24 April

Aaron Bell – Bass, b.1922 d.2003, Muskogee, OK

Abimbola Popoola – vocals – b.1981, is a female artist born into music world and is from West African Nigeria. She derive her inspiration from God and has been backup artist singing classic and funk jazz at the since 1999. Home: Lagos, Nigeria

Barbra Streisand – 1942 (is 68 in 2010, 69 in 2011) Movie/Stage Actress, Pop Singer, Music Producer, Songwriter, Movie Producer/Director, Jewish, b. in Brooklyn; won Emmy, Oscar, Tony, Grammy, Golden Globe; MN:Joan; Yentl, A Star is Born, Hello Dolly, Nuts, What’s Up Doc?, Funny Girl, Evergreen, Prince of Tides, The Way We Were, The Mirror Has Two Faces, Meet The Fockers; Elliot Gould’s ex-, James Brolin’s wife; South Park skewers her a lot there, but deserves it anyway.

Carol Sokoloff – Singer, songwriter, is a Canadian jazz vocalist and songwriter.

Charles Greenlee – Trombone, b.1927 d.1993, Detroit, MI

Collin Walcott – Sitar, Tabla, b. 1945, d.November 8, 1984, New York, NY, he was a North American musician. He was a student of Ravi Shankar and Vasant Rai. Walcott was killed in an automobile accident in East Germany during a 1984 Oregon concert tour.

Ed and Carol Nicodemi (guitar, electric) – 1953

Edith van den Heuvel (vocals) – 1970

Edo Castro (bass, electric) – 1959

Fabio Morgera (trumpet) – 1963

Fatty George – Clarinet, b.1927 d.1982, Vienna, Austria

Frank Strazzeri – Piano, b.1930, Rochester, NY

Harley Card (guitar) – 1980

Jamille Hunter (vocals)

Jeff Darrohn (saxophone) – 1960

Jill Grant (vocals) – 1954

Joe Henderson – b.1937, d. June 30, 2001, Lima, OH, was an American jazz tenor saxophonist. Born in Lima, Ohio, he studied music at Kentucky State College and Wayne State University before playing in Detroit at the beginning of his career. On June 30, 2001, Joe Henderson died due to heart failure after a long battle with emphysema.

John Arnold Griffin III  “Little Giant” – Jazz Performer, Tenor-sax, 1928=d.Jul 25, 2008 (was 80), Chicago, IL On July 25, 2008, Johnny Griffin died of a heart attack at the age of 80 in Mauprevoir, near Availles-Limouzine, France. He had lived there for the past 24 years. His last concert, July 21, 2008 was played in Hyeres, France.

Megan Birdsall (vocals) – 1983

Peter Curtis (guitar) – 1970

Raul d’Gama Rose – 1955

Ray Leatherwood – Bass, b.1914 d.1996, Itasca, TX

Reuben Bloom – Piano, b.1902 d.1976, New York, NY and was a Jewish American composer of popular songs.According to some sources, his first name was pronounced like ‘Ruby’ by his friends. Rube Bloom was a multi-faceted entertainer, and in addition to being a songwriter, was a pianist, arranger, band leader, recording artist, and writer

Jimmy “Spanky” DeBrest – b.1937, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania d.1973 was an American jazz bassist. DeBrest played with Lee Morgan in his early years in Philadelphia. In 1957 he was a member of Ray Draper’s Quintet, Jackie McLean, pianist Mal Waldron, and drummer Ben Dixon. He played with Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers until 1958, including sessions with Thelonious Monk. Other credits include work with John Coltrane, Clifford Jordan, Ray Draper, Lee Morgan, and J. J. Johnson. His last recordings were made in 1971.

Stafford James – Bass, b.1946, Evanston, IL

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