, b.1899 d. May 24, 1974, He was an American jazz composer, pianist, and band leader who has been one of the most influential figures in jazz, if not in all American music. As a composer and a band leader especially, Ellington’s reputation has increased since his death, with thematic repackagings of his signature music often becoming best-sellers. He created big band pieces, film scores, operas, ballets, Broadway shows, gospel music Washington, DC For more information visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_Ellington

Cecil James “Big” Jay McNeely
Tenor Sax, b.1927 in Los Angeles, California – He is an American rhythm and blues tenor saxophonist. McNeely is known for his intense playing and his energetic and acrobatic stage performances. For example, at a 1949 concert in the old Wrigley Field baseball stadium in Los Angeles he played while walking through the stands and then while crawling from home plate to first base on his back. At a performance at the Apollo Theater in New York City in 1999, at the age of 72, he jumped onto the stage from the audience and later, wearing fluorescent gloves, played a fluorescent saxophone while break dancing under ultraviolet light. In the early 1950s his ability to whip teenagers into a frenzy was so disturbing to civic authorities in Los Angeles that he was banned from playing in most of Los Angeles county. For more information go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Jay_McNeely

Donald Mills
Singer, b.1915 The Mills Brothers: Tiger Rag, Nobody’s Sweetheart, Dinah, Paper Doll, Glow Worm, You Always Hurt the One You Love, Cab Driver; died Nov 13, 1999)

Claus Ogerman
Composer, b.1930, Ratibor, Germany – Claus is a German musical arranger/ orchestrator, conductor, and composer, perhaps best known for his work with Antonio Carlos Jobim. Born in Ratibor, Prussia (then a German state – now part of Poland), Ogerman began his career with the piano. He is definitely one of the most prolific 20th century arrangers and has worked in the Top 40, Rock, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Easy listening, Broadway and Classical music fields. The exact number of recording artists for whom Ogerman has either arranged or conducted during his career has still not yet been determined. For more information go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claus_Ogerman

Ward Pinket
Trumpet, b.1906 d.1937, Newport News, VA

Sammy Rimington
Clarinet, b.1942, London, England

Andrew Simpkins
Bass, b.1932 d.1999, Richmond, IN

Norma Teagarden
Piano, b.1911 d.1996, Vernon, TX – Norma was a notable jazz pianist. She was born in Vernon, Texas, the sister of jazz trombonist Jack Teagarden. Norma Teagarden studied piano with her mother and became an outstanding pianist, with a world-wide reputation. For more information visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norma_Teagarden

Baron Jean-Baptiste Frederic Isidor “Toots” Thielemans
Harmonica, Guitar, Composer, b.1922, Brussels, Belgium – He well known for his guitar, harmonica playing, and also for his highly accomplished professional whistling. He is often credited by jazz aficionados and jazz critics as being among the greatest jazz harmonica players of the century. Thielemans started his career as a guitar player. In 1949 he joined a jam session in Paris with Sidney Bechet, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Max Roach and others. In 1951 he went on tour with Bobbejaan Schoepen. He moved to the US in 1952 where he was a member of Charlie Parker’s All-Stars. He played and recorded with names like Ella Fitzgerald, The George Shearing Quintet, Quincy Jones, Bill Evans, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Astrud Gilberto, Elis Regina and others. For more information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toots_Thielmans

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