17 April

Art Ellefson – Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet b. Moose Jazz, Canada, 1932

Buster Williams – Bass, b.1942, Camden, NJ

Byther Smith – Blues Guitar, Bass, Vocals, b. Monticello, Mississippi, 1933

Chris Barber – Trombonist, Educator, Bandleader, Jazz Musician, English, b.1930, Welwyn Garden City, England

Clifford Gibson – Blues Guitar, Vocals, b.Louisiville, Kentucky, 1901 d December 21, 1961

Daren Burns – Electric Bass – 1971

David Axelrod – Composer, b.1936, Los Angeles, CA

Han Bennink – Drums, b.1942, Zaandam, Holland

Jack Kraal (guitar, electric) – 1937

James Last – Conductor, Band Leader, 1929

Jan Hammer – Drummer, Composer, Synthesizer, Songwriter, Pianist, Music Producer, Keyboardist, Jazz-Fusion Performer, Czech, Composed for Miami Vice; Jeff Beck Group; soundtracks; no relation to M.C., b.1948, Prague, Czechoslovakia

Javier Girotto – Saxophone – 1965

Jimmy Nelson – Singer, Songwriter, b.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1928 d.Houston, Texas, July 29, 2007

Joe Romano – Tenor Saxophone, b.1923, Rochester,NY

John H Gray – Bass – 1987

Johnny St. Cyr – Guitar, Banjoist, with Louis Armstrong and Joe King Oliver, b.1890 d.1966, New Orleans, LA

Josh Cook – Tenor Saxophone – 1975

Judy Wexler – Vocalist

Kevin Morrissette – Keyboards – 1959

Laurence Elder – Piano – 1966

Lonnie Shields – Blues Guitarist, singer and songwriter, b. West Helena, Arkansas, 1956

Mark Sherman – Vibes – 1957

Moses Taiwa Molelekwa – Composer, Piano, Band Leader, Visionary, b. Thembisa, South Africa, Moses and his wife, Flo Mtoba passed away tragically in Johannesburg on 13 February 2001.

Paul Smith – Piano, b.1922, San Diego, CA

Russell Bowles – Trombone, b.1909 d.1991, Glasgow, KY

Sam Noto – Trumpet, b.1930, Buffalo, NY

Sam Sadigursky – Saxophone – 1979

Sipho Gumede – Bass, Band Leader, Composer, African Jazz, fusion, jazz, b.1957 Cato Manor, Durban South Africa, Sipho passed away on Monday 26 July 2004 after a short illness at the age of 47.

Sr Tony E. Moore – Acoustic Bass – 1959

Steve Hobbs -Vibes – 1956

Warren Chiasson – Vibes, b.1934, Sydney, Australia

Wendy Kirkland – Piano – 1968

Whitney Balliett – Writer, b.1926, New York, NY

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