1 April

Don Butterfield
Tuba, b.1923, Centralia, WA

Harry Carney
Baritone Saxophone, 1910-1974, Boston, MA

Alberta Hunter
Vocal, 1895-1984, Memphis, TN

Duke Jordan
Piano, b.1922, New York, NY

John LaPorta
Saxophone, 1902-2004, Philadelphia, PA

Jorge Lopez Ruiz
Bass, b.1935, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Art Lund
Vocal, b.1915, Salt Lake City, Utah

Steve Race
Piano, b.1921, Lincoln, England

Gil Scott-Heron
Vocal, b.1949, Chicago, IL

Kathy Stobart
Tenor Saxophone, b.1925, Lancashire, England

Frank Tusa
Bass, b.1947, New York, NY

Lesak Zadlo
Tenor Saxophone, b.1945, Krakow, Poland

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