18 April

Astrid Cowan – Piano, jazz educator b. Detroit

Brian Van Arsdale – Tenor Saxophone – 1979

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown – Blues Singer, Pianist, Fiddler, Country Singer, Guitarist, Violinist, Drummer, Songwriter, made successful records with Roy Clark; NN:Texas Blues Guitarist, b.1924 d.2005, Vinton, LA

Danny Gottlieb – Drums, b.1953, New York, NY

Dr. Kathy Brown –  Pianist, composer, bandleader, recording artist b.Jamaica, Initially self-taught in reading and playing ‘by ear’, Kathy studied classical piano up to grade 6 (Royal School of Music, England). Later taking intermittent classes in jazz piano after completing her medical degree.

Freddy Hill – Trumpet, b.1932, Jacksonville, FL

Gus Galbraith – Trumpet, b.1939

Hal Galper – Piano, b.1938, Salem, MA

Jimmy Rowser – Bass, b.1926, Philadelphia, PA

Joe Arnold – Drums – 1973

Jorge Anders – Sax, b.1939, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ken Colyer – Jazz Trumpeter, Guitarist, Bandleader, British, b.1928 d.1988, Great Yarmouth, England

Laurie Chescoe – Drums, b.1933, London, England

Leo Parker – Baritone Sax, b.1925 d.1962, Washington, DC

Little Brother Montgomery – Blues Singer, Pianist, Composer, b.1906 d.1985, Kentwood, LA

Marianne Hall – Electric Bass – 1947

Neil Alexander – Keyboards – 1960

Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic – (bass, acoustic) – 1972

Ruth – Vocals – 1990

Susanna Lindeborg – Piano – 1952

Tony Mottola – Guitarist, Variety Show Host, of Tonight Show Band, b.1918 d.2004, Kearney, NJ

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