23 April

Leonard Barnard – Drums, b.1929, Melbourne, Australia

Alan Broadbent – Piano, Composer, b.1947, Aukland, NZ

Pierre Courbois – Drums, b.1940, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Vernice “Bunky” Green – Alto Sax, b. 1935, Milwaukee, WI

Simon Hale – Piano, b.1964, Birmingham, England

“Little” Benny Harris – Trumpet, b.1919 d.1975, New York, NY

Jimmy Noone – Clarinet, b.1895 d.1944, Cut Off, LA

Tito Puente – Percussion, b.1920 d.2000, New York, NY

Bob Rosengarden – Drums, Leader, b.1924, Elgin, IL

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