The Klutz in the Kitchen’s Straight Talkin’ No Punches Pulled Restaurant, Bisto, Cafe, Pub, Food Truck, Street Food & Take Away Grub n’ Cooking Maguffta Reviews

The Klutz in the Kitchen’s Grub Rating System

★ = Really bad, horrible, unpleasant, and abysmal, never visit, ever!!!!!!!!

★★ = Better than bad, still not good enough waste of time and money. Visit at ones own peril.
★★★ = Middling, to tolerable, acceptable to adequate, but could be still much better

★★★★ = Enjoyable, pleasant and satisfactory, worthy of a visit from time to time.

★★★★★ = Magnificent, really fantastic, truly well worth a visit regularly.
Please feel free to suggest a place to visit or write a review and send it to us at with Klutz Review in the subject line.
 See the reviews below.
The Klutz in the Kitchen pays for all food and drink consumed when reviewing venues, and all visits are unannounced and never booked at all. The Klutz will visit the venue again in after months once the review is published on the All Jazz Radio website and social media pages. The second visit is to see if any improvements have been implemented and will again review the venue. The Klutz takes careful notes during his visits then after the meal chats casually to the staff and chef about the menu and food to gain a better insight into the venue. His reviews are posted some time after his visit so as to regain a sense of anonymity.

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