16 April

Gerard Badini
Tenor Sax, b.1931, Paris, France

Warren Barker
Composer, b.1923, Oakland, CA

Boyce Brown
Alto Sax, b.1910 d.1959, Chicago, IL

Joe Farreras
Drums, b.1916, Barcelona, Spain

Bennie Green
Trombone, b.-1977, Chicago, IL

Bobby Henderson
Piano, b.1910 d.1969, New York, NY

Erling Kroner
Trombone, b.1943, Copenhagen, Denmark

Henry Mancini
Composer, b.1924, Cleveland, OH

Herbie Mann
Flute, b.1930 d.2003, New York, NY

Alton Purnell,
Piano, b.Vocal, 1911 d.1987, New Orleans, LA

Alexandre Stellio
Clarinet, Leader, b.1885 d.1939, L’Anse du Four, Martinique

Jukka Tolonen
Guitar, b.1952, Helsinki, Finland

Ray Ventura
Piano, Leader, b.1908 d.1979, Paris, France

John Walters
Composer, b.1953, Chesterfield, England

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