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Ibrahim Khalil Shihab Quartet exuded history, texture, and good ole acoustic jazz at District 6 Museum’s Homecoming Center last Friday evening, 27 May.

Having cruised the south Pacific Ocean, I find Irving Berlin’s “How Deep is the Ocean” rings a familiar sensation about what ‘unfathomable’ means, like true love, which is what makes this song rich and textured. The brilliant artistry of pianist Ibrahim Khalil Shihab does just that for 24 minutes in his solo piano album, ‘Solo Piano’, cut in 1999. Known as Chris Schilder of Pacific Express in earlier days, and who converted to Islam in 1975, this Capetownian is no less magical in his musical renditions now. With his fellow team members named below, 70 year old Shihab wishes to revive himself with both established and younger musicians in South Africa.

Ibrahim Khalil Shihab. Photo: David Harrison

Ibrahim Khalil Shihab. Photo: David Harrison

Friday’s concert portrayed an extremely gifted and powerfully alert pianist who excels at improvisation and message. His Scarlotti-styled runs in some pieces reverberated throughout the well-packed hall. Even without an acoustic grand piano which he would prefer, his two electric pianos which admirably served for the evening’s performance managed to do justice to his messages.

In conversation with double bassist, Lionel Beukes, earlier, even Beukes had to haul out his thin Latina semi-electric bass to match Shihab’s piano that evening. “I’ve returned from years in China, and want to continue to perform our South African music, and to promote Ibrahim who has been too silent for too long,” says Beukes. “I teach at the Capetown Music Institute with its musician head, Camiillo Lombard, and try to match our good students with the jazz dons like Ibrahim.”

Ibrahim Khalil Shihab quartet at D6 Homecoming 27 May 2016

Ibrahim Khalil Shihab quartet at D6 Homecoming 27 May 2016

Indeed, Friday’s offerings (promoted by Classic CT) presented 20-year old drummer Liam Webb, formerly from South Peninsula High School jazz band and soon to attend UCT’s College of Music, in his first jazz gig. A student at CMI, Webb displayed confidence and humility during the performance as he was occasionally mentored by Beukes and Shihab. Webb was allowed a drum solo in a Shihab piece, “Pursuits”, which Webb pulled off in clean pizzazz. Another generation later was Buddy Wells whose tenor and alto saxophones provided impressive, clean, and consistent accompaniment to Shihab’s piano runs. The varieties of songs this Quartet played wooed the audience with classic standards, like the whimsical “When You Wish Upon a Star”, with Buddy’s smooth slides in tone. Shihab originals gave tribute to another legendary don, the late Winston Mankunku, in “Spring”, and to elder Chinese people exercising in a Shanghai park across from where Shihab and Beukes worked at the Hilton Hotel.

Liam Webb, drummer

Liam Webb, drummer

The concert ended fittingly with a fast-paced “Bo-Kaap”, another original, which showed everyone’s skills. Shihab is well on his way to performing and, in the near future, recording his pile of compositions which he let to lay for so many of the rainbow nation years.

We can look forward to more mastery from this legend as concert halls gear up for more acoustic jazz performances. A new era to be launched??

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Today’s streaming broadcast schedule on All Jazz Radio Tuesday 21 April 2015

All Jazz Radio Logo Face Book1Daily Streaming Broadcast Schedule



Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(A mixed genres show of the latest International and SAFRO album releases from the global village)


Weekly talk segment covering the European jazz scene from London, UK

(Latest jazz news from Europe with the influential weekly London Jazz News Blog editor Sebastian Scotney)


Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(A mixed genres show of the latest International and SAFRO album releases from the global village)

14:00 – 16:00 MZANTZI (South) AFRICAN JAZZ

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(100% South African Jazz recordings made up of any number of SAFRO musicians in the band from all corners of the global village)

16:00 – 18:00 A SLICE OF JAZZ

Compiled, presented & produced by Rhys Phillips in Cardiff, Wales, UK

(Interviews, New Album Releases, CD Reviews and an eclectic mix of Jazz)




Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(A mixed genres show of the latest International and SAFRO album releases from the global village)


Compiled, presented & produced by Tony Vasquez in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

(Afro-Cuban, Latin Jazz)

22:00 – 24:00 TAKE 5 & THEN SOME…..

Compiled, produced & presented by Clifford Graham in Cape Town, SA

(A Mix of Mainstream, Vocal, Contemporary and Smooth jazz)


Compiled, presented & produced by Wolfgang König in Berlin, Germany

(All genre styles of jazz from around the world)



02:00 – 06:00 THE NO NAME BRAND SHOW

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(Mainstream, Vocal, Contemporary Smooth, Fusion, Funk & Soul Jazz)

06:00 – 08:00 COOKING JAZZ

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

(Contemporary, Mainstream, Nostalgic, Pop Jazz)

08:00 – 10:00 THE KIBBY FACTOR

Compiled, presented & produced by Guitarist James “Acid Robot” Kibby in Cape Town, SA

(Acid, Avant Garde, Electronic Jazz, Blues)


All Jazz Radio streams in the C. A. T. (Central African Time Zone). Please note that Central European Time is one hour behind Central African Time and GMT is 2 hours behind.

Note too that all programs are repeated, eg. Today’s programs are repeated tomorrow evening from 18:00 and the previous days programs are repeated at 2am the following morning.

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BRAND NEW SHOW STARTING ON TUESDAY AT 16:00 C.A.T. (Central African Time) and every Tuesday thereafter. Presented from Cardiff, Wales by Rhys Phillips.

Rhys Phillips in studio

Rhys Phillips in studio

A SLICE OF JAZZ from Cardiff, Wales see’s host RHYS PHILLIPS presenting a weekly slice of jazz as he shares his favorite tracks, rounds and up the latest news from the world of jazz and will have top guests in conversation and in session. Mike Sims provides the weekly album review and Nadia Hamilton brings her Beginner’s Guide to Jazz. A Slice of Jazz is a Radio Cardiff Production. For more information, go to www.asliceofjazz.uk.

Rhys is a jazz trumpeter and radio presenter based in Cardiff. His love of jazz comes from growing up with a jazz lover and pianist for a father. When not presenting A Slice of Jazz, Rhys can be found gigging with his jazz band Imperfect Tenth or presenting his science radio show, Pythagoras’ Trousers.

More about Rhys Phillips

Rhys had his first experience of broadcasting at Cardiff University’s Xpress Radio in 2006 where he presented a range of programmes. As President of the Cardiff Student Jazz Society, he launched The Jazz Society Radio Show which ran from 2006-2008 featuring the best music (including prereleased tracks), features, competitions and guests. Local musicians including performed live sessions each week and Rhys interviewed well known artists including Karen Sharp, Kirk Lightsey, Courtney Pine, Neil Cowley, Trudy Kerr, Eri Yamamoto, Chris Hodgkins, The Blessing and Empirical. Rhys was also lucky enough to conduct extended interviews with Stacey Kent, Billy Cobham and the late great Humphrey Lyttelton. The show was shortlisted for Best Specialist Show at the Cardiff Student Media Awards 2007.


Between 2006 and 2008, Rhys presented a series entitled Jazz Profile, looking at the life and work of some of the greatest jazz musicians. The shows were broadcast on both Xpress Radio and here on Radio Cardiff and the musicians profiled included Maynard Ferguson, Herbie Hancock, Dexter Gordon, The Manhattan Transfer, Wynton Marsalis, Oscar Peterson, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Joe Zawinul, George Melly, Glenn Miller, Chick Corea and Louis Prima. Jazz Profile will return to Radio Cardiff in the Jazz Special time slot during the summer of 2011.

rhys phillips trumpet

In 2008, Rhys was asked to take over as host of Xpress Radio’s weekly music quiz, Beat It! Completely revamping the format, Rhys clinched the award for Best Speech Show at the Cardiff Student Media Awards 2008, awarded by Paddy O’Connell. Other work on Xpress Radio included sitting in for both mainstream and specialist presenters, giving him the chance to interview guests such as singer-songwriter Dean Friedman and comedians Rhod Gilbert and Robin Ince, and hosting a live music event broadcast across South Wales on DAB Radio. He also produced audio diaries for the station for various university based music groups when touring abroad. More recently, Rhys has made small contributions to Feedback on BBC Radio 4 and Serious About Comedy on BBC Radio 7.


Rhys rejoined Radio Cardiff in September 2010 to launch a new science and technology show with the Institution of Engineering & Technology – Pythagoras’ Trousers which is now sponsored by EADS. In January 2011, he also started presenting Jazz Special, playing the best mix of jazz music every week. Rhys also presents the hourly news bulletins on Saturdays and can occasionally be found sitting in for other presenters on shows including Breakfast and Saturday Brunch.


Science and jazz may seem like an unlikely combination but they are both right up Rhys’ street. Rhys studied maths & physics at Cardiff University and now works as a Research Engineer for EADS Innovation Works UK looking at innovative methods of protecting the next generation of composite aircraft against lightning strikes. When not in work or on the air, Rhys is a keen musician, playing trumpet in a number of ensembles including the City of Cardiff Concert Band, Black Hawk Big Band, KT & The Funtime Band, Quintessential Brass and his own jazz ensemble, Imperfect Tenth.


Biog from the Radio Cardiff website

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Had to share this Facebook post, have a read, what say you?

From Facebook – Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band posted
10 hrs
Any artist is grateful for their fans. It is a great compliment for somebody to respond positively to your music. And yet, when somebody tells me that they enjoy hearing the BIg Phat Band on Spotify or YouTube, I can’t help but think of the numbers on the chart displayed in this article. In order to make US minimum wage of $1260/month, an artist must get 1,044,430 plays on Spotify during that month. To earn minimum wage on YouTube, you need 4,500,000 plays! Does anybody really think this is an economic model that can lead to artistic growth? Actually, never mind growth, it’s really a matter of survival and nothing less. Many of us are hanging in there and looking for new ways create the music we believe in, but it is a false economic premise to think that this is sustainable. If you love music of content, please share this link.

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It’s all happening today, tune in and listen

The season has started to turn here in the Mother City, Cape Town, there is a definite chill in the early morning air, but who gives a damn about that when there’s hot jazz to be heard on Africa’s best and only 24/7 all genre Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Jazz radio station online. Go to www.alljazzradio.co.za and choose the link you’d like to “tune in” to and download the link to your smartphone, computer or tablet and take us with you on your day’s journey. Its a good way to enjoy great music wherever you may be. Listen in today, here what’s coming up from 10am C,A.,T.;


(A mixed genres show of the latest International and SAFRO album releases from the global village)

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA


(Latest jazz news from Europe with the influential weekly London Jazz News Blog editor Sebastian Scotney)

Weekly talk segment covering the European jazz scene from London, UK

11:15 – 14:00 JAZZ RENDEZVOUS

(A mixed genres show of the latest International and SAFRO album releases from the global village)

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA

14:00 – 16:00 MZANTZI (South) AFRICAN JAZZ

(100% South African Jazz recordings made up of any number of SAFRO musicians in the band from all corners of the global village)

Compiled & produced by AJR Staff in Cape Town, SA


(Eclectic mix of Acid. Funk, Progressive, Fusion Jazz)

Compiled, Produced and presented by Jack Ojiambo in Nairobi, Kenya

Don’t forget our special daily re-broadcast programming which starts from 6pm C.A.T. so you won’t miss a moment of the music.

Connect with us on Skype or call our studio on Viber,

Enjoy the best Jazz, Blues, Latin and World jazz from the African Jazz Capital all day everyday.


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….. and the big winners are – The 2015 Grammy Awards


 Cheek To Cheek 
Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
 Label: Streamline/Columbia/RPM/Interscope

 Bass & Mandolin
 Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer 
Label: Nonesuch

Winds Of Samsara
 Ricky Kej & Wouter Kellerman
Label: Listen 2 Africa

Chick Corea, soloist
 Track from: Trilogy (Chick Corea Trio)
 Label: Concord Jazz

 Beautiful Life 
Dianne Reeves
Label: Concord Records

 Chick Corea Trio
 Label: Concord Jazz

Life In The Bubble
 Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band
 Label: Telarc International

 The Offense Of The Drum
 Arturo O’Farrill & The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra 
Label: Motema

Step Back
 Johnny Winter
 Label: Megaforce Records

 Angelique Kidjo 
Label: 429 Records

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Southern Hemisphere Trio joins the London jazz scene

Award-winning vocalists Nicky Schrire and Anita Wardell

Award-winning vocalists Nicky Schrire and Anita Wardell

For the love of the southern hemisphere (and music), this trio is sure to make London jazz fans happy this February

Award-winning vocalists Anita Wardell and Nicky Schrire met in 2007. Despite any geographical distance (Australian-raised Wardell was based in London, and Schrire was about to move from her native South Africa to New York) they developed a kinship and became fast friends. With a shared love for “straight tone” singing, the understated, and Southern Hemisphere roots, the two remained in touch over the past five years, when Schrire performed London and Wardell performed in the USA.

Schrire recently returned to live in London and the two singers are thrilled to find themselves on the same side of the pond. To celebrate this coming full circle, they have teamed up with pianist Robin Aspland (Kenny Wheeler, George Coleman, Georgie Fame) to form “The Southern Hemisphere Trio” (Aspland has spent time in both Australia and South Africa making him an honorary Southern Hemisphere-ian). The trio will explore songs from jazz and folk traditions in this intimate formation, celebrating seven years of musical friendship.

“Anita Wardell is a singer who takes no prisoners. The Australian vocalist is an uncompromising exponent of bebop and has won a cult following among her colleagues in London during her time here.”
-Clive Davis, The Times
“… Schrire becomes part of the fabric of her music. Her voice is a warm and supple instrument that serves as a dispensary of emotional power.”
-Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

Gig Details

Date: Wednesday 11 February; 7:30pm

Venue: 3-7 Delancey St, London NW1 7NL

Tickets: £15; Phone: 020 7383 780

With thanks to The South African


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Wayne Henderson dies at 74; Jazz Crusaders co-founder, trombonist

By CHRIS BARTON – Jazz (Music Genre) Concerts Obituaries Obituary Database Entertainment Music KISS (music group)

Wayne Henderson of the Jazz Crusaders in 2001. (Gloria Ellis)

Wayne Henderson of the Jazz Crusaders in 2001. (Gloria Ellis)

Wayne Henderson, a trombonist, composer and co-founder of the Jazz Crusaders, who became a powerful force for merging the sound of jazz with elements of funk, soul and R&B, died Friday at a Culver City hospital. He was 74.

His death from heart failure was confirmed by manager Stephanie Pappas.

Read the full story here;


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Cape Bassist Benjamin Jephta to launch his sophomore album – Homecoming

Benjamin Jephta Album - Homecoming

Benjamin Jephta Album – Homecoming

The Benjamin Jephta Quintet will be launching the debut album, Homecoming with a series of tour dates.

Homecoming will be launched at the SA College of Music at the University of Cape Town on Friday, 16 January 2015. The launch tour is proudly supported by the Concerts SA Mobility Fund and features Benjamin Jephta on Basses, Kyle Shepherd (2014 Standard Bank Young Artist Award winner) on Piano, Sphelelo Mazibuko on Drums, Marcus Wyatt on Trumpet and Sisonke Xonti on Sax.

At only 22, Benjamin Jephta has already become one of the premier double and electric bass players in South Africa as a featured musician. He has played with, among others, Sibongile Khumalo, Simphiwe Dana and Loyiso Bala, and Homecoming marks his debut offering as a solo artist. The album is a 12-track disc of Jephta’s original compositions, supported by a stellar line up of SA’s best Jazz musicians.

Date: Friday, 16 January 2015
Time: 20h30
Duration: 80 min (ONE SET ONLY)
Venue: UCT, SA College of Music (behind the Baxter Theatre),
Lower Campus off Woolsack Drive, Rondebosch, Cape Town.

Pre-Book & Pay Online at QUICKET:
https://www.quicket.co.za/events/7506-benjamin-jephta-quintet-homecoming-album-launch-in-cape-town and only pay R90.00
*Quicket adds a service fee of R3.90 to each ticket (capped at R10 per transaction)
Book & Pay R110.00 entry fee at door (cash only) – book at www.benjaminjephta.com/album-launch.html OR call 083 700 0581 [Seating Unreserved]

17 January 2015 Straight No Chaser Club (CPT)

7 & 8 February 2015 The Orbit (JHB)

Copies of the new CD will be on sale for R120 at the launch concert on the 16/01 and R150 thereafter. ‘Homecoming’ will also be downloadable via all major digital platforms worldwide from February 2015.

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Buddy DeFranco, Clarinet Innovator, Dies at 91

In his 70-year career, he brought his instrument into the bebop era and beyond

By Jeff Tamarkin

Buddy DeFranco Photo by William P. Gottlieb/LO

Buddy DeFranco
Photo by William P. Gottlieb/LO

Buddy DeFranco, who brought the clarinet into the bebop era and maintained a seven-decade career, died Dec. 24 in Panama City, Fla., according to a notice on his website. The cause was not reported. DeFranco was 91.

In the years following the dominance of swing clarinetists such as Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw, DeFranco adapted the instrument to the new type of jazz being introduced by the likes of Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker, both of whom were collaborators of his. In an interview posted on the website for the National Endowment for the Arts, DeFranco, who was named an NEA Jazz Master in 2006, said, “When I heard Charlie Parker, I knew that was gonna be the new way to play jazz. And it was right. … It was much more difficult to play as far as fingering and articulation. In fact, even to this day, I can’t explain the articulation of bebop, even though I do it. You know, because it’s a question of the melding between your brain, your tonguing, your phrasing, your breathing and your fingering. It has to work all together. And there’s no way to describe it.”


Read the full story here.

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Guitarist Jeff Golub Dies at 59

Via Jazz Times RSS Feed:

Suffered from rare brain disorder that led to blindness and loss of functions

By Jeff Tamarkin

Jeff Golub, a guitarist who crossed seamlessly between jazz, blues and rock, died today, Jan. 1, following a lengthy illness. He was 59. The precise cause and place of death have not yet been reported but Golub had experienced a series of physical setbacks in recent years that ultimately caused him to no longer be able to perform. First, Golub gradually lost his eyesight in June 2011 due to the collapse of an optic nerve. The following year, he fell onto the subway tracks in New York and was dragged by a train, but was rescued by onlookers and escaped unscathed. He was later diagnosed with more serious, at first unidentified, issues later determined to be a rare and incurable brain disorder called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). Fans contributed tens of thousands of dollars toward his medical expenses via crowd-funding websites and an auction.

Jeff Golub

Jeff Golub

Jeff Golub, who was born in Copley, Ohio, April 15, 1955, played his first gig in 1967 at age 12 and turned professional during the following decade. He studied at the Berklee College of Music and worked in singer James Montgomery’s band while in Boston. In 1980, after moving to New York, Golub joined the band of rock singer Billy Squier, with whom he toured and recorded extensively. Golub released his first solo recording, Unspoken Words, for Gaia Records in 1988.

Golub released more than a dozen albums in all as a leader and three with the Avenue Blue Band, and spent several years (1988-95) in the band of singer Rod Stewart. He also collaborated with dozens of artists as a sideman, including Ashford and Simpson, Alphonse Mouzon, Kirk Whalum, Mindi Abair, Everette Harp, Peter Wolf, John Waite, Vanessa Williams, Gato Barbieri, Bill Evans, Rick Braun, Tina Turner, Dar Williams, Brian Culbertson, Gerald Albright, Henry Butler, Jon Cleary, Marc Cohn, Richard Elliot, Robben Ford, Sonny Landreth, Jeff Lorber and Peter White. Golub was also a member of Dave Koz and the Kozmos, the house band of The Emeril Lagasse Show.

Golub’s final album, made with keyboardist Brian Auger, was Train Kept A Rolling, its title inspired by Golub’s subway incident.

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Christmas Greetings and Requests Live on All Jazz Radio.

All Jazz Radio Logo Face Book1funny206From 18:00 to midnight at All Jazz Radio we will be taking calls and wishes from all corners of the global village, as well as share Christmas music requests Live via Skype, connect with us right now on the handle alljazzradio or via Viber on 0027 82 456 2195. Talk to Family and Friends on Christmas Eve, send real time live greetings via All Jazz Radio, We will also be sharing some great Christmas Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Jazz , join us at 18:00 CAT or 16:00 GMT this Christmas Eve.

Who wants to win

ourcompetiton Christmas

See details on the Competition Page Now

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Talk to Family and Friends on Christmas Eve, send real time live greetings


Greet family and Friends in the global village live Live On Air

Join us for a very special show on the 25th December from 18:00 Central African time or 16:00 GMT. We will be playing only Christmas Jazz, Blues, Latin and World Jazz, best of all we’ll be opening up our Skype and Viber lines for you to send your seasons greetings live on air. Join us and call in on Skype at alljazzradio or Viber on 0027 82456 2195. Send your festive wishes live around the world on All Jazz Radio.

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Obituary: Founding member of Irakere, guitarist Carlos Emilio Morales has died at the age of 75 – Written by Wolfgang König Presenter, Compiler and producer of Jazz Around The World

Carlos Emilio Morale

Carlos Emilio Morale

On 12 November, the Cuban jazz scene suffered a heavy loss: the death of Carlos Emilio Morales who could be called the father of Cuban jazz guitar playing. As the son of a dentist, Carlos Emilio Morales attended the medical school of Havana’s university and worked as a salesman for medical products. But since he was twelve, he had also played the guitar and received formal training. As his influences he cited Django Reinhardt, Barney Kessel, Charlie Byrd, Tal Farlow and Wes Montgomery. At the age of 20, he started his professional career in the orchestra of the Teatro Musical de La Habana. Eight years later, Carlos Emilio Morales was a founding member of the Orquesta Cubana de Música Moderna where he met people like pianist Chucho Valdés, trumpeter Arturo Sandoval and saxophonist Paquito D’Rivera. In 1973 they started what was to become the greatest jazz group in Cuban music history: Irakere.

IrakereIn a certain way, Carlos Emilio Morales was Cuba’s equivalent to Freddie Green, the legendary Count Basie guitarist. Morales never recorded an album under his own name and he almost never played a solo, but he was highly valued among musicians for his supporting skills and by music students as a brilliant guitar teacher. Apart from his work with Irakere, he performed with international greats like Dizzy Gillespie, Michel Legrand, Chick Corea, Ronnie Scott and Josephine Baker.

The younger Carlos Emilio Morale

The younger Carlos Emilio Morale

Carlos Emilio Morales died at the age of 75 and was buried on the biggest cemetary of the Americas, the Cementerio Cristóbal Colón (Christopher Columbus Cemetary) in Havana.

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Why pop-turned-jazz stars just ain’t got that swing

Anything doesn’t go … Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga perform together on BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing. Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC/PA

Anything doesn’t go … Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga perform together on BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing. Photograph: Guy Levy/BBC/PA

From Rod Stewart to Robbie Williams, and now Lady Gaga and Annie Lennox, pop stars keep hopping on the jazz bandwagon but just can’t ride the rhythm.

Of all those rubbish ideas dreamt up by major-label record honchos frantically trying to balance their ailing books, the pop star – often fading, but not necessarily – sings jazz standards album feels the most desperate. Like sitcom writers who think sending their much-loved characters to Torremolinos for a feature-length “special” is the best way to re-oxygenate a programme whose days are numbered, the success rate of popster jazz is virtually nil.

Jazz is a serious and noble pursuit, with a culture and history of its own, fed by a pool of nuts-and-bolts techniques that can to outsiders feel as obscure and nebulous as the formula for Coca-Cola. And however keenly Rod Stewart, Robbie Williams, Paul McCartney, and now Lady Gaga and Annie Lennox, think kicking it with a zooty big band can varnish their careers in the mystique and musical sophistication of Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra or Sarah Vaughan, they are deluding themselves. The context is all wrong; take Mrs Slocombe’s pussy away from Grace Brothers and the joke is lost.

Read the whole story here, with thanks to the Guardain


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Tim Hauser, Co-Founder of the Manhattan Transfer, Dead at 72

Tim Hauser

Tim Hauser

Was only original member still with the famed vocal group

By Jeff Tamarkin

Tim Hauser, who co-founded the vocal quartet the Manhattan Transfer in 1969 and was its sole remaining original member, died Oct. 16. Details regarding the cause and place of death are not yet available, but Hauser’s passing was confirmed by the other members of the Manhattan Transfer—Alan Paul, Janis Siegel and Cheryl Bentyne—on the group’s Facebook page. That lineup had been undisturbed since 1978 when Bentyne replaced Laurel Massé, injured in a car accident. (Bentyne has been sidelined on occasion during the past few years as she’s undergone treatments for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.)

Schooled in classic jazz vocal harmony, swing and vocalese—they were often compared to Lambert, Hendricks and Ross in their early years—the group, named after a 1925 novel by John Dos Passos, was also immersed in ’50s doo-wop, bebop, pop, Latin and world music and other genres.

Tim Hauser, Erin Dickins, Marty Nelson, Gene Pistilli and Pat Rosali

Tim Hauser, Erin Dickins, Marty Nelson, Gene Pistilli and Pat Rosali

The original lineup—Hauser, Erin Dickins, Marty Nelson, Gene Pistilli and Pat Rosali—released its debut album, Jukin’, on Capitol Records in 1971. That lineup, which leaned as much toward the rocking good-time jug band music of the Lovin’ Spoonful as to jazz, disbanded the following year and Hauser grouped with Massé, Paul and Siegel.

That lineup signed with Atlantic Records and released the self-titled Manhattan Transfer album in 1975. Reaching back to 1940s swing but also to the girl group sound of the ’60s and to New Orleans R&B, the album included guest contributions from saxophonists David Sanborn and Zoot Sims, trumpeters Randy Brecker and Jon Faddis and other jazz luminaries of the day.

Manhattan Transfer

Manhattan Transfer

The group continued to record for Atlantic until the late 1980s, and although none of their albums rose higher than number 22 on the Billboard album chart (1981’s Mecca for Moderns), they did enjoy one Top 10 single in their cover of the Ad-Libs’ “Boy From New York City,” from the same album. That year the group won Grammys in both the jazz and pop music categories. They won a Grammy in the Best Jazz Vocal Performance, Duo or Group category the following year for their remake of the classic “Route 66.” Ultimately the Manhattan Transfer took home 10 Grammy awards in all.

The Manhattan Transfer was also a consistently popular concert draw and found a foothold on entertainment television.

After leaving Atlantic, the group signed with Columbia Records in 1991 and, in 2003, with Telarc. In 2009 they released The Chick Corea Songbook, a tribute to the keyboardist, on the Four Quarters label. The Manhattan Transfer was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1998 and was named best vocal group in the JazzTimes readers poll on several occasions.

Born in Troy, N.Y., Dec. 12, 1941, Hauser grew up in towns on the New Jersey shore, and began his singing career in Asbury Park at age 15 with a doo-wop group called the Criterions that once performed for the legendary disc jockey Alan Freed. In college Hauser sang with other vocal outfits, including one folk aggregation that included future hitmaker Jim Croce. Hauser served in the Air Force beginning in 1964 and took jobs in advertising upon his discharge, before starting the Manhattan Transfer in 1969.

Hauser released one solo album, Love Stories, in 2007.

Tim Hauser solo albumHauser underwent spinal surgery in 2013 and was absent from the group’s performances for some time.

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The Klutz in the Kitchen’s Recipe Blog – THURSDAY 16th OCTOBER 2014

Today, October 16 is World Food Day

World Food Day 2014World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on 16 October in honour of the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. It is also the Food Engineer day.

Since 1981, World Food Day has adopted a different theme each year, in order to highlight areas needed for action and provide a common focus.


World Food Day (WFD) was established by FAO’s Member Countries at the Organization’s 20th General Conference in November 1979. The Hungarian Delegation, led by the former Hungarian Minister of Agriculture and Food, Dr. Pál Romány has played an active role at the 20th Session of the FAO Conference and suggested the idea of celebrating the WFD worldwide. It has since been observed every year in more than 150 countries, raising awareness of the issues behind poverty and hunger.

The Klutz in the Kitchen is going to pay it forward today by cooking up a large pot of stoup (A thick, rich nutritious combination of a stew and soup) and dish it out to those who are in need of a good meal to celebrate World Food Day today.

In honour of World Food Day here is the recipe he has chosen;

Pork and bean stew

Pork and bean stewPreparation time: 10 min – Cooking time: 20 min – Serves 6


500g good quality, spicy pork sausages

3 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 big onion, chopped

Olive oil

2 tins of beans

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

Fresh thyme and parsley

A glass of red wine

Salt and pepper

sugar just to cut through acidity of tomato


Fried breadcrumbs or pork crackling


Remove the meat from the casings and shape into tiny little meatballs.

In a casserole pot, heat the olive oil and fry the meatballs until they are golden brown on all sides. Set aside and keep warm.

Into the same pot, sauté the onions and garlic until soft then add more olive oil if you needs be.

Add the tomato, red wine and thyme and allow to cook for about 5 minutes, just to reduce the sauce somewhat.

Add the beans and the meatballs and warm through.

To make the fried bread crumbs:

Heat some olive oil to a pan and add 1-2 cloves of crushed garlic, then add about 1 cup fresh breadcrumbs and toss until it becomes golden in colour and season with a little salt.

Serve with chopped parsley, fried breadcrumbs or crackling if you have.

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All Jazz Radio – Music News – WEDNESDAY 15th October 2014

ALL JAZZ RADIO LOGO 2014All Jazz Radio – NewsKenya: Nkulee Dube Jets-in for Dad Lucky Dube’s Anniversary Concert

By Elly Gitau

Nkulee Dube, the daughter of one of Africa’s greatest musicians of all time Lucky Dube, jetted into the country Tuesday evening ahead of her concert slated for Friday night at the Carnivore.

Lucky Dube'sHer show will be a commemoration event marking the seventh anniversary since the demise of her father. The easy-going ethno-soul, jazz, raga and reggae songstress was jovial at his first ever visit to Kenya. She expressed her feelings by taking about ten minutes after her arrival to dance with the Kenyan dancers who were specially waiting for her awaited touch-down at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

“I am so happy to be here. It’s my first time in Kenya but I already feel like home. My dad loved this country and so do I. I’m here to show love; and appreciate all the loving I’ve had from the Kenyan fans. I promise an awesome show on Friday,” she told The Star.

She was with her back-up singers Bongi Mabaso and Mary Khumalo. Nkulee is known for her 2013 hit reggae jam, Africa Awake.


Joanne Brackeen Receives BNY Mellon Jazz 2014 Living Legacy Award

BrackeenJoanne13LJazz pianist, educator, and composer Joanne Brackeen was honored with the BNY Mellon Jazz 2014 Living Legacy Award in a special ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on Friday, October 10, 2014. The Living Legacy Award honors jazz masters from the mid-Atlantic region who have achieved distinction in jazz performance and education.

Guests enjoyed a gala reception in the Kennedy Center Atrium including music by the Blues Alley Youth Orchestra Combo. In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Living Legacy Jazz Award, previous Legacy winners joined event guests for the evening, including: Kenny Barron, Roy Haynes, Jimmy Heath, Oliver Lake, Rufus Reid, Larry Ridley, and Reggie Workman. Following the Award presentation, guests were treated to 2012 Living Legacy awardee Muhal Richard Abrams and his group in a rare, Washington, D.C. performance in the Terrace Theater.

Previous Living Legacy Award winners (from 2013-1994) include Nathan Davis, Muhal Richard Abrams, Phil Woods, Roy Haynes, Dr. Frank Foster, Kenny Barron, Benny Golson, Oliver Lake, Rufus Reid, Randy Weston, Keter Betts, Jimmy Heath, Joe Kennedy, Jr., Shirley Scott, Reggie Workman, Dr. Donald Byrd, Larry Ridley, Barry Harris, Robert “Boysie” Lowery, and Clark Terry. A Millennium Award was conferred on Dr. Billy Taylor in 2000.

The BNY Mellon Jazz 2014 Living Legacy Award is a program of Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation and is sponsored by BNY Mellon with additional support from The Reva and David Logan Foundation and Amtrak – The Official Rail Sponsor of the BNY Mellon Jazz 2014 Living Legacy Award.

This program is made possible through a collaboration with the Kennedy Center.

About BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon is a global investments company dedicated to helping its clients manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle. Whether providing financial services for institutions, corporations or individual investors, BNY Mellon delivers informed investment management and investment services in 35 countries and more than 100 markets. As of June 30, 2014, BNY Mellon had $28.5 trillion in assets under custody and/or administration, and $1.6 trillion in assets under management. BNY Mellon can act as a single point of contact for clients looking to create, trade, hold, manage, service, distribute or restructure investments. BNY Mellon is the corporate brand of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (NYSE: BK). Additional information is available on www.bnymellon.com or follow us on Twitter @BNYMellon.

About Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation develops partnerships and programs that reinforce artists’ capacity to create and present work, advance access to and participation in the arts, and promote a more sustainable arts ecology. The Foundation was created in 1979 and is a private non-profit organization that isclosely allied with the region’s state arts councils and the National Endowment for the Arts. It combines funding from state and federal resources with private support from corporations, foundations, and individuals to address needs in the arts from a regional perspective. The region includes nine states and jurisdictions: The District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Virginia and West Virginia.


Femi Kuti speaks up against corruption

Femi KutiLagos – Femi Kuti, a musician and son of legendary Afro beat musician, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, on Monday, urged leaders in the country to shun corruption and implement programs that would develop the country.

Kuti made the call in an interview in Lagos, during the celebration of the 2014 edition of Felabration.

Felabration is a ceremony to celebrate the life and times of Anikulapo-Kuti, which had ‘The Amalgamation of the People of the Niger Area’ as its theme.

Anikulapo-Kuti, who founded the Afro beat genre of music in the late 1960s, achieved worldwide fame with evergreen songs like Shakara, Zombie and Water no get enemy.

Femi Kuti said if corruption was reduced, the nation would stand a good chance to meet its development goals.

”Our leaders should abstain from corruption and have the love of the masses at heart. Corruption is not only carried out by leaders alone, masses also do it. Therefore, both leaders and average citizens should shun corruption and pay attention to national development.’’ he added

On the annual celebration of Felabration, the musician said that it was meant to enlighten the masses and to brainstorm with stakeholders on the need for national development.

Felabration is to impact change on economic development. We want all sectors of the economy to get a boost, such as electricity, roads, tourism and agriculture.’’ he said.



Richard Elliot bring three decades of smooth jazz to weekend Yoshi’s shows

Richard Elliot

Richard Elliot

There’s no end of musical lessons saxophonist Richard Elliot learned in his five years with Tower of Power. That most important, he once told me in an interview, is the need to get your horn heard, even when sharing the stage with an assemblage of top-flight musicians.
”It was a baptism by fire,” Elliot said. ”Tower of Power is such a wall of sound that you either rise to the occasion or get drowned out and you’re history.”
That fate rarely befell Elliot in his time with TOP days and it’s hardly been an issue since he embarked on a solo career. Indeed, the past three decades have seen him emerge as one of contemporary jazz’s most popular acts, a sax man adept at blending the genre’s jazz, pop and R&B sensibilities into a cogent, commercial whole.
Northern California audiences can experience that signature sound for themselves Saturday as Elliot and his band perform two sets at Yoshi’s.
The tour enables Elliot to mark the 30th anniversary of Elliot’s his album, “Initial Approach,” even while featuring music from his latest, “Lip Service.” There have been 20 releases in between, predominantly solo albums (“Take to the Skies,” “Soul Embrace,” “Chill Factor,” “Metro Blue”) but with a few collaborations too (“RnR” with Rick Braun; “Summer Horns” with Dave Koz, Mindi Abair and Gerald Albright).
Raised in Southern California – his first jazz concert was a Dexter Gordon show in Redondo Beach – Elliot’s early influences also included Led Zeppelin and Genesis. By his teen years, he was touring Europe with the likes of Natalie Cole and the Pointer Sisters and backing Smokey Robinson in the studio. Stints with Melissa Manchester and the Yellowjackets preceded his years with Tower of Power.
Through the course of his solo career, Elliot has emphasized the importance of following his instincts rather than any industry or audience expectation.
”You can’t spend your life trying to second-guess (them),” Elliot said. ”I will not do something unless I’m having fun doing it.”


Angola: State of Angolan Music Considered Positive – Says Proletário

Luanda — The Angolan musician Proletário considered on Tuesday in Luanda satisfactory the quality of the current CD production, fruit of investment by the national creators of releasing to public works whose topics are worked with rigor, thus denoting devotion in the valorization, divulgence and preservation of the Angolan cultural roots.

According to the musician, who was speaking at Angop about the Angolan music, despite it has recorded a progress in terms of quality, it is necessary for a more active participation of all Angolan cultural agents and creators.

To Proletário, the Angolan creators should also invest in the research of the musical roots, of the traditional rhythm, stories and proverbs, so as to valorize further the Angolan cultural origin.

Proletário also considered necessary for the national business people to invest more in the promotion and divulgence of the Angolan cultural identity, aiming for greater development of the national music.

Born in 1957, Proletário started his music career in 1970, but he became famous in 1972/73 in Kaputo ward in Luanda, where he used to perform in Maria das Crequenhas recreational centre.


Yoshi’s San Francisco changes name

By Jim Harrington, jharrington@bayareanewsgroup.com

Say goodbye to Yoshi’s San Francisco. The venue will soon be known as The Addition.

Yoshi's San Francisco logoThe name change, which was announced Tuesday, will go into effect on Nov. 1. Organizers will then celebrate the new brand on Nov. 21 with a performance by jazz great Roy Ayers.

The 28,000-square-foot facility — located in the Fillmore District/Western Addition neighbourhood — originally opened in 2007, becoming the Bay Area’s second Yoshi’s venue. It was sold earlier this year to the Fillmore Live Entertainment Group, which continued to operate it under the Yoshi’s brand.

The Addition will host a variety of musical acts, ranging from R&B and rock to jazz and world music.

The music programming will be handled by Peter Williams, a long-time industry veteran who worked for years in the same role for Yoshi’s. More recently, Williams booked music at the Napa Valley Opera House.

The new venue’s website is www.theaddition.com, but it doesn’t go live until Oct. 16.

Yoshi's San Francisco

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PLAYLIST TUESDAY 10/14/2014 – ALL JAZZ RADIO Cape Town, South Africa

ALL JAZZ RADIO LOGO 2014PLAYLIST icon10:00 – 13:00 JAZZ RENDEZVOUS Produced and compiled by Eric Alan


10:03:03 – Lex Futshane – Up and Down – Innocent Victims and Perpetrators – SAFRO

10:13:38 – Ronny Jordan – Mackim – New Morning In Paris Live – INTERNATIONAL

10:25:53 – Tumi Mogorosi – In The Beginning – Project Elo – SAFRO

10:37:24 – Darrell Katz And The JCA Orchestra – A Better Teacher – Why Do You Ride? – INTERNATIONAL

10:48:28 – Ezra Weiss Sextet – Alabama – Before You Know It [Live in Portland] – INTERNATIONAL


11:00:37 – Tutu Puoane – Dreaming On And On – Live At De Roma – SAFRO Belgium

11:10:43 – Rob Derke + the NYJAZZ Quartet – Davey’s Dreams – Blue Divide – INTERNATIONAL

11:22:16 – Kyle Shepherd – The Seeker – Dream State CD1 – SAFRO

11:32:02 – Steve Dyer – Rituals Suite: Somewhere Beyond – Confluence – SAFRO

11:41:33 – Feya Faku + The Spirit Jazz Orchestra – Le Ngoma – Feya Faku + The Spirit Jazz Orchestra Live – SAFRO

11:50:59 – Restless Natives – MJ – Triple Volume Electric 3 – SAFRO

14:00 to 16:00 The J. B. F. SHOW, presented and compiled by Titilayo Adedokun


12:00:15 – Cyrille Aimée – It’s a Good Day – It’s a Good Day – INTERNATIONAL

12:03:13 – Gregory Porter – Feeling Good – Water (Full) – INTERNATIONAL

12:06:13 – Randy Crawford + Joe Sample – Feeling Good (Live) – Live (Featuring Steve Gadd & Nicklas Sample) – INTERNATIONAL

12:10:07 – Blues Ntaka – Nodoli – Happy Times To You – SAFRO

12:13:14 – Alicia Olatuja – Truth in Blue – Timeless – INTERNATIONAL

12:22:26 – Anna Davel – Sway – Linger Longer – SAFRO

12:24:36 – Al Jarreau – Churchyheart (Backyard Ritual) – My Old Friend Celebrating George Duke – INTERNATIONAL

12:29:18 – Deanna Bogart – Thrash Boogie – Out To Get You – INTERNATIONAL

12:32:54 – Titilayo Adedokun – Don’t Blame It On Me – Look At Me – AFRO Nigeria

12:37:14 – Jackie McLean – Don’t Blame Me – Blue Note Beach Classics Presented By José Padilla CD 2 – INTERNATIONAL

12:41:35 – You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To – Mel Torme’ – – INTERNATIONAL

12:44:25 – Manhattan – Rosemary Clooney – – INTERNATIONAL

12:49:30 – Abbey Lincoln – And It’s Supposed To Be Love – Wholly Earth – INTERNATIONAL

12:55:18 – Tony Bennett – The Lady Is A Tramp feat Lady Gaga – Duets II – INTERNATIONAL


13:00:23 – Ella Fitzgerald – Lover – The Unique Ella Fitzgerald – INTERNATIONAL

13:03:36 – The Peddlers – Lover – How Cool Is Cool [Disc 1] – INTERNATIONAL

13:10:13 – Gretchen Parlato – I Can’t Help It – In A Dream – INTERNATIONAL

13:14:56 – Abdullah Ibrahim – Barakaat – African Suite For Trio And String Orchestra – SAFRO USA

13:19:47 – Dee Daniels – Come Rain Or Come Shine – Wish Me Love – INTERNATIONAL

13:23:30 – Tutu Puoane – Signs & Symphony – Live At De Roma – SAFRO Belgium

13:32:17 – Sibongile Khumalo – Tsakewe/Royal Blue Medley – Live At The Market Theatre – SAFRO

13:41:43 – Janice Borla Group – Run Fer Yer Life – Promises to Burn – INTERNATIONAL

13:48:52 – Femi Kuti – This Is Only the Beginning – No Place for My Dream – AFRO Nigeria

13:50:32 – Torsten Goods – Berlin P.M. – Love Comes To Town – INTERNATIONAL

13:54:39 – Taj Mahal – Statesboro Blues – The Best Of Taj Mahal [2000] – BLUES

14:00 to 16:00 JAZZ-E 100% South African Jazz Produced, presented and compiled by Etienne Shardlow


Maria -Rollo Scott Strings -Whenever I Am Dreaming

My Love Won’t Fade Away -Cuppuccino & SMP Band-Come Back Home

The Pearls-Classic Jazz Masters-Stomps, Swing ‘n Blues

Loafers Corner-Orlando Seven-Township Swing Jazz! Vol 2

Rasta of the Burning Sands-Greg Hadjiyorki Georgiades & McCoy Mrubata-Vivid Afrika

Cosmic Rain-Johnny Boshoff and Friends -Featuring the Bob Zotolla Brass Quartet

What’s In A Name-James Scholfield-All Stations

Remember Lucia-Carlo Mombelli-Abstractions Retrospective 86 To 92

Ode To a Folk Song -Nicky Schrire -The End Of A Love Affair

Native Art-Steve Dyer-Native Art

get a head-Tribe-Our Language


Love Poem-Kyle Shepherd-FineArt

Ama Wa-Jazz Ministers -Buck’s Blues

One Note Samba-Dave Lithins Trio-Live At The Green Dolphin Vol 1 – Stop Look ‘n Lithin

African Dreamer -George Lee-Networking

St Louis Blues March-The Glenn Miller Orchestra SA -A Portrait of Glenn Miller

Canadian Sunset -Rollo Scott Big Band -The Start Of Something Big

Sweet Embraceable You-Ian Robertson-All That Jazz Vol 1

If I See Your Eyes (Instrumental)-Breakfast Included-Night Work Ahead

Grooven For Gnat -Bezz Martin-Kerplunk

The Nearness Of You-Michelle Robertson-A Love That Will Last

Nice and Easy -Michael McGovern with the Gerry Bosman Orchestra -One For The Girls

Katsamba-Boereqanga-Made In South Africa

Kwai-Jazz-Don Laka-IJazz Yase Kasi

16:00 to 18:00 THE MUCH, MUCH MORE MUSIC SHOW Produced and compiled by Eric Alan


16:01:19 – C’nky Siwela – Pelo Yaka (Guitar Version) – Reminiscent of the Sounds – SAFRO

16:06:11 – Jason Miles + Global Noise – Fun – Sly Reimagined master – INTERNATIONAL

16:11:02 – Resolution 88 – Doin It – Resolution 88 – INTERNATIONAL

16:16:04 – Joe DeRose and Amici – In A Moment’s Time – Peace Streets – INTERNATIONAL

16:20:56 – Brad Mehldau + Mark Guiliana – London Gloaming – Mehliana: Taming The Dragon – INTERNATIONAL

16:25:49 – Dreaming In Colour – Crosswinds – The Dream Merchant – INTERNATIONAL

16:30:47 – The Boom Yeh – Layin’ In The Cut – Revergeratons to Constellations – INTERNATIONAL

16:35:40 – Me’Shell NdegeOcello – Outside Your Door – Plantation Lullabies – INTERNATIONAL

16:40:33 – Lenski Alfred – I Belong To You – My Life – SAFRO

16:45:30 – Alexander Shulgin – Only You (Tol’ko Ty) – Triptych, Shulgin’s Songbook – Part 1 – INTERNATIONAL

16:49:27 – Denzil Africa – My One And Only Love – Woman – SAFRO

16:53:25 – Ebrahim Kalil Shihab – Start All Over Again – Gift Of Song – SAFRO


17:00:34 – Shakatak – Feels Like The Right Time – Ultimate – INTERNATIONAL

17:04:32 – N2 – Heaven – The Journey – SAFRO

17:08:32 – George Anderson – into u – Expressions – INTERNATIONAL

17:12:36 – Natalie Rungan – Out Of Today – Heart Aflame – SAFRO

17:16:38 – Rick Braun – Dr. Funkenstein – Can You Feel It – CONTEMPORARY

17:20:40 – Jimmy Dludlu – F Town Groove – Live CD 1 – AFRO Mozambique

17:24:53 – Will Ready – It’s On Tonight – Seduction – INTERNATIONAL

17:28:59 – Groove 55 – Cotton Candy (Feat. Rick Braun) – Voyage – INTERNATIONAL

17:33:06 – Universoul Tribe – Thats The Way Love Goes – Universoul Tribe – SAFRO

17:37:19 – Tizer – Autumn Sky – Diversify – INTERNATIONAL

17:41:30 – The Paul Pierce Project – The Other Man – Pierce My Heart – INTERNATIONAL

17:45:41 – Audley Reid – So They Say – On The Upside – INTERNATIONAL

17:49:56 – Al Jarreau – Lean On Me – Tribute To Al Green – INTERNATIONAL

17:54:11 – Zbonics – He Said – Time to Do Your Thing – INTERNATIONAL

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All Jazz Radio – News – MONDAY 13th October 2014

ALL JAZZ RADIO LOGO 2014News WorldNew Blues Documentary Features Up And Coming Talent

GFO Records has released a full length documentary film, Devil In My Kitchen, featuring blues recording artist, Iron Mike Norton. The film follows Iron Mike on his 2013 and 2014 tours and offers viewers an insight into the world of working blues musicians and the challenges they face. Iron Mike discusses his roots, his relationship with mentor Sonny Landreth, and his controversial take on the modern blues genre and the club scene in the United States.

Also featured in the film are various artists from across the globe including Demian Band, Deak Harp, David Dunavent & Evol Love, and Rose Ridge as well as interviews from blues historian Roger Stolle and blues enthusiast Chuck Ellis.

The film has been released to Youtube and can be viewed for free at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opG4R-YSirA


The Herald – Zimbabwe: Musicians Unite for Charity

Several popular musicians will descend on Masvingo on Saturday next week for a concert to raise funds to benefit a patient who is due to travel to India for a kidney transplant. The musical gala, being organised by the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association, will be headlined by dendera musician Suluman Chimbetu and will include gospel musicians Mathias Mhere and Sabatian Magacha.

Other performers to entertain the crowd at the show to be held at the Caravan Park will be veteran sungura singer Somandla Ndebele and gifted dancer Zoey Sifelani.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, ZAHA director general Killer Zivhu, who is also the Chivi Rural District Council chairman, said they were touched by Mollen Makoni (27)’s plight and roped in the musicians to assist in raising at least $25 000 for the trip to India.

Mollen will be accompanied by her mother Locardia and sister Tendai (20) who will donate a kidney to her.

Mollen and her mother will spend three months in India, while Tendai will be back after a month.

Zivhu through ZAHA, has provided $4300 for tickets to India for the three. Zivhu called on Zimbabweans to come forward to help Mollen regain her health and live her normal life to continue with her studies at Great Zimbabwe University where she is studying for a degree in marketing.

“As Zimbabweans, we need to love and assist each other during difficult times for the betterment of our country,” he said.

“We cannot let the poor die because they do not have money and as a leader I thought I should engage these artists to assist her with money.

“Zimbabweans must always come together in times like these and I am very confident that will be able to save Mollen’s life.”

Zivhu said Zimbabweans must emulate First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe’s philanthropic work that has benefited a lot of the underprivileged in society.

“I admire the First Lady for the good job she is doing for orphans at Mazowe, may the Lord grant the First Family their wishes in life so that they can continue to help the poor people,” he said.

Speaking while nearly shedding tears, Mollen thanked Zivhu and the musicians for coming up with a programme to help save her life.

She said she had stopped attending lessons at Great Zimbabwe University because of the adverse effects of her condition.

“I need to go for dialysis at least twice a week, I vomit each morning and my body is generally weak,” she said. “Sometimes my whole body becomes swollen and I am no longer able to walk for more than 15 minutes.”

Speaking at the press conference, Suluman, Mathias and Sabatian said they were ready to help Mollen out of her difficult situation. They called on other musicians and Zimbabweans in general to spare their time to help the suffering in their communities.

“As artists we are taking this stance on Mollen to show Zimbabweans that we also got a heart for other people,” said Suluman.

“Lets take this programme to other provinces because it will help others to know there are some who care for them.”

The musical show will run under the theme: “A dollar can save life” and under the banner of “Wezhira Ndionewo”, a programme pioneered by Zivhu to encourage those privileged to help their communities.

Those interested in helping Mollen can deposit funds in her Standard Chartered Bank account number 8700271942400 Rusape Branch under the name Mollen Ndanatsei Makoni. Funds can also be deposited into her Ecocash number 0773026314.


David Bowie Records New Single With Maria Schneider Orchestra

Jazz musicians Donny McCaslin and Ryan Keberle contribute

By Jeff Tamarkin

David Bowie has recorded a new single, called “Sue (or In A Season of Crime),” that is said to be jazz-oriented. The track was recorded this summer in New York with the Maria Schneider Orchestra, with saxophonist Donny McCaslin and trombonist Ryan Kebrle soloing. Schneider also arranged the song and co-wrote it with Bowie. The track will also be released as part of a new album, Nothing Has Changed, on Nov. 14. (The album is a collection of tracks dating as far back as 1964; “Sue” is said to be the only new track on the set.)


Tanzania Daily News (Dar es Salaam)Tanzania: Indian Fusion Elates Dar Audience

By Iman Mani

New Delhi-based eight-member ‘Soul Samvaad’ leader Murad Ali (third right and partly hidden), joins other members of the group to provide musical sounds as the traditional Kathak dancer, Mahua Shankar, displays some of the ancient dance steps, at the Indian Cultural Centre, along the Oysterbay coastline on Tuesday evening. (Photo by Iman Mani)

LOCAL music lovers were treated to a different blend of Indian Classical Culture on Tuesday evening. The New Delhi-based eight member ‘Soul Samvaad’ band had come with their blend of fusion, which kept on pumping out rhythmic sounds for well over an hour.

From the time they stepped onto the stage their unique blend of sounds, which brought Indian classical genres together with Western rhythms, flowed uninterrupted.

The United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) Representative, Natalia Kanem, told the ‘Daily News’ she loved the show and found the music to be ‘exhilarating’ because of its very “deep seeded in terms of classical culture,” set in a ‘modern’ realm at the same time.

“I could also see a lot of the spirit of international cooperation, especially when the group played a number which they called “Dar es Salaam Blues,” Kanem added. Also present was the local veteran woman activities, who co-founded the Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA) and the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), Fatma Aloo.

For her the show was ‘amazing.’ Apart from her complimentary words for the music she also noted that the single woman in the group of eight ‘reigned supreme’ for she played a leading directors role while on stage.

In effect the actual leader, Murad Ali, who plays the ‘sarangi,’ told the ‘Daily News’ before the performance, after they had finished sound checking that everybody in the band is the boss. He went on to explain that as the band’s name, Soul Samvaad, implies everybody is the boss.

The simple fact that all members have their own identity on stage, which blends together into forming one musical form, amplifies this for him.

As though to make his point clear, Ali, further explained, “Seeing that Samvaad means dialogue and soul is that inner self, the result is a dialogue of the soul.

Further, he continued this musical dialogue is between Indian and Western classical music. For him it is like experimenting with the goal of blending Indian music with Western.

That is seen and heard in the musical sounds they produce, which echoes sounds of Jazz, Rock and Soul rhythmic styles. Organisers of the concert, which were members of the Indian Culture Centre (ICC), have also reasons to be proud.

They managed to pull between 350 and 400 people to the show, along the Oysterbay peninsula. They even had a bonus seeing that the majority of the spectators were indigenous Tanzanians, who were Hindi students at the centre and their friends. They displayed their appreciation with laud cheers and applause after every number.

The meditative aspect usually associated with Indian music could be clearly heard, especially at the beginning of each song played. These formed a noticeable undercurrent that was ridden by a Jazzy, Funky, Rock rhythm and melody.

Before boarding their flight back to Delhi-India yesterday evening the musicians conducted a twohour workshop at the Department of Fine and Performing Arts Department (FPAD) of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM).


Saluting the Jazz Greats at St James Studio

The music of the jazz greats – from Scott Joplin and Benny Goodman to Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock – is celebrated at four special shows this autumn at London’s St James Studio, located in St James Theatre, Palace Street, London W1. Hosted by JBGB Events, the ‘Wonderful Music of the Jazz Greats’ series follows the successful four Jazz Divas concerts presented earlier this year and will feature the music, stories and anecdotes of these jazz legends. The Wonderful Music of Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw is on Saturday 18 October featuring clarinetist Mark Crooks with guitarist Colin Oxley, pianist John Pearce, bassist Dave Chamberlain and drummer Matt Home. Herbie Hancock’s music is honoured on 1 November with pianist Simon Browne’s Beyond Cantaloupe including trumpeter Fredie Gavita, saxophonist Kevin Flanagan, bassist Calum Gourlay and drummer Lewis Wright, while Scott Joplin and the Ragtime Masters is celebrated on 15 November by pianist and ragtime expert Keith Nichols with clarinetist Trevor Whiting and guitarist/banjoist Martin Wheatley. The series finishes with a triple-hit on 29 November when music of Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley is in the capable hands of pianist Chris Ingham’s Rebop, including trumpeter Paul Higgs, saxophonists Colin Watling and Kevin Flanagan, bassist Arnie Somogyi and drummer George Double. 

– Jon Newey

For more details visit www.stjamestheatre.co.uk

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PLAYLISTS THURSDAY 10/02/2014 – ALL JAZZ RADIO Cape Town, South Africa

PLAYLIST juke box10:00 – 14:00 JAZZ RENDEZVOUS Produced and presented by Eric Alan


10:04:57 – Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band – Does This Chart Make Me Look Phat? – Life in the Bubble – INTERNATIONAL

10:13:14 – Louis Prima Jr. + The Witnesses – Someday (Featuring Leslie Spencer) – Blow – INTERNATIONAL

10:18:18 – Dana Landry Trio – Sugar Ray – Memphis Skyline – INTERNATIONAL

10:25:14 – Andy Waddell – The 27 Club – Alive – INTERNATIONAL

10:34:03 – Arthur Barron/Dave Liebman/Abel Pabon – 03 Jinnistan – The Miami Jazz Project – INTERNATIONAL

10:41:11 – John David Simon – Black Diamond – Phantasm – INTERNATIONAL

10:48:15 – Frank Kimbrough – Herbivore – Quartet – INTERNATIONAL

10:52:41 – Larry Corban + The Aperturistic Trio – Event Horizon – The Corbanator – INTERNATIONAL

10:59:46 – Alicia Olatuja – Human Nature – Timeless – INTERNATIONAL


Jazz Rendezvous11:04:24 – Mike Longo – Love For Sale – The Mike Longo Trio Celebrates Oscar Peterson LIVE – INTERNATIONAL

11:10:58 – David Basse – That’s Life – David Basse The Hero And The Lover, The Hermit, The Dictator, The Wise Woman And The Fool – INTERNATIONAL

11:15:46 – Darrell Katz And The JCA Orchestra – Riding a Bicycle – Why Do You Ride? – INTERNATIONAL

11:21:29 – Mark Elf – Titillating – Mark Elf Returns – INTERNATIONAL

11:28:08 – Outhead – Uncle Ho – Send This Sound to the King – INTERNATIONAL

11:34:23 – MOPDtK (Mostly Other People Do the Killing) – Blue in Green – Blue – INTERNATIONAL

11:39:39 – Language 12 – Klipdrift Cinderella – Maji Maji In The Land Of Milk & Honey – SAFRO

11:45:48 – Audrey Martin – Living Room – Living Room – INTERNATIONAL

11:50:57 – Auction Project – Marquis of Huntley – Slink – INTERNATIONAL

11:59:59 – Ezra Weiss Sextet – Alabama – Before You Know It [Live in Portland] – INTERNATIONAL


12:11:11 – Chris Walden Big Band – Ride Like The Wind – Full-On! – INTERNATIONAL

12:15:04 – Torsten Goods – Unlucky Like Me – Love Comes To Town – INTERNATIONAL

12:18:46 – The Mark Lomax Trio – Resurrection – Isis & Osiris – INTERNATIONAL

12:23:36 – Dan Moretti + The Hammond Boys – Shuffle Twist – Live At Chan’s – INTERNATIONAL

12:29:12 – Beat Funktion – Budo – Mandy’s Secret – INTERNATIONAL

12:35:47 – Christian Tamburr – That’s All – Voyage – INTERNATIONAL

12:41:15 – Mack Avenue Super Band – Of Mars and Venus – Live from the Detroit Jazz Festival – 2013 – INTERNATIONAL

12:47:59 – Christian Tamburr – It Rained Again Tonight – Voyage – INTERNATIONAL

12:52:41 – Orrin Evans Octet – A Free Man? – Liberation Blues – INTERNATIONAL

1300 – 14:00 TODD’S TURNTABLE Presented by Todd Gordon from Edinburgh, Scotland out of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Todd's TT Clock with NameSMOKING

Intro: A Little White Ship – Todd Gordon: Love dot com (Stem Label)

My Last Cigarette – k d lang: Drag

Smoke Rings – The Mills Brothers: London Rhythm

Black Coffee – Julie London: Around Midnight

Smoking Gun – Mads Mathias: Free Falling

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – Dinah Washington: Dinah

Don’t Smoke In Bed – Peggy Lee: Is That All There Is?

These Foolish Things – Nat King Cole: Let’s Face the Music

Smoke Dreams – k d lang: Drag

Coffee, Cigarettes and Memories – Jeri Southern: Coffee, Cigarettes and Memories

London By Night – Frank Sinatra: Come Fly with Me

Drinking Again – Aretha Franklin: Unforgettable (A Tribute to Dinah Washington)

When the World Was Young – June Christy: Gone for the Day

Dream – The Pied Pipers: Dream

I’m So Tired – The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album)

Gone with the Wind – Ella In Berlin

Smoke Rings – k d lang: Drag

Outro: Holding On – Todd Gordon: Love dot com (Stem Label)

14:00 – 16:00 JAZZ-E 100% South African Jazz Show Presented and Produced by Etienne Shardlow from Johannesburg, ZA.

Jazz-E Logo RecordHOUR 1

Eghard Volschenk-In Your Own Sweet Way-Mantra For Chandra

Elvy K. K.-ke Mamabolo -Ke Mamabolo

Jaco Maria-Mtfombeni-The Storyteller

Jazz Dazzlers-Fika Swanee-Township Swing Jazz! Vol 2

The Glenn Miller Orchestra SA -A String of Pearls-A Portrait of Glenn Miller

The Heshoo Beshoo Group-Wait and See-Armitage Road

Kevin Clark-Sikelele uMandela-Once Upon A Song I Flew

Barbora Tellinger-Everything I Need-Live at the Musaion A Jazz Recital

Ike Moriz-What A Difference A Day Made-Angel Eyes

Linda Kekana-The Aftermath-Rebirth

Estelle Kokot-See You on Sunday-Information

Roy Hargrove Big Band-Velera-Emergence

Graham Burton-Paper Moon-Live at the Nuthouse

Sisa Sopazi-Nomthandazo-Images & Figures


Etienne Shardlow

Etienne Shardlow

Natascha Roth-Moon And Sand-Soulfood

Allou April-Madiba’s Jive-Freedom Jazz: The Sound of the New South Africa

The Soul Giants-I Remember Nick-I Remember Nick

Diana Landor with the Gerry Collins Orchestra-Fame -So Nice

David Hewitt-Nomkhitha (She Who Turns Men’s Heads)-Sound Offerings From South Africa, Vol. 2 [Disc 2]

Father Huddleston Band-Ndenzeni Na-Township Swing Jazz Vol 1

Boereqanga-Amarula-Made In South Africa

Mike Bere-Blessed Assurance-Friend of the Wounded

Bheki Mseleku-Angola-Celebration

Richard Ceasar-Mmabatho-Welcome Into My World

Gerry Bosman Quintet-Two Guitars -Stella By Starlight

Karen Zoid-Maak nie regtig saak nie-All Daai Jazz

The Copenhagen Jazzharmonics-More Jazzy Love-The Copenhagen Jazzharmonics – Single

16:00 – 18:00 VAGABOND BLUES Presented and Produced by Brian Currin

vagabond blues band LogoHOUR 1

16:00:49 – Flash Cadillac + The Continental Kids – Did You Boogie (With Your Baby) with Wolfman Jack – YouTube – BLUES

16:03:39 – Blues Dragon – I Got The Blues For You – Blues Dragon – BLUES

16:07:34 – Pinetop Perkins – Pinetop’s New Boogie Woogie (piano duet with Marcia Ball) – Ladies Man – BLUES

16:12:39 – Creedence Clearwater Revival – Keep On Chooglin’ – Bayou Country – BLUES

16:20:17 – Otis Spann – I’m In Love With You, Baby – Blues Festival [1990] – BLUES

16:22:58 – Rory Gallagher – A Million Miles Away – Tattoo – BLUES

16:30:01 – Keith Emerson – Honky Tonk Train Blues – Works Vol.2 [1977] – BLUES

16:33:08 – Keef Hartley – Roundabout – no title – BLUES

16:39:14 – Little Richard – Little Richard’s Boogie – Little Richard Boogie – BLUES

16:42:46 – Louis Jordan + His Tympany Five – Boogie Woogie Blue Plate – The Best Of Jump & Jive – 26 Wild, Cool & Crazy Jump & Jive Hits [1999] – BLUES

16:45:32 – Etta Britt – Leap Of Faith (featuring Delbert McClinton) – Out Of The Shadows – BLUES

16:49:48 – Blood, Sweat and Tears – Same Old Blues – Brand New Day – BLUES

16:52:58 – Falling Mirror – Hammerhead Hotel (2006 mix) – Hammerhead Hotel (2006 remix) – BLUES SAFRO

16:56:57 – Bonnie Raitt – Thing Called Love – Nick Of Time – BLUES


Brian Currin

Brian Currin

17:03:50 – Grand Funk Railroad – Mean Mistreater – Closer To Home – BLUES

17:08:16 – Eric Clapton + Steve Winwood – Glad (live 2008) – Live From Madison Square Garden – BLUES

17:12:47 – Eric Gales + Norris Johnson – Me And The Devil Blues – Hellhound On My Trail The Songs Of Robert Johnson – BLUES

17:18:08 – Ten Years After – Goin’ Back To Birmingham – The Essential Ten Years After Collection – BLUES

17:20:44 – Amos Milburn – Chicken Shack Boogie (1956 recording, fast version) – Let The Good Times Roll – BLUES

17:23:47 – Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind – 24 Electric Blues Hits [1990] – BLUES

17:26:20 – First Aid Kit – (When Things Go Wrong) It Hurts Me Too (with Jack White) – Universal Soldier (7″ Vinyl) Third Man Records – BLUES

17:29:17 – The Animals – House Of The Rising Sun – The Singles Plus – BLUES

17:33:43 – Hank Williams, Jr. – Born To Boogie – That’s How They Do It In Dixie: The Essential Collection [2006] – BLUES

17:36:27 – Gov’t Mule – Towering Fool – Dose – BLUES

17:42:54 – Howlin’ Wolf – I’m The Wolf – Smokestack Lightning: The Complete Chess Masters 1951-1960 CD 2 – INTERNATIONAL

17:45:40 – Piet Botha – Blues Vir Louise – Jan Skopgraaf – BLUES SAFRO

17:50:43 – Johnny Winter – Honky Tonk (Featuring Edgar Winter on Sax) – Roots – BLUES

17:55:16 – Southbound – Steamroller Blues – Ahead of Steam – BLUES

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The All Jazz Radio Great Southern Suburbs Best Pub Lunch search is underway.

The All Jazz Radio Great Southern Suburbs Best Pub Lunch search is underway.

Where does one find the Best Pub Lunch in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town?

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PLAYLIST WEDNESDAY 09/24/2014 – ALL JAZZ RADIO Cape Town, South Africa

Heritage Month 24 septThis day was Heritage Day in South Africa and we have play-listed all South African music in all the locally (SAFRO) produced programs.

10:00 – 14:00 JAZZ RENDEZVOUS Produced and presented by Eric Alan

Jazz RendezvousHOUR 1

10:04:51 – C’nky Siwela – Lerothodi – Reminiscent of the Sounds – SAFRO

10:09:12 – Universoul Tribe – Misty Cape Town – Universoul Tribe – SAFRO

10:14:14 – Denzil Africa – Close To You – Woman – SAFRO

10:18:54 – CueCumber Jazz – African Confusion – African Confusion – SAFRO

10:22:58 – Jonathan Butler – Living My Dream – Living My Dream – SAFRO USA

10:26:44 – Bongani Sotshononda – The Journey – Indigenous Jazz – SAFRO

10:30:43 – N2 – Along The N2 – The Journey – SAFRO

10:34:15 – Mervyn Africa – 7th Avenue – Remember the Carnival – SAFRO

10:37:23 – Natalie Rungan – Come Dance – Heart Aflame – SAFRO

10:43:20 – Ultra Natives – We Are All Together – Ultra Natives – SAFRO

10:46:54 – Lex Futshane – Z + X = Makwedini – Innocent Victims and Perpetrators – SAFRO

10:51:43 – Tshepo Mngoma – Migration Song (Featuring Hugh Masekela) – Journey – INTERNATIONAL

10:56:13 – Ebrahim Kalil Shihab – I believe in You – Gift Of Song – SAFRO


11:00:34 – Lenski Alfred – My Soul is Satisfied – My Life – SAFRO

11:04:35 – Julia Lamberti – Going Out Of My Head – Julia Lamberti – SAFRO

11:07:47 – Jimmy Mngwandi – So Where To? Soweto! – African Desert – SAFRO

11:12:16 – Barbora Tellenger – Honeysuckle Rose – Live 2012 – SAFRO

11:20:59 – Kyle Shepherd – Dream State – Dream State CD1 – SAFRO

11:25:38 – Nicky Schrire – Fall Apart – To The Spring – SAFRO UK

11:29:56 – Abdullah Ibrahim – The Stars will Remember – Mukashi – SAFRO USA

11:34:24 – Sisa Sopazi – Nomthandazo – Images & Figures – SAFRO

11:38:48 – Ian Okkers – Rescue – Pleasant Places – SAFRO

11:43:12 – Tete’s Big Band – Black Heroes – Soweto Blues – SAFRO

11:47:46 – Language 12 – Dance Of The Painted Faces – Maji Maji In The Land Of Milk & Honey – SAFRO

11:55:52 – Richard Ceasar – Welcome Into my World – Evolve – SAFRO


12:00:26 – Nancy Jacobs And Her Sisters – Meadowlands – Soweto Blues – SAFRO

12:02:48 – Titilayo Adedokun – Three Little Sisters (Acoustic) – Look At Me – AFRO Nigeria

12:06:39 – Feya Faku + The Spirit Jazz Orchestra – Zion – Feya Faku + The Spirit Jazz Orchestra Live – SAFRO

12:12:58 – Tshepo Mngoma – Rise Africa – Journey – INTERNATIONAL

12:15:59 – Steve Newman, Lee Thomson + Ashish Joshi – Around – Live in Cape Town – SAFRO

12:19:10 – Gary Thomas – Netherhead – My Memory’s Death – SAFRO

12:23:23 – Dan Shout – Etosha – In With A Shout – SAFRO

12:30:26 – Joe Bonner + Johnny Dyani – Copenhagen Revisited – Suburban Fantasies – SAFRO Germany

12:38:44 – Reza Khota – Night Portrait – Transmutation – SAFRO

12:47:31 – Lex Futshane – Eh! Hello – Innocent Victims and Perpetrators – SAFRO

12:51:38 – Steve Dyer – Re Filwe – Confluence – SAFRO

12:56:53 – Carlo Mombelli – The dancers of the Melville koppies – Stories – SAFRO

13:00 to 14:00 THE LATIN PERSPECTIVE Produced, presented and by Tony Vasquez out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Tony Vaquez latin perspective1.) Panchito  Hasta siempre resurrecion World Fusion Music
2.) Elio Villafranca-  Sunday Stomp at Conga Square-  Caribbean Tinge-  Motema
3.) Spanish Harlem Orchestra Rumba urbana –  Viva La Tradicion – Concord-Picante
4.) Chano Dominguez All Blues Flamenco Sketches   Blue Note
5.) Ali Bello Amare Connection Zoho
6.) Cal Tjader Afro-Blue The Best of cal Tjader Montery Records

7.)Jose Rizo’s Mongorama   Skins Baila Que Baila  Sangu

8) Steve Khan  Hackensack Subtex  Shrapnel Records

9.) Luis Conte Yoruba Paradise Black Forest  Denon

14:00 – 16:00 THE MIDWEEK JAZZ MELANGE Presented and Produced by Nodoxy Nododana Hadebe

Ndoxy behind micHOUR 1

14:21:48 – McCoy Mrubata – Discovery – Icamagu Livumle – SAFRO

14:30:20 – Katrina Fountain – Hungry Days – DIplomatic Incident – SAFRO

14:38:20 – Julian Bahula – Mamelodi Mood – Wind Of Change – SAFRO UK

14:46:24 – Uhambo – This Time – This Time – SAFRO Norway

14:54:28 – The Blue Heads – Igoli – The Music Of Gerard Sekoto – SAFRO

14:02:28 – Hugh Masekela – Sister Fana – Playing @ Work CD 2 – SAFRO

14:12:10 – Sipho Gumede – Posistive Energy – 20 Years Of Life: Live @ The Bassline – SAFRO


15:00:28 – Vusi Khumalo – Turning Point – Reasons For Seasons CD 2 – SAFRO

15:05:24 – Derrick Schippers – Buye Ekhaya – Where We Live – SAFRO

15:10:23 – Hotep Idris Galeta and the Cape Town Digital Jazz Band – Montuno for Molelekwa – Funkin’ for Obama – SAFRO

15:18:27 – Sylvester Mazinyane – Unsung Heroes – Down South – SAFRO

15:26:27 – Brian Thusi – ’87 September – Furure Talk – SAFRO

15:34:26 – Rob Blaine – God’s Window – Pure Intuition – SAFRO

15:42:18 – Spectrum 4 Jazz Ensemble – Old TALES – Uncommon – AFRO Nigeria

15:50:12 – Concord Nkabinde – Africa Ya Uya – Live In Jo’burg, South Africa – SAFRO

16:00 – 18:00 THE SUNDOWN SHOW Compiled and Produced by Eric Alan

Eric Alan

Eric Alan


16:01:14 – Jimmy Dludlu – The Man Who Lost His Shadow – Live CD 1 – AFRO Mozambique

16:11:35 – Restless Natives – Gospel FM – Triple Volume Electric 3 – SAFRO

16:20:52 – Herbie Mann – My Girl – Live in Africa African Mann – SAFRO USA

16:33:30 – Robbie Jansen + Sons Of Table Mountain – Manenberg … (Is Where It’s Happening) – Cape Jazz Classics – Live – SAFRO

16:45:11 – Rise – Sunrise – Rise – SAFRO

16:55:51 – Tony Drake – Summerbreeze – Breeze – SAFRO


17:00:41 – Jonas Gwangwa – Flowers Of The Nation – Live at the Standard Bank International Jazz Festival – SAFRO

17:10:25 – Hotep Idris Galeta and the Cape Town Digital Jazz Band – Cape Town after Midnite – Funkin’ for Obama – SAFRO

17:20:32 – Sibongile Khumalo – Life Is Going On – Live At The Market Theatre – SAFRO

17:30:41 – Kusasa – Freedom – Freedom – SAFRO

17:39:21 – ESP Band – Cape To Cairo – Taxi 1022 – SAFRO

17:47:36 – Tim Hoare – Cruising – Cape Mystique – SAFRO

17:53:10 – Kani Naidoo – Shanty Town – Restless – SAFRO

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PLAYLIST MONDAY 09/22/2014 – ALL JAZZ RADIO Cape Town, South Africa


10:00 – 13:00 JAZZ RENDEZVOUS Produced, presented and compiled by Eric Alan

2012  Jazz Rendezvous Logo topleftHOUR 1

10:04:28 – Alicia Olatuja – Truth in Blue – Timeless – INTERNATIONAL

10:12:33 – Mike Longo – Tenderly – The Mike Longo Trio Celebrates Oscar Peterson LIVE – INTERNATIONAL

10:19:57 – David Basse – Trio – David Basse The Hero And The Lover, The Hermit, The Dictator, The Wise Woman And The Fool – INTERNATIONAL

10:23:54 – Frank Kimbrough – Afternoon In Paris – Quartet – INTERNATIONAL

10:31:21 – Larry Corban + The Aperturistic Trio – You Stepped Out of a Dream – The Corbanator – INTERNATIONAL

10:37:05 – Darrell Katz And The JCA Orchestra – Sticks and Stones – Why Do You Ride? – INTERNATIONAL

10:43:42 – MOPDtK (Mostly Other People Do the Killing) – So What – Blue – INTERNATIONAL

10:52:31 – Mark Elf – Jacky’s Jaunt – Mark Elf Returns – INTERNATIONAL


11:00:31 – Audrey Martin – Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye – Living Room – INTERNATIONAL

11:05:17 – Chris Walden Big Band – I Can Cook Too – Full-On! – INTERNATIONAL

11:10:21 – Auction Project – Bear Island Reel – Slink – INTERNATIONAL

11:18:40 – Language 12 – That Day She Left – Maji Maji In The Land Of Milk & Honey – SAFRO

11:26:38 – Ezra Weiss Sextet – Jessie’s Song – Before You Know It [Live in Portland] – INTERNATIONAL

11:33:35 – Torsten Goods – You Wind Me Up – Love Comes To Town – INTERNATIONAL

11:37:38 – The Mark Lomax Trio – Osiris – Isis & Osiris – INTERNATIONAL

11:45:45 – Beat Funktion – Port Arthur – Mandy’s Secret – INTERNATIONAL

11:51:28 – Dan Moretti & The Hammond Boys – Moanin’ – Live At Chan’s – INTERNATIONAL


12:00:11 – The Stanley Clarke Band – I Have Something To Tell You Tonight – Up – INTERNATIONAL

12:06:33 – Christian Tamburr – Wonderwall – Voyage – INTERNATIONAL

12:10:47 – The Sean Jones Quartet – How High The Moon – Im.Pro.Vise Never Seen Before – INTERNATIONAL

12:17:13 – Eliana Cuevas – Nueva Vida – Espejo – INTERNATIONAL

12:20:55 – Mack Avenue Super Band – Relativity – Live from the Detroit Jazz Festival – 2013 – INTERNATIONAL

12:30:37 – David Ullmann – You Can’t Go Back – Corduroy – INTERNATIONAL

12:35:58 – Myriad3 – For All The World – The Where – INTERNATIONAL

12:39:36 – Rodney Whitaker – Lost In You Again – When We Find Ourselves Alone – INTERNATIONAL

12:44:22 – Reynold Philipsek – Astoria – Astoria – INTERNATIONAL

12:48:41 – Kevin Cline – Umbrella Sunglasses and Gloves – Make Up Your Mind – INTERNATIONAL

12:52:38 – Mitch Shiner + the Bloomingtones Big Band – Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head – Fly! – INTERNATIONAL

13:00 to 14:00 THE LATIN PERSPECTIVE Produced, presented and by Tony Vasquez out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Latin Perspective copy1.) Ann Reynolds Clave GringaSongo BorrachoPara Cuba Con Amor That Music moves

2.) Steve Kroon Phantom of The Island     On The one                       Kroontune

3.) David Valentin Hummingbird     Pure Imagination                 High Note*

4.) Arturo O’ Farrill and    Mercado En Domingo The Offense of the Drum       Motema

The Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra

5.) Daniel Ponce   Oferere       Chango Te Llama                   Mango Records

6.) The Marty Sheller Ensemble           Mahjong   Why Deny                       PVR records

7.) Jack Gates The Voyage                 Voyage of the troubadour         Jack Gates

8.) Chico Alvarez La clave, Maraca, y guiro     Putumayo presents Latin Jazz     Putumayo

14:00 to 16:00 TAKE 5 & THEN SOME Produced and compiled by Eric Alan


14:01:47 – Beat Funktion – Thunderlips – Mandy’s Secret – INTERNATIONAL

14:06:29 – The Stanley Clarke Band – I Have Something To Tell You Tonight – Up – INTERNATIONAL

14:12:57 – Denzil Africa – Close To You – Woman – SAFRO

14:17:34 – Airborne (USA) – Autumn Love – New Horizons – INTERNATIONAL

14:22:44 – Cecilia Noël – Cars – Havana Rocks – INTERNATIONAL

14:25:51 – RL Walker AKA Smoothnsaxy – Summer Swag (Radio Edit) – Ear Relevance – INTERNATIONAL

14:29:20 – Al Rea – Forever You – Visions of Love – INTERNATIONAL

14:32:49 – Dreaming In Colour – Chromatic – The Dream Merchant – INTERNATIONAL

14:37:30 – Alexander Shulgin – Only You (Tol’ko Ty) – Triptych, Shulgin’s Songbook – Part 1 – INTERNATIONAL

14:41:27 – C’nky Siwela – Lerothodi – Reminiscent of the Sounds – SAFRO

14:45:59 – CueCumber Jazz – African Confusion – African Confusion – SAFRO

14:50:03 – Al Jarreau – SomeBossa (Summer Breezin’) – My Old Friend Celebrating George Duke – INTERNATIONAL

14:54:26 – Me’Shell NdegeOcello – Shoot’n Up And Gett’n High – Plantation Lullabies – INTERNATIONAL

14:59:24 – Jonathan Butler – Living My Dream – Living My Dream – SAFRO USA


15:03:10 – Harvey Mason – If I Ever Lose This Heaven – Chameleon – INTERNATIONAL

15:09:03 – Weather Report – Delores/Portrait of Tracy/third Stone from the Sun (live) – Live in Offenbach 1978 – INTERNATIONAL

15:18:51 – Mervyn Africa – 7th Avenue – Remember the Carnival – SAFRO

15:21:59 – Natalie Rungan – Come Dance – Heart Aflame – SAFRO

15:27:51 – George Anderson – Moments – Positivity – INTERNATIONAL

15:32:11 – N2 – Along The N2 – The Journey – SAFRO

15:35:42 – Jimmy Dludlu – New Church Street – Live CD 1 – AFRO Mozambique

15:41:12 – Bongani Sotshononda – The Journey – Indigenous Jazz – SAFRO

15:45:10 – Universoul Tribe – Misty Cape Town – Universoul Tribe – SAFRO

15:50:12 – Shakatak – Lady – Ultimate CD 1 – INTERNATIONAL

15:53:21 – Dave Reynolds – Where the Sky Touches… – The Light of Day – SAFRO

16:03:02 – Feya Faku – Ububele – Hommage – SAFRO

16:00 to 18:00 JAZZ AROUND THE WORLD Produced, presented and compiled by Wolfgang König out of Berlin Germany.

Jazz Around the WorldHOUR 1

Lagos Baby-Fela Kuti-Lagos Baby-Vampisoul

Viva Nigeria-Fela Kuti-The ’69 Los Angeles Sessions-Stern’s

Witchcraft-Fela Kuti-The ’69 Los Angeles Sessions-Stern’s

Ako -Fela Kuti-The ’69 Los Angeles Sessions-Stern’s

Funky Horn-Fela Kuti-The ’69 Los Angeles Sessions-Stern’s

Let’s Start-Fela Kuti & Ginger Baker-LIVE-Movie Play Gold

Egbe Mi O-Fela Kuti & Ginger Baker-LIVE-Movie Play Gold

Blackman’s Cry-Fela Kuti & Ginger Baker-LIVE-Movie Play Gold

Roforofo Fight-Fela Kuti-The Two Sides Of Fela-Barclay


J’Ehin J’Ehin-Fela Kuti-Fela’s London Scene-Stern’s

Who’re You-Fela Kuti-Fela’s London Scene-Stern’s

Jeun Ko Ku-Fela Kuti-Afrodisiac-Regal Zonophone

Igbe-Fela Kuti-Gentleman-Creole Records

Gentleman-Fela Kuti-Gentleman-Creole Records

Shuffering And Shmiling-Fela Kuti-Music Is The Weapon-WMD


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New show and Presenter on All Jazz Radio every Tuesday

New show on the roster The J. B. F. Show (Jazz, Blues, Fusion) presented by Opera, Jazz, Blues, Musicals and Crossover singer Titilayo Adedokun recently from Munch, Germany and now resident in Cape Town with her lawyer husband and family

Titilayo Adedokun singing heart out

Titilayo Rachel Adedokun was born in Nashville, Tennessee, USA to parents of Nigerian origin. A former Miss Ohio and Second Runner-up to Miss America, Ms. Adedokun’s talent and experience span different musical genres from classical, musicals and spirituals to jazz, blues, Latin and African music. She is known for her versatility, her range and her unparalleled ability to captivate an audience.


A graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music in Ohio, USA, she worked with director Franco Zeffirelli in the title role of his production of “Aida” at Teatro Verdi in Busseto, Italy, on the centennial celebration of Verdi’s death. She has also performed with the late Adolph Greene and Betty Comden, (50 Years of Comden and Greene), as well as with Lauren Bacall and Tommy Tune. In Italy, she collaborated in concerts and CD recordings with jazz composer and pianist, Giorgio Gaslini.

Titilayo Adedokun sexy red shirt

She has toured Europe with several productions including Musetta in “La Boheme”, Kate in “Kiss Me Kate”, soloist in “Night Fever: Die Gala Der FilmMusicals” and as Billie Holiday in the JazzMusical „Ella & Billie. She is often featured as soloist with “The Wine & Roses Swing Orchestra”.


Her new CD “Look at Me”, a self-produced and mostly self-composed album, showcases her musical diversity with influences ranging from jazz, blues, Yoruba songs (from Nigeria) to songs inspired by her “three little girls”.

For more info go to www.titilayoadedokun.com

Titilayo Adedokun Name Plate

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Gig News

2014 Support Local Music

Titilayo Adedokun behind the mic

Titilayo Adedokun

The vivacious Titilayo Adedokun and her Quartet will be performing this Saturday, September 6th from 8:30pm and 10pm at Cape Town’s Straight No Chaser Jazz Club. Titilayo will be accompanied by  Andrew Lilley at the piano, Graham Strickland on the double bass and Maurice Gawronsky playing the drums. Enjoy a convivial evening of wonderful music sung by this warm and charming American/Nigerian vocalist, now a resident of Cape Town, the Jazz Capital of Africa.


Straght No Chaser Cape Town

Straight No Chaser, 79 Buitenkant Street (next to Diva’s pizza), Cape Town.
Booking is essential via phone or sms on 076 679 2697
Doors open at 7pm Shows are at 8:30pm and 10:30pm (Tuesday – Saturday) Two Sets
The cost is R60 for a single set and R100 for both performances. Student rates are available at R40 (with student card) for one show and R70 for both.


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Todays Music Quote

Carla Bley at piano

Listening is more important than anything because that’s what music is. Somebody is playing something & you’re receiving it.

Carla Bley

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Kyle Shepherd Trio Dream State CD Cape Town Launch

Kyle Shepherd Header The Cape Town launch concert of the Kyle Shepherd Trio’s Double Album ‘Dream State’ will happen on Friday 29 August 2014 at UCT’s SA College of Music. The launch of ‘Dream State’ marks the 5-year Anniversary of Shepherd’s much-lauded Trio. The concert, presented by fineART Music and generously sponsored by Ultra Event Technical Solutions and Dunstone Wines features Shepherd, the 2014 Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year Award (SBYA) winner for Jazz and African News Network, ANN7’s 2014 Young South African of the Year Award Nominee, on piano, together with two of South Africa’s most celebrated musicians, namely, Shane Cooper – the 2013 SBYA recipient – on double bass and Jonno Sweetman on drums.


Kyle Shepherd's Dream State

Kyle Shepherd’s Dream State

‘Dream State’, a 21-track double disc album of Shepherd’s original compositions, features Shepherd on piano, Shane Cooper on double bass and Jonno Sweetman on drums. The pre-eminent SA saxophonist, Buddy Wells, features on five of the tracks. In this studio recording, the Trio, rather magnificently captures the fluidity, intensity and inventiveness of its live performances that has entranced audiences across South Africa and abroad. View the Official ‘Dream State’ EPK Video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtOj4D_ZUaw

In her review of the official launch concert held at the Wits Great Hall in Johannesburg on 26 July 2014, revered Jazz music journalist, author and historian, Gwen Ansell, wrote in Business Day that “Repeat listening to the same material on record underlines what a distinctive voice Shepherd now has. Those fragments of musical home that have always characterised his compositions and playing are still there; the reworkings, though, are often unexpected and subtle, emerging from a modern and personal pianism that isn’t in anybody’s shadow. Dream State joins an impressive 2014 list of albums of the year.” In the album’s liner notes, renowned arts journalist, Percy Mabandu succinctly described the ethos of the trio in this way: “There’s a palpable connectedness they share as players, a connection that also touches attuned audiences at their live performances too. This band is on a search for more than beautiful notes. They are asking more of the music. Its corporeal and ethereal aspects are invoked into the simultaneous sound ritual. Each performance takes on the nature of a meditation and as Zim Ngqawana said, ‘the music must lead us towards ourselves’. ”

Kyle-Shepherd-1-320x200‘Dream State’ which was recorded by Peter Auret at the Sumo Sound Recording Studio, mixed by Pål Svenre (Sweden) and mastered by Tim Lengfeld at TL Mastering, is the 27-year old pianist’s 4th Album. His previous critically acclaimed releases, ‘fineART’, ‘A Portrait of Home’ and South African History !X, have all garnered South African Music Award nominations. Since the release of his debut album in 2009, Shepherd’s international career has advanced remarkably with performances, either as a solo pianist or trio, quartet and other formats in France, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Denmark, South Africa at The Cape Town International Jazz Festival and The Joy of Jazz Festival, Zimbabwe at The Harare International Festival – HIFA, China and India. The twenty-seven year old virtuoso pianist will embark on a Solo Piano Tour of Japan in September 2014 which will include a performance at the prestigious Tokyo International Jazz Festival, Japan on Sunday, 07 September 2014; after which he heads for the USA with Kesivan & The Lights for a show at Carnegie Hall, New York on the 30th of October 2014. The Kyle Shepherd Trio is billed to play at The Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival, Sandton, on 27 September 2014.

Copies of the new CD will be on sale at the launch concert and will be also be available at most major retail stores in South Africa and downloadable via all major digital platforms worldwide, during August 2014. Poster & CD Artwork & Design by Brandan Reynolds. Attached photograph by Ference Isaacs.

CONCERT INFO: – Date: Friday, 29 August 2014 – Time: 20:30 – Duration: 80 min (one set only) – Venue: UCT, SA College of Music (behind the Baxter Theatre), Lower Campus, off Woolsack Drive, Rondebosch, Cape Town.

RESERVATIONS: Pre-Book & Pay Online at QUICKET http://www.quicket.co.za/events/6102-kyle-shepherd-trio-39dream-state39-cd-launch-in-cape-town

and only pay R90.00*! * Quicket adds a service fee of R3.90 to each ticket (capped at R10 per transaction) OR To Book and Pay R100.00 entry fee in CASH at Door please visit the Booking Form at www.kyleshepherd.co.za/?page_id=614

OR Call 072 351 5204! [Seating Unreserved]

ENQUIRIES: All enquiries including biography, interview requests, high resolution images: Theo. Lawrence (fineART Music): Mobile 072 351 5204, E-mail: fineartmusic@gmail.com

or via www.kyleshepherd.co.za

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Jazz Neon

Good music doesn’t have an expiration date. Support local music.


Jazz Keep calm Listen

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Seddik Zebiri, Seeds of Creation At London African Music Festival

Seddik Zebiri and Seeds of Creation

Seddik Zebiri and Seeds of Creation

Algerian singer and his group “Seeds of Creation” will participate alongside about fifty African groups in the 12th London African Music Festival which will take place from 19 to 28 September, said the event’s organizers.

“Seeds of creation, ” which will present songs from its jazz, afro-blues, reggae and Kabyle musical repertoire, will represent Algeria in this festival together with “Casbah Blues” and talented pianist Kad Achouri.

Algerian traditional outfits, typical music instruments, like the mandole and some traditional and modern percussion instruments, are among the assets of “Seeds of Creation, ” created in 1979 by Seddik Zebiri who left Algeria in 1970.

His album “Hackney Vibes, ” released in 2012 and includes nine titles including “Berber Emotion, ” was a great success.

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Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Group Live at Typhoon Aug. 26th

Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Group

Directed by Brent Fischer Live at Typhoon! Tuesday, August 26th, 2014, 8:00 & 9:30PM. Typhoon – L.A.’s Premier Pan-Asian Restaurant (3221 Donald Douglas Loop South, Santa Monica, CA


Music for Strings, Percussion and the Rest

Dr. Clare Fischer – Producer, Composer, Conductor

Brent Fischer – Producer, Composer, Conductor

Gary Foster – Conductor

Catalog Number: CR201309

UPC Code: 888174205687

Track Listings – All compositions by Dr. Clare Fischer except where noted

1. Pensamientos for Solo Alto Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra 13:45

2. Miniature 4:15

3. Realización for String Orchestra 19:12

4. Interlude for Piano 3:59

5. Two for the Road (Mancini Arr. Clare Fischer) 2:38

6. Weekend in Stockholm (Brent Fischer) 5:12

7. Coming Home 2:18

8. Reflection for Piano 5:15

9. Retrograde Orbits for Vibraphone (Brent Fischer) 3:51

10. Suddenly (Arr. Brent Fischer ) 5:17

1 1. A Moment of Silence 6:15


Catalog Number: CFP012201

UPC Code: 634479511127

Label: Clavo Records

Release Date: 2/25/2014

Suite for Cello and String Orchestra

1. After the Rain 6:44

2. The Early Years 9:05

3. Finale 5:38

Time Piece

4. Homage 11:15

5. Elegy and Blues 7:53

6. Fugue and Finale 9:02


7. Bachlude I 4:03

8. Bachlude II 6:35

Featured Orchestra Musicians: Gary Foster, Brent Fischer, Gerald Vinci, Assa Drori, Roland Kato, Cecilia Tsan, David Shostac, Don Shelton, Rose Corrigan, David Duke, Jon Lewis, Brian Pezzone

The music of Dr. Clare Fischer is a synthesis of influences across an unusually broad spectrum. From an early age, he was absorbing the works of Bach, Bartok, Ellington, Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Strayhorn, Berg, Villa-Lobos and later Jobim and Dutilleaux. By the time he had finished his formal education, he had played and become proficient on all wind and string instruments. This gave him the ability to write for them in an absolutely idiomatic manner. Because of his talents across so many genres though, he became

busy, well known and respected in the Jazz, Pop and Latin fields.

People such as Richard Stoltzman in the classical world, who knew of his orchestral work and commissioned him, found it to be an unparalled approach to chromatic tonality. Building on centuries of history, most of it is incredibly complex in ways that stun

those able to analyze it, yet at it’s core is a beautifully logical simplicity and thus accessibility beyond the realm of the purely classical. Continuing to write timeless chamber and symphonic works throughout his life, he passed on his distinct harmonic and orchestrational concepts to me through a decades long apprenticeship.

Herewith then, as I continue to carry on his legacy, is our latest collection of works.

—Brent Fischer.

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NYC Jazz Trio KROM To Celebrate Sophomore CD With Chicago-area Show

Krom jazz trio

Krom jazz trio

The NYC-based jazz trio KROM, led by pianist and Wilmette, IL native Adam Kromelow, will be celebrating the recent release of their self-titled sophomore album with a show at the Music Institute of Chicago’s Sherman Avenue Theater, 1702 Sherman Ave, in Evanston on Sunday, Oct. 5 at 7PM CST with doors opening at 6:30PM CST.

KROM, praised as “Seamless, airtight; a forceful trio with an affinity for nuance” by Downbeat and “Scary good” by the Philadelphia Inquirer, also features drummer Jason Burger and bassist Raviv Markovitz.

The sophomore album follows Youngblood (ZOHO Records), which was released under the band name Adam Kromelow Trio and produced by GRAMMY-winning pianist Arturo O’Farrill.

Go to http://www.adamkromelow.com for more info


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Quote of the Day

Dave Brubeck B&W“There’s a way of playing safe, there’s a way of using tricks and there’s the way I like to play, which is dangerously, where you’re going to take a chance on making mistakes in order to create something you haven’t created before.” — Dave Brubeck

Dave Brubeck 1920-2012

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Table Mountain Blues Summit 2014 – 6 and 7 December, Hillcrest Quarry, Durbanville





6 & 7 December, Hillcrest Quarry, Durbanville.


Blues is a natural fact, it is something that a fellow lives.” Big Bill Broonzy.


South Africa’s Premier Blues Music Festival returns to Hillcrest Quarry in Durbanville, Cape Town on the 6th and 7th of December 2014. Hosting 20 of the country’s top Blues Rock Artists over 2 days, the 2014 concert is proudly presented and brought to you by local main sponsor COMBUSTION TECHNOLOGY and also with great sponsor support by PAUL BOTHNER MUSIC and FENDER SA.


So friends and fans, all you need is a ticket and them’ blue suede shoes (whether real or imaginary) to come and enjoy the finest music making by the following phenomenal local artists:


Dan Patlansky, Albert Frost Trio, Boulevard Blues, The Blues Broers, Gerald Clark and the Deadmen, Pebbleman, Ann Jangle, Dave Ferguson, Mean Black Mamba, Natasha Meister, Crimson House, Basson Loubscher & Violent Free Piece, The Wayne Pauli Trio, Patrick Canovi’s ‘Kiss the Sky’, Piet Botha and Akkedis, The Parlor Vinyls, Charlie King Band, Nhoza Sitsholwana, Riaan & Nick, Fake Leather Blues Band and Sven Blumer.


This year the Blues Summit rocks on a Saturday and a Sunday. Organizer Richard Pryor says: “Ain’t the Blues just too good on a Sunday? We moved the Friday night to a Sunday so that it is easier to bring your whole family for an awesome day out.”
What you can look forward to on the Blues Menu for the Summit:

  • 20 top Bands over 2 days.
  • Top class quality 30000 watt outdoor sound rig! The best rig ever !!!
  • Huge Lighting and a huge LED screen.
  • Hillcrest Quarry is one of the finest outdoor venues in SA
  • Vibrant food and refreshment stalls and plenty of outside bars
  • Plenty of free and secure off street parking
  • Fender Guitar Giveaway and the Combustion Technology Cash Prizes R1500
  • Free entrance for children under 10 (must present some form of ID)
  • Limited camping tickets for sale on Computicket (Camping costs R150 -separate to festival ticket)


Phone and book at Computicket on 0861 9158000 or visit

www.computicket.com for your piece of the Blues Rock action: Tickets R200 – R340.




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/32871020291




Make sure you land at Hillcrest Quarry on the 6th and 7th of December and we’ll give you a musical thrill that’s going to groove your Soul and move your Body!




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Todays Music Quote

iWillie Lion Smith

Willie "The Lion" Smith

Willie “The Lion” Smith



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Top 50 Smooth Jazz Chart – Thursday 24th July 2014

TW LW WKS Artist Title Lable
1 1 24 Nathan East Nathan East Yamaha Ent Group
2 2 12 Mindi Abair Wild Heart Concord Music Group
3 3 24 Chris Standring Don’t Talk, Dance! Ultimate Vibe
4 8 6 Jazz Funk Soul Jazz Funk Soul Shanachie
5 4 27 Brian Culbertson Another Long Night Out BCM
6 11 12 Cindy Bradley Bliss
7 6 9 The Rippingtons Fountain of Youth Peak/eOne
8 5 16 Ken Navarro Ruby Lane Positive Music Records
9 5 16 Rick Braun Can You Feel It Artistry
10 9 40 Bob Baldwin Twenty City Sketches
11 31 4 Richard Elliot Lip Service Heads Up/CMG
12 10 9 Incognito Amplified Soul Shanachie
13 13 11 Steve Oliver Best Of so far SOM
14 15 27 Paolo Rustichello Playa Blanca (Soul Italiano) Next Age Music
15 7 21 Paul Taylor Tenacity Peak/eOne
16 24 73 Bony James The Beat Concord jazz
17 14 59 Dave Kozz and Friends Summer Horns Concord/CMG
18 20 8 Jonathan Butler Living My Dream Artistry/Mack Ave.
19 27 22 Michaele Lington Soul Appeal Copenhagen Music
20 21 5 Jazzmasters The Jazzmasters VII Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm
21 16 17 Down To The Bone Dig It
22 17 21 Nick Colioone Influences
23 19 13 Richard Smith Tangos Chillharmonic Music
24 22 37 Najee The Morning After : A Musical Love Journey Shanachie
25 26 29 Jarez On Top Of The World Top Jazz
26 23 47 Jeff Lorber Fusion Hacienda Heads Up
27 25 16 Vincent Ingala Can’t Stop Now vincentingala.com
28 29 12 Nils Jazz Gems Baja/TSR
29 28 8 Hiroshima J-Town Beat Hiroshima, Inc.
30 35 6 Earth, Wind & Fire The Promise Kalimba
31 18 11 Harvey Mason Chameleon Concord Music Group
32 59 1 Kim Waters Silver Soul Red River
33 30 18 Vandell Andrew Turn It Up Vandell Music
34 84 1 Euge Groove Got 2 Be Groovin’ Shanachie
35 33 17 Lira Rise Again Shanachie
36 36 15 Phil Perry Say Yes Shanachie
37 38 5 Jim Samuel NOW Independent
38 34 6 Bennett B Groove Time Baton Records
39 37 48 Steve Cole Pulse Artistry/Mack Ave.
40 32 33 Herb Alpert Steppin’ Out Shout Factory
41 40 56 BWB Human Nature Heads Up
42 55 1 Greg Manning Dance with You Kalimba
43 0 1 Paul Brown Truth B Told Woodward Avenue Records
44 46 7 Marcus Anderson Style Meets Substance marcusanderson.net
45 42 10 Braxton Brothers True Love Braxton Productions
46 39 20 Jessj J Second Chances Shanachie
47 80 1 Terje Lie Bright Moments TCat Records
48 41 16 Jackiem Joyner Evolve Artistry Music
49 47 13 Pete Belasco Lights On Independent
50 43 57 Keiko Matsui Soul Quest Shanachie

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Todays Music Quote

“We’re not like pop musicians who have to perform the same top ten tunes every night of a tour.” – Oscar Peterson 

Oscar Peterson

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Todays Music Quote

“The piano ain’t got no wrong notes.”

Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Monk

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Todays Music Quote

Good music doesn't

Good music doesn't pic




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Todays Music Quote – Saturday 19 July




Paul Whiteman

Paul Whiteman

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Todays Music Quote


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Todays Quote

Betty Carter quote1

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Todays Quote

Charlie Paker quote1

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Today Music Quote

Clark Terry

Clark Terry

“Well, I’m too old to pimp, and too young to die, so I’m just gon’ keep playin’” – Clark Terry

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The Quote of the Day

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington

Edward Kennedy “Duke” Ellington

“There is nothing to keeping a band together. You simply have too have a gimmick, and the gimmick I use is too pay them money!”

Duke Ellington

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Daily AJR Blog Tuesday June 15th 2014

All Jazz Radio

All Jazz Radio

It’s an early start to the day, her at All Jazz Radio, mind you it’s become a daily occurrence, everyday, getting up at between 04:30 and 05:00 in the morning is not fun at all. Its not even an the alarm clock screaming to get out of bed, that infernal internal time setting that’s the problem and there’s nothing one can do about it, every blerry morning, so I thought what the hell, start work and I have. The worst thing about that, is the copious amounts of coffee drunk. Then around 3pm Central African Time, my eyes start getting droopy and generally I fall into an uncomfortable and fitful sleep. What’s that all about? Jeez, is it an age thing or what? Enough of the complaining and onwards and upwards with the show and this Blog, now time for some

Klutz in the Kitchen

Klutz in the Kitchen

breakfast and more coffee. The Klutz in the Kitchen made some boerewors (farm sausage) for dinner last night and there was some left over so boerewors on toast filled the hole in the tummy. Now ready for what the new day hold in store. B.T.W. our Kluz has really outdone himself with his recipe choice for today, its simply yummolicious, quick and easy and all whole are lucky enough to enjoy the meal will be wanting more. Check out the recipe which will be posted on the All Jazz Radio website later.


As is usual our Broadcast/streaming day starts with Jazz Rendezvous, a full Jazz Rendezvousfour hours of great jazz. I’ve put together a show of what I call shorty’s though the four hours we share “on air” today, you see all of the tunes featured are around two and a half minutes in length, excepting the last tune of the day and that will bring a big smile. The result will be surprising and pleasing because there are tunes that have not been played on the show before, I hope that one will enjoy the Jazz Rendezvous with me on All Jazz Radio today. I will be speaking to Etienne Shardlow about his overall impression of the Standard Bank Jazz Festival – Grahamstown 2014.

Etienne Shardlow before

Etienne Shardlow before

Etienne is back in Jo’burg and resuming presenting duties of his E-Jazz 100% South African Jazz Show, two hour of the finest jazz our fair country has to offer from 14h00 C.A.T. I’m not to sure what will be included in the show today but it will be something not to miss at all, so join Etienne today.

After the E-Jazz Show we have compiled and interesting mix of contemporary, smooth, fusion and funk for The Much, Much More Music Show which ends the “live broadcast” day on All Jazz Radio, but it is not the end of the music, we then start our re-broadcast programming for the following 16 hours so any programs that one may have missed can be caught up with, good stuff eh!


The Pittsburgh's Next Generation of Music Legends

The Pittsburgh’s Next Generation of Music Legends

The Pittsburgh’s Next Generation of Music Legends (PNGML) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate, preserve, collect and celebrate, the great musical legacy of Pittsburgh’s African-American musicians. The estates of the Mary Lou Williams and George Benson have granted (PNGML) permission to create wax figures of them. They have started a donations campaign to see the project come to life.

Working with educational consultants and national wax figure designers, this exhibition will include approximately 10 life-like wax replicas. We have chosen several national renowned wax figure designers whose past clients have included, President Lyndon Johnson’s Library & Museum, National Great Blacks in Wax Museum, and ESPN Sport Century Tour. George Benson will be an extraordinary animatronics figure including: motion, recorded speech, music, facial hair and other realistic features.

A fundraiser has been organized to have 10 life-like wax replicas of Pittsburgh’s most renowned jazz musicians made and will be traveling exhibition.

Pittsburgh is famous for its great sounds of Jazz. It has more Jazz legends per capita than anywhere in the world. Throughout the 20th Century and beyond, the music of Pittsburgh artists has permeated hearts and homes of music lovers. Musicians who have lived in or made Pittsburgh their home have included: Billy Eckstine, Billy Strayhorn, Mary Lou Williams, Lena Horne, George Benson, Stanley Turrentine, Phyllis Hyman & Dakota Staton, Earl “Fatha” Hines, and Ahmad Jamal. These are just a few of the many household names of jazz musicians that have been associated with the city of Pittsburgh.

DONATE here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pittsburgh-music-wax-museum

Thanks to Dr. Jazz for the info


Straight No Chaser

Straight No Chaser

Straight No Chaser’s Gigs for the week ahead

79 Buitenkant Street (next to Diva’s pizza), Cape Town.

Bookings are essential via phone or sms on 076 -679-2697. 

Doors open at 7pm. Shows are at 8:30pm and 10pm


OpenArt Surgeries: Ottoman Slap

Straight No Chaser Student Nights presents to you, OpenArt Surgeries! It’s not your usual SNC night – we invite bands to take over the intimate performance venue and do what they like with it.

Ottoman Slap brings you original sounds evoking a rich span of moods ranging from the sultry depths of the Middle East to the meandering slopes of the Balkan hills.
This six-piece troupe recently sprung from the Capetonian creative woodwork at last year’s Rocking the Daisies and boasts a horde of delights: Simoné Chiara (vocals), Raoul Spiegel  (saxaphone, flute, saw), James van Minnen (middle eastern percussion, drums, mandolin), Raoul Smorenburg (accordion), Callan Wolff (double bass) & Marissa Cuenoud (percussion and dance)


Emily Bruce

Emily Bruce Vocalist An, award winning, talented singer and Jazz Vocal teacher at UCT, also known for her voice on many of international hit outfit, Goldfish‘s best loved tracks, performs with Keenan Ahrends (guitar), Nicholas Williams (bass) & Marlon Witbooi (drums).The music will include songs by Kenney Wheeler, Bill Evans, Daft Punk and.. 😉


Reza Khota Quartet

Reza Khota QuartetThis Cape Town based guitarist and composer is a member of some of the top bands to play in SA at the moment, not least of these being his own Reza Khota Quartet. His debut album, Transmutation, is highly acclaimed and features his quartet Shane Cooper (bass), Buddy Wells (sax & flute) and Jonno Sweetman (drums).

”Khota is a player who cheerfully ignores genres. His guitar has explored classical music (since his schooldays), jazz and improvisation (at Wits), South Asian traditions (in Babu and the Sangam Trio), the avant-garde (he’s just released a recording of Christian Wolff’s Microexercises with Swiss guitarist Beat Keller), with some rock and blues along the way.” — Gwen Ansell BDLive


Francesca Biancoli Quartet

Francesca Biancoli singingItalian singer/songwriter Francesca Biancoli, best known for her strong vocals and Amy Winehouse tributes, performs a range of interesting songs as well as a few of her own compositions with her Cape Town band. Featuring Nick Williams (bass), Keenan Ahrends (guitar) and Marlon Witbooi (drums).


Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis – July 20

Jazz at Lincoln Center logoThe Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis heads to Queens to perform selections from the Louis Armstrong songbook and more in this free outdoor family performance. Part of SummerStage Kids is Queens Family Day. Choreographer and curator Rashida Bumbray and GRAMMY® nominated arranger and trumpeter Michael Philip Mossman & Copland Jazz will are scheduled to perform.

Here is something of interest for jazz aficionados and history lovers. The BIX BEIDERBECKE MEMORIAL JAZZ FESTIVAL July 31-August 3, 2014 
136 E. 3rd Street, Davenport IA 52801 
563.324.7170 www.bixsociety.org
Call or visit website for tickets

Bix Beiderbecke by: Jim Cullum Jr.

Bix the younger

Eddie Condon was a clever man. He quipped about the boppers, “They flat their fifths, we drink ours!” When his music was criticized by French jazz writer Hughes Panassié, he shot back, “We don’t tell him how to jump on a grape!”

But when he talked about Bix Beiderbecke, it was different. Eddie was one of the musicians who had played with Bix. They all were forever his disciples. Condon wrote about hearing Bix’s cornet for the first time: “Beiderbecke took out a silver cornet. He put it to his lips and blew a phrase. The sound came out like a girl saying yes.”

That Bix sound has been described by others as “a padded mallet striking a chime” or “like pearls falling onto velvet.” The sound of Bix’s horn is different. It’s a “fat” sound, broader and less strident, darker and more mellow than the others. At the same time, it is not just dark and mellow. It has a hollow ring that sometimes reminds one of a bell. Often when he bears down he gets a brass edge on the top of this. It is, for me, the most beautiful musical sound I have yet encountered.

BIX BEIDERBECKE BandThe strength of Bix’s attack is a big part of his sound. He tends to tongue more notes (i.e., starting the sound by pronouncing the letter “T”) than most cornet players. These tongued notes have little bursts that give the “striking-a-chime effect.” Over a period of almost 80 years, players have attempted to figure out how he achieved these results. I have too. I have chased this elusive Holy Grail for my entire life as a musician. Like many other Bix-influenced players, I don’t want to simply copy Bix. But I do listen to the master playing in my head, and sometimes I work to see just how fat the sound can get.

To a degree, Bix’s magical tone was helped along by the equipment he used. Much of his playing was on Conn Victor cornets. All the old Conns–reeds and brass–were a little heavier and had rich tones, and the bore size of the Victor Cornets was extraordinarily large. The standard bore size for cornets and trumpets is 460 thousandths of an inch. The standard for large bore horns is 468 thousandths of an inch. The Conn Victor bore was 484 thousandths of an inch. Most modern trumpet players have never seen, or even heard of, a horn larger than 470. And, Bix mostly used an old-fashioned cornet mouthpiece that was deep and open, compared to the modern ones. This large bore and open mouthpiece would cause any cornetist to sacrifice some endurance and some upper register accessibility. The payback is an enriched tone.

Bix and TrumpetFrom listening to his recordings, I can guess that Bix must have played with his upper and lower teeth fairly apart and his jaw relaxed. This created a larger oral cavity as if to say, “Aw.” He must have had a forward embouchure that caused him to put a lot of “meat” into the mouthpiece. It sounds like he moved all this with a lot of air. You can hear his good health and vitality at work. Remember, he was only 24 or 25 years old when he did his greatest playing. No doubt he did these physical things unconsciously, because most of the sound he created was a result of the sound he heard in his head.

He had perfect pitch, and his abilities to apply it were phenomenal. In fact, it has been reported that on numerous occasions on a dare or a bet, he could turn his back and have someone bang out a big 10-note chord on the piano–with the notes in any combination. Then, starting at the bottom and going up, he would name every note in the chord. As any musician will tell you, this is an incredible and seemingly impossible feat.

BIX BEIDERBECKE1Layer all this God-given talent over Bix’s ringing tone and attack and you’re halfway there. The rest of the story is the way he improvised–the way he strung the notes together. For Bix was among the most creative and intelligent improvisers in jazz history. Time after time, every performance was new and fresh, as he selected the most interesting notes and intervals. His work was not filled with overwhelming virtuosity. Rather it tended, upon analysis, to be perfectly composed, as though he had spent weeks playing and replaying his solos. Of course, he just tossed them off!

It is amazing that even from his teenage beginnings Bix understood and completely applied musical economy. His goal was to make every note say something. Automatic fingering patterns, full of throwaway notes, were avoided. Sometimes this approach is found in the mellowness of a mature, and therefore extra thoughtful artist. It is almost never combined with the exuberance of youth, as in Bix’s playing.

In all this Bix found his unique voice. A personal stamp, instantly recognizable, is often present in the playing of the self-taught jazz musician. And Bix learned to play with countless trial and error attempts. He applied the “lick system:” Play one short pattern a few times, then another and another, in repeated variations over and over until they can be strung together in longer phrases. This was for him the easy way. Also, Bix was not under the tutelage of any professor who demanded scales and etudes. He practiced little ideas and melodies that came to him as he sat fascinated with the result of his own creativity. There were great rewards for him in this self-styled practice, so of course he spent a lot of time at it. Along the way, Bix’s sheer musical intelligence made him gradually gain considerable technique. He could play fast, but was too lost in the quality of his instant new melodies to use music merely to display his technique.

A part of Bix’s approach to music came from his family and hometown. It came from his boyhood. Much of the story is well known: Bix was from “the heartland,” the Midwest farm state of Iowa, the small town of Davenport. His background was one of some privilege. His family lived in comfort in Davenport. He was well educated, at least through high school. He was reasonably handsome. He was white.

BIX BEIDERBECKE band 1All of this–the safe small town, the security, the birthright, the supportive family–gave Bix the room to dream and to practice without specific requirements. In many respects it was luxury, with Bix having no hard goals except the vague one of seeing how far he could take it all.

His family was dismayed, not by his obvious musical talent or his pursuit of it, but by his fascination with a new “low class” music: jazz. Those of us who have come after Bix can easily see the quality of the great art he continues to pour out to us. But Bix’s frustrated parents saw only a life of tragedy. In many ways they were right. They had taken delight in their young son’s amazing ability to create a little quick music at the piano. They had given encouragement. But now, this jazz was different! There was a wildness in it, and they sensed danger. Bix’s father and mother began to pull in a new direction, away from music. Bix was sent away to Lake Forest Academy, an expensive private school near Chicago. It had a reputation for producing ranks of the model citizens the Beiderbeckes wished their son to join.

But it was too late. Bix had tasted the thrill of realizing his abilities to create magnificent music on the spot; this spoke to him and those around him; it said: “Come on! This is life!” He would chase this sweetness to the end. As the years began to slide by, his family hoped against hope that he would somehow grow up and enter a life of “real work and success.” They withheld any words of praise for Bix’s amazing accomplishments. They turned colder as Bix chased his addictions–his addiction to creating jazz improvisation and his growing addiction to alcohol. Sadly, Agatha and Bismark Beiderbecke misunderstood their son’s musical obsessions. They gave their love, which was deep and abiding, but they stubbornly withheld their approval.

BIX BEIDERBECKE trumpetOne telling incident repeated through the years has become a part of the Bix mythology. As Bix rose to the top of his profession, he made about 160 recordings. It is through these recordings that we are now able to gain access to the Bix mind and the Bix music. He regularly sent copies of his finished records to his parents’ home in Davenport, and it was there, during a period when he attempted to escape the horrors of advancing alcohol addiction, that he retreated.

BIX BEIDERBECKE cartoonOne day he accidentally discovered all the records he had sent home. They were stored in the back of a hall closet, in their original packages–unopened. Of course, this hurt Bix deeply. Still, throughout his life Bix had great love and respect for his parents and his siblings. His letters home to them have now been published and they make obvious this love.

Bix probably would have experienced a similar pattern regardless of his parents’ resistance or encouragement. He seemed to have a built-in streak of melancholy in his music and in his life. This bittersweet quality, often not noticed when one first begins listening to Bix, may be the most intriguing ingredient. For while the Beiderbecke sound is filled with joy–and it is hot and it is swinging–it often carries a subtle sadness.

Bix died in 1931. He was 28. His body was shipped back to Davenport for burial. In death he was again enfolded into the bosom of his family, and his grave is there in the dignified Beiderbecke family plot. To family members the day closed the saddest chapter of their lives. His grave is beside his mother Agatha Beiderbecke, and a marker shows her date of death as 1952.

One can’t help indulging in a little fantasy: By 1952 the world had come to regard Bix as one of the towering figures of American music. As the cult of admirers grew from a clutch of jazz musicians to a small army worldwide, as Columbia Records in 1946 and 1947 re-issued his work in album form, as critics almost universally cited him as an incomparable genius, and as some highly creditable musicians began unabashedly to speak of him as one of the most inspiring figures, not just of jazz or music, but of all art, what must Agatha Beiderbecke have thought?

It is hard to imagine that she could not have finally taken great pride in her son’s work, which completely eclipses all that was done by all the combined Beiderbecke clan and its progeny. She might at first have been amazed at all the fuss, but as it continued and intensified over the twenty-one years that she lived after Bix died, she knew, if nothing else, how the world clamored for her son’s music.

However, as the Beiderbecke home on Grand Avenue was sold, Agatha went quietly to spend her last years at a downtown Davenport hotel and left no record of how her feelings might have changed.

The groundswell of admiration and affection for Bix has never slowed. In 1971, on the 40th anniversary of Bix’s death, a group of jazz musicians traveled from New Jersey to Davenport and played over Bix’s grave. This was a wake-up call to some in Davenport. The next year a Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Festival was begun there, and it has grown to be a huge annual event, drawing thousands to downtown Davenport every July.

A common pattern prevails in the Bix story. It is often easier to see our great men and women from a distance, well past their lives. Bix is now a world figure. Residents of Davenport, while they often know little about the music, are now keenly aware that Bix is by far the most famous product of their city.

The Bix landmarks in Davenport are like shrines. Pilgrims from around the world visit. Usually, they start with Bix’s grave. Then there is the Beiderbecke home on Grand Avenue, the Presbyterian church where Bix was baptized, an old upstairs school of dance where Bix played his first gig, and the high school Bix attended before his transfer to Lake Forest Academy.

Other interesting old ballrooms are there with similar claims to fame: Bix played there! There is a statue of Bix, and a major thoroughfare has been named Bix Beiderbecke Drive. Every year some 20,000 long distance runners gather in Davenport to race in Bix’s name!

BIX BEIDERBECKE bustA Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Society runs the annual festival, maintains an office and provides “Bix Lives” shirts, stickers, and buttons. The Davenport Library greets the faithful who look over a few old photographs and documents. The Putnam Museum displays Bix’s cornet. You can even get a “Bix burger” at a popular downtown restaurant.

During the last 75 years, it doesn’t seem there has been much economic oomph to Davenport. This must be lamented by many citizens there, but to the Bixophile it makes the place a Mecca. It mostly remains as Bix last saw it, just sitting there slowly rotting, but it’s there. Street after street contains Victorian frame houses similar to the Beiderbeckes’. Even Bix’s grandfather’s imposing home still stands proudly on one of the Davenport hills. The central business district is largely unchanged. It is easy to picture Bix emerging there, a fresh, bright, energetic young man, his mind happily flooded with interesting melodies.

The legend continues. Around the world more people are listening to Bix each year. Every recording he made is now available online–even every alternate take.

It is strange that some in Davenport still lag behind the rest of the world. City fathers there, in the face of ever mounting interest in Bix and his hometown, still seem mostly disinterested and are even slow to support the annual festival. To some, Bix’s music, so compelling, ranks with the greatest artistic works of history. To others it is just “some old music.”

But the streets and buildings of Davenport speak to the dreamer in us, just as Bix’s horn very clearly speaks across the years. Many of us feel that through his music we know him personally, even though he died years before we were born.

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Vagabond Blues Show with Brian Currin on Thursday

Tune in on Thursday at 4pm CAT for two hours of great blues, with a special emphasis on blues by South African artists.

Brian Currin is your host.

Brian Currin

Brian Currin

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Kyle Shepherd

Kyle Shepherd

Kyle Shepherd

“Shepherd, a Cape Town native who will turn 26 this summer, plays piano with old-soul authority and composes rich, evocative music. He’s very much grounded in the myriad and compelling sounds of his homeland, but there’s a personal stamp on his art and an awareness of jazz beyond South Africa to it too. The latter adds dimension but never overtakes the music’s beautiful and powerful sense of rootedness.”  Peter Hum, International Jazz blogger, Jazzblog.ca

“This is improvisation as a search for freedom, “freedom from”, yes, but also “freedom to”, a key to unlock the doors of music making in the future”. Miles Keylock, Editor-in-Chief, Rolling Stone South Africa

Kyle Shepherd, one of South Africa’s leading progressive Jazz pianists and composers of his generation, is steadily gaining international recognition for his distinctive compositional style and performances.

The multi South African Music Awards (SAMA) nominated virtuoso pianist and winner of the 2014 Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Jazz, already has a well-established record of celebrated solo, trio and quartet performances in South Africa, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands and China.

In celebration of the 5-year Anniversary of his Trio, Shepherd will launch his highly anticipated new 21-track Double Album, entitled ‘Dream State’ with a concert at the Wits 969 Festival in The Wits Great Hall, Wits University, Johannesburg on Saturday, 26 July 2014. In his foreword to the album, renowned arts journalist, Percy Mabandu says: “There’s a palpable connectedness they share as players, a connection that also touches attuned audiences at their live performances too. This band is on a search for more than beautiful notes. They are asking more of the music. Its corporeal and ethereal aspects are invoked into the simultaneous sound ritual. Each performance takes on the nature of a meditation and as Zim Ngqawana said, ‘the music must lead us towards ourselves’. ”

All three of the twenty-seven-year-old virtuoso pianist’s earlier critically acclaimed album releases, ‘fineART’, ‘A Portrait of Home’ and ‘South African History! X’, have garnered South African Music Award nominations.

His debut solo piano album, recorded in Japan, is set for release later this year.

Shepherd will be performing a solo piano concert at The Tokyo Jazz Festival (Tokyo, Japan) on the 7th of September 2014 and with Kesivan & The Lights at Carnegie Hall, New York, USA on the 30th of October 2014. The Kyle Shepherd Trio is billed to play at The Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival, Sandton on the 27th September 2014.

As a pianist, Xaru player (traditional mouth-bow) and composer, Shepherd has forged a unique compositional and performance concept that pays homage to all his musical influences and the many great musicians he has worked with, all while continuing to look forward musically in a way, which, in the words of the great South African Jazz writer and historian, Gwen Ansell, “live in the jazz world but are never imprisoned by it”.

In 2013, Shepherd performed his special music project, Xamissa, Place of Sweet Waters, to critical acclaim at the Festival d’Automne à Paris (Paris Autumn Festival). Xamissa, which was commissioned by the festival, is a large-scale compositional work, which, Shepherd says, “brings together the sounds and cultures of Cape Town by incorporating the Xhosa, Afrikaans and English languages – with the use of voices, piano, the Xaru, the ghoema drums and tenor saxophone.”

Shepherd’s track, Bobbejaan / Minstrels Go to Court, off his ‘South African History !X  Album,  is featured in  the award-winning South African film Four Corners, which received the ‘Best Film’ Award in the feature film category at the 2014 Niagara Integrated Film Festival (NIFF), Canada. It was also the official South African submission for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards in 2014!

Shepherd regularly performs in concert as a solo pianist, while also leading his Trio with Shane Cooper (double bass) and Jonno Sweetman (drums) and his Quartet featuring Claude Cozens (drums), Benjamin Jephta (bass) and top South African – tenor saxophonist – Buddy Wells.

Apart from South Africa, Shepherd has also performed in Japan,  Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, France, Denmark, India, Malaysia, China, Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana  and Zimbabwe, with notable concert appearances, either as a solo pianist or trio, quartet and other formats at Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord and L’Onde Théâtre et Centre d’art as part of the Festival d’Automne à Paris (France), The Bird’s Eye Jazz Club (Switzerland), Jazzwerkstatt Festival Bern (Switzerland), Reformierte Dorfkirche Kleinhüningen (Switzerland), Klubschule St. Gallen (Switzerland), Der Sendesaal, (Germany), Hallenbad Kultur Am Schactweg, (Germany), Body & Soul Jazz Club (Japan), Shikiori (Japan), Kaho Gekijo Kabuki Theatre (Japan), The Aarhus Jazz Festival (Denmark), The Cape Town International Jazz Festival (South Africa), The Joy of Jazz Festival (South Africa), Harare International Festival – HIFA (Zimbabwe),The Tianjin International Jazz Festival (China), No Black Tie (Malaysia), MICA (India),  B-Flat (India) and The Gonsalves Mansion ‘Home of Jazz’ (India),

Some of the great musicians Shepherd has performed with in his illustrious career include the Late Zim Ngqawana, Louis Moholo-Moholo, the Late Robbie Jansen, Carlo Mombelli, Errol Dyers, Hilton Schilder, Mark Fransman and Ayanda Sikade, all from South Africa, as well as Saadet Türköz (Switzerland), Marc Stucki (Switzerland), Seigo Matsunaga (Japan), Sebastiaan Kaptein (Holland) and Ole Hamre (Norway).

Shepherd featured in the AWARD WINNING theatre production, ‘AFRIKAAPS’ for which he directed & co-wrote the music, and also performed in.

Film documentaries that feature his music are: ‘AFRIKAAPS’ by Dylan Valley, ‘The Uprising of Hangberg’ by Dylan Valley & world-renowned filmmaker Aryan Kaganof. Shepherd was also commissioned to compose a new work for the music production ‘Die Buitestaanders’ by Mareli Stolp & Magdalene Minnaar.


Album & Concert Review Highlights:

In his Foreword to Shepherd’s Debut Album “fineART”, internationally acclaimed South African music legend, the late Zim Ngqawana had the following to say about Shepherd’s music:

“Authenticity is another word for originality and this is clearly evident in Kyle’s compositions, arrangements and improvisation. He has managed to find a balance between the intellect and intuition. Kyle is a meditator and a poet.”

“Shepherd, a Cape Town native who will turn 26 this summer, plays piano with old-soul authority and composes rich, evocative music. He’s very much grounded in the myriad and compelling sounds of his homeland, but there’s a personal stamp on his art and an awareness of jazz beyond South Africa to it too. The latter adds dimension but never overtakes the music’s beautiful and powerful sense of rootedness.”  Peter Hum, International Jazz blogger, Jazzblog.ca

“As a composer and arranger Shepherd is proving to be one of the chief architects of modern Cape jazz.” Andre Manuel, The Cape Times

“This is improvisation as a search for freedom, “freedom from”, yes, but also “freedom to”, a key to unlock the doors of music making in the future”. Miles Keylock, Editor-in-Chief, Rolling Stone South Africa

In his review of the Trio album, “A Portrait of Home”, international music critic, Marcus O’Dair | The Arts Desk UK, commends the work of the Trio. “A Portrait Of Home sees Shepherd, together with Shane Cooper on double bass and drummer Jonno Sweetman, creating music of subtle yet tremendous power. Though the technique of all three is undeniable, this is no antiseptic chopsfest: it is music of genuine passion, meditative and stately but always emotionally engaged. It has groove at its very core, with hummable, stripped back melodies on top – and not just in the “head” sections that traditionally top and tail jazz arrangements.”

“I believe that on fineART, Shepherd carries the torch for this style of music.” Don Albert (Financial Mail)

“(His compositions) unashamedly display his cultural music traditions, drawing on the unique rhythms, harmonies, and melodic devices of what Kyle calls “music from home”. Carol Martin (SAJE – South African Association for Jazz Education).

“It’s this ‘Proudly South African’ tradition that audiences can expect to hear” … “which sees the multi-instrumentalist navigate an impressionistic collage of South African jazz sounds, from slam poetic minimalist re-imaginings of Afrikaans volksliedjies and Muslim calls to prayer, to goema groove deconstructions, tributes to Abdullah Ibrahim, Ngqawana’s philosophy of “Zimology” and more that, as the doyen of South African jazz scribes Gwen Ansell pointed out in Business Day recently: “live in the jazz world but are never imprisoned by it”. Miles Keylock (Mail & Guardian)

“Shepherd’s jagged edges and questioning dissonances sound far more like Ibrahim at the start of his career than his magisterial solemnity. The young player’s plaintive little minor key segues into fragments of musical fragments represent a sonic collage of his city, much as pianist Robert Glasper’s sounds (also heard this year in Cape Town) collage the jazz history and hip-hop present of New York. ” Gwen Ansell (Business Day / The Weekender)

“Shepherd is an outstanding pianist …. His ability to craft extensive melodic passages and tangents takes one on a musical journey.” Keenan Oakes (Artspoken, Artslink)

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Todays Music Quote

Lou Reed

Lou Reed

One chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.
Lou Reed


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Todays Music Quote

Carmen McRae

Carmen McRae

Blues is to jazz what yeast is to bread–without it, it’s flat.

Carmen McRae

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