Album and CD List of music received from around the global village 2018

Music added to the All Jazz Radio library and playlists

Album’s, new and re-issues received and added to our playlist

Album’s new and re-issues received so far this year

In alphabetical order South African and African highlighted

2002 (Randy and Pamela Copus) River of Stars (2018)

3rd Man (Peter Kienle, Jack Helsley & Pete Wilhoit) 3rd Man (2018)

Abiah Sings Nina (2018)

Accent In This Together (2018)

Acute Inflections The Brave (2018)

Adam & Kizzie The Book of Eedo Vol. 3 (2018)

Adam Shulman Sextet Full Tilt (2018)

Adi Meyerson Where We Stand (2018)

Adison Evans Meridian (2018)

Adrián Iaies Compilation (2018)

Aeons (Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh & Padraig RynneI FÍs (2018)

AJ Ghent [j-ent] The Neo Blues Project (2018)

Akira Tana JAZZaNOVA (2018)

Al Di Meola Opus (2018)

Alchemy Sound Adventures in Time and Space (2018)

Aletia Upstairs My Naam Is Aletia (2018)

Alex Bailey Band Searching For Something (2018)

Alex Conde Origins (2018)

Alex Rossi & Ozeias Rodrigues Something To Say (2018)

Alexandra Jackson Legacy & Alchemy EP (2018)

Alexis Cole with One For All You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To (2018)

Allan Harris The Genius Of Eddie Jefferson (2018)

Allegra Levy Looking at the Moon (2018)

Alune Wade African Fast Food (Senegal) (2018) (Africa)

Amandla Freedom Ensemble Born To Be Black (2018) (South African)

Andrea Brachfeld If Not Now When (2018)

Andreas Varady The Quest (2018)

Andrew “Finn the Fiddler” Magill Canta, Violino! (2018)

Andrew Hadro For Us The Living (2018)

Andrew Rathbun Large Ensemble Atwood Suites Double CD (2018)

Angelo Moore Pendulum Swings EP (2018)

Annee 2CU Blues Band A Wildfire Out Of Control (2018)

Ariel Zamonsky Entre Dos Mundos – Between Two Worlds (2018) (South African)

Arnan Raz Chains of Stories (2018)

Barrett Martin Group Transcendence (2018)

Barrio Latino Hungria (2018)

BC Double Quartet Departure (2018)

Ben Markley Quartet Basic Economy (2018)

Benjamin Boone & Philip Levine The Poetry Of Jazz (2018)

Bennito Sextet + One Classic Salsa and Classic Latin Jazz EP (2018)

Benny Brydern Benny Brydern’s Swing Machine (2018)

Berlin 21 Odds On (2018)

Beverley Beirne Jazz Just Wants To Have Fun (2018)

Bill Anschell Shifting Standards (2018)

Bill Coles Untempered Ensemble (2018)

Bill Frisell Music IS (2018)

Bill Hart Project This Is Why (2009)

Bill King Quintet The Night Passage Years 1984-86 (2018)

Bill King Soul Jazz Vol 1 There It Is! (2018)

Bill King Trio + 5 Street Talk EP (2018)

Billy Jones 3’s A Crowd (2018)

Billy Monama Rebounce (2018) (South African)

Black Cat Road Black Cat Road (2018)

Blanche Blacke Out to Sea (2018)

Bob Arthurs Jazz It Up (2018)

Bob Szajner Digital Ensemble Catalog Collection (2018)

Bob Washut Dodectet Journey to Knowhere (2018)

Bokani Dyer Neo Native (2018) (South African)

Bongwool Lee My Singing Fingers (2018)

Brad Mehldau After Bach (2018)

Brad Mehldau Seymour Reads The Constitution (2018)

Breath Spirit and Life (2018)

Brenda Hopkins Miranda Puentes (2018)

Brian Charette Groovin with Big G (2018)

Brian Thusi Thokoza (2018) South African

Brubeck Brothers Quartet TimeLine (2018)

Bryon M Tosoff Holding to the Dream (2018)

Bryon M Tosoff Kick Back Just Relax (2018)

Buster Williams Audacity (2018)

Cameron Graves Planetary Prince (2018)

Card On Spokes As We Surface EP (2018) (South African)

Carl Filipiak What Now (2018)

Carlos Del Junco The Blues Mongrels Hang On (2018)

Cathy Segal-Garcia The Jazz Chamber (2018)

Cee Knowledge and the Cosmic Funk Orchestra Alien-Aided a Cosmic Funk Anthology Rope A Dope (2018)

Chad Taylor Myths and Morals (2018)

Chamber 3 Transatlantic (2018)

Charles Hearn Winds Of Change (2018)

Charles Lloyd & The Marvels + Lucinda Williams Vanished Gardens (2018)

Charlie Apicella & Iron City One Night Only A Tribute to Jack McDuff (2018)

Charlie Ballantine Life Is Brief – The Music of Bob Dylan (2018)

Cheikh Tidiane Seck with Hank Jones Sarala (2018) (Africa)

Chile Colorado Fast Womans Lovin’ (2018)

Chris Dave And The Drumhedz Self (2018)

Christian Sands Reach Further EP (2018)

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah The Emancipation Procrastination (2017)

Christina Marie’s Yeni Nostalji (2018)

Christine Hit Magical Kite (2018)

Clarisse Sisters Kaleidoscope! (2018) (Africa)

Claude Cozens Improvisation 1 (2018) (South African)

Claude Cozens Improvisation 2 (2018) (South African)

Col. Bruce Hampton Live @ The Vista Room (2017)

Corcoran Holt The Mecca (2018)

Corey Christiansen Dusk (2018)

Counterweight Counterweight (2018)

Craig Thumper Samuels Thumper & Generation One (2018)

Cyille Aime Cyrille Aime Live (2018)

Cynthia Basinet The Standard (2018)

Cyril Neville Endangered Species Essential Recordings (2018)

D.A.J.O (Darryl Andrews Jazz Orchestra) Cape Town (2018) (South African)

Dale Head and the MindWinder Orchestra Swing On The Rocks (2018)

Dan Block Block Block Party (2018)

Dan Pugach Nonet Plus One (2018)

Dan Shout’s, In With a Shout Secret Weapons (2018) (South African)

Dan Wilensky Good Music (2018)

Danny Green Trio One Day It Will (2018)

Danny Rivera Obsesi-n (2018) Lat

Dario Deidda My Favorite Strings Vol 1 (2018)

Darryl Anders Agape Soul Conversations

Dave Kowaleski Under The Mojave Moon (2018)

Dave Liebman & John Stowell Petite Fleur The Music of Sidney Bechet (2018)

Dave McMurray Music Is Life (2018)

Dave Sadler Moondance (2018)

Dave Tull Texting and Driving (2018)

Dave Valentin Live At The Blue Note (1988)

David Friesen Structures (2018)

David Garfield Jazz Outside The Box (2018)

David K Mathews Fantsy Vocal Sessions Vol 1 Standards (2018)

Dawn Clement Tandem (2018)

DB3 Firebrand (2018)

Deanne Matley Because I Loved (2018)

Deb Ryder Enjoy The Ride Cover (2018)

Deborah Swiney I Remember Rio (2018)

Deli Rowe Smile Again (2018)

Diane Marino Soul Serenade The Gloria Lynne Project (2018)

Dick Sisto American Love Song (1995)

Dick Sisto Spirit Of Life Quartet Plays The Spiritual Music Of Coltrane, Ellington And Strayhorn (2018)

Dimitri K. Blue Cat (2018)

Dimitrije Vasiljević Accidental Nomad (2018)

Diva Jazz Orchestra 25th Anniversary Project (2018)

Dolores S. Final Mixes (2018)

Dolores Scozzesi Here Comes The Sun (2018)

Dominic Egli’s Plurism feat Feya Faku More Fufu (2018) (South African)

Don Braden Earth Wind and Wonder (2018)

Dongfeng Liu China Caribe Leon (2018)

Duo Elevation (David Ellington Chris Burroughs) Omar’s Lament

Dustlights In A Stillness (2018)

J. Decker Bluer Than Velvet The Prysock Project (2018)

Eddie Daniels Heart of Brazil A Tribute to Egberto Gismonti (2018)

Eddie Henderson Be Cool (2018)

Eddie Palmieri Full Circle (2018)

Eddie Palmieri Sabiduria (2018)

Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater West Side Strut (2018)

Edgar Steinitz Roots Unknown (2018)

Edward Simon Sorrows Triumphs (2018)

El Eco (Guillermo Nojechowicz) Puerto de Buenos Aires 1933 (2018)

Electric Squeezebox Orchestra The Falling Dream (2018)

Eliane Elias Music from Man of La Mancha (2018)

Ella Fitzgerald Ella at Zardi’s (1956) (Re Issue)

Emma Frank Ocean Av (2018)

Emmet Cohen Masters Legacy Series Volume 2 featuring Ron Carter (2018)

Eric Binder Trio The Malcolm Cecil Project (2018)

Erik Applegate Threes A Crowd (2018)

Erin McDougald Outside the Soiree (2018)

Ernie Krivda A Bright and Shining Moment (2018)

Erroll Garner Nightconcert Octav (2018) (Re-Issue)

Escaper Edge Detection (2018)

Escaper Skeleton Key (2018)

Eva Cortes Crossing Borders (2018)

Evan Harris Skylines (2018)

Fabio Marziali Windows and Lights (2018)

Flavio Silva Break Free (2018)

Flow (Will Ackerman, Fiona Joy, Lawrence Blatt and Jeff Oster) Flow (2018)

Flying Horse Big Band The Bat Swings! (2018)

Frank Russel Influences (2018)

Frank Wagner Floating Holiday (2018)

Fred Hersch Live in Europe (2018)

Freelance Yes Today (2018)

Fusk The Jig Is Up (2018)

Garaj Mahal Bicycling in Bombay (2018)

Gary Brumburg Moonlight (2018)

Gary Palmer Coast 2 Coast (2018)

Gayelynn McKinney McKinFolk The New Begining (2018)

Geof Bradfield Yes, and…Music For Nine Improvisers (2018)

Geoffrey Keezer On My Way To You (2018)

George Cotsirilos Mostly In Blue (2018)

George Kahn Straight Ahead (2018)

Ghost-Note Swagism Side Double CD (2018)

Global Grooves Metamorphosis (2018)

Gordon Grdinas The Marrow Ejdeha (2018)

Gordon Hyland’s Living Fossil Never Die! (2018)

Greg Fishman Quintet So You Say (2018)

Gregory Generet & Richard Johnson 2 of A Kind (2018)

Hailey Tuck Junk (2018)

Hal Galper Quartet Cubist (2018)

Hans Teuber & Jeff Johnson Deuce (2018)

Harold Lopez Nussa Un Da Cualqui (2018)

Heather Bambrick You ll Never Know (2018)

Herb Ohta & Christian Fabian Live in Tokyo (2018)

Hervé Samb Teranga (2018) (Africa)

Hughes/Smith Quintet Motion (2018)

HUW Wood / Water (2018)

Idit Shner 9-Short Stories (2018)

Ill Doots Ill Doots (2018)

Itai Kriss and Telavana (2018)

Itai Kriss Telavana (2018)

J Easy Weaver Soul Connection (2018)

J.A.M. Silent Notes (2018)

Jairus Daigle Roam Around The City (2018)

James Weidman Spiritual Impressions (2018)

Jamie Shew Eyes Wide Open (2018)

Jared Gold Reemergence (2018)

Jarod Bufe New Spaces (2018)

Jason Klobnak Quartet Friends (2018)

Jason Marsalis The Year Of The Drummer (2018)

Javier Santiago Phoenix (2018)

Jay Phelps Free As The Birds (2018)

Jeannie Taylore Rough Diamond (2018)

Jeff Baker Phrases (2018)

Jeff Denson Outside My Window (2018)

Jeff Hamilton Live From San Pedro (2018)

Jeff Rupert with Veronica Swift (2018)

Jeff Siegel London Live (2018)

Jemal Ramirez African Skies (2018)

Jen Hodge All Stars Alls Fair (2018)

Jerry Leonide Source Of The Ocean! (2018) (Africa)

Jerry Weldon Those Were The Day’s (2018)

Jesse Peterson Man of the Earth (2018)

JF Girard Jazz Waves (2018)

Jim Buennig It’s Like This (2018)

Joanne Tatham The Rings of Saturn (2018)

Jocelyn Michelle Live At Viva Cantina (2017)

John Arnold CoolBago Jazz (2018)

John Arnold What Time Is It EP (2018)

John Bailey In Real Time (2018)

John Coltrane Both Directions at Once, The Lost Album Double CD (2018)

John Dankworth Quintet JD5

John Hart, Adam Scone, Rudy Albin Petschauer Leading The British Invasion (2018)

John Korbel Earthlight (2018)

John Proulx Say It (2018)

John Stowell & Ulf Bandgren Night Visitor (2018)

Johnny Valentino Goin’ Public (2018)

Jon Rodgers Expression Vibrations (Vol II) (2018)

Jonathan Barber Vision Ahead (2018)

Jonathan Kresiberg and Nelson Veras Kresiberg meets Veras (2018)

Joshua Redman Still Dreaming (2018)

Juan Ospina Big Band Tramontana (2018)

Judi Silvano Lessons Learned (2018)

Kait Dunton Trio Kait 2 (2018)

Kamasi Washington Heaven and Earth Double CD (2018)

Kandace Springs Black Orchid EP (2018)

Kate McGarry, Keith Ganz, Gary Versace The Subject Tonight is Love (2018)

Kaveh Rastegar Light Of Love (2018)

Kavita Shah & François Moutin Interplay (2018)

Ken Peplowski Big Band Sunrise (2018)

Kenny Barron Quintet Concentric (2018)

Kent Miller Quartet Minor Step (2918)

Kira Kira Bright Force (2018)

Kobie Watkins Grouptet Movement (2018)

Kunle Ayo Happy To Know You (2018) (Africa)

Kurt Elling The Questions (2018)

Kyle Shepherd SWR New Jazz Meeting Sound Portraits from ContemporaryDouble CD] (2018) (Sourh Africa and Africa)

Lakecia Benjamin Rise Up (2018)

Lance Bryant, Christian & Jason Marsalis Do For You (2018)

Larry Goldings Toy Tunes (2018)

Laura Taglialatela The Glow (2018)

Laura Walls Olori (Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival) (2018)

Lauren Anderson The Game (2018)

Lauren Henderson Ármame Songs of Love and Loss (2018)

Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm Shoot Me Down (2018)

Lello’s Italian Job Volume 2 (2018)

Lena & The Slide Brothers The Road HQ (2018)

Lenny Marcus Trio Glorias Step (2018)

Leo Sidran Cool School (The Music of Michael Franks) (2018)

Leslie Pintchik You Eat My Food You Drink My Wine You Steal My Girl (2018)

Libby Rae Watson Sweet ‘n’ Salty (2018)

Lisa B I Get A Kick Cole Porter (2018)

Lisa Hilton Escapism (2018)

Liza Ohlback Give You Hell (2018)

LJ Folk Near Me (2018)

Logan Richardson Blues People (2018)

Louis Cato Starting Now (2018)

Louiz Banks Prism (2018)

Ma-JiD (Majid Khaliq) Sound of a Flower (2018)

Mabuta Welcome To This World (2018) (South African)

Madeleine & Salomon A Womans Journey (2018)

Madsla Cours Almugi Hule (2018)

Maja Spencer Iindestructible EP (2018)

Manhattan Transfer The Junction (2018)

Marcus Miller Laid Black (2018)

Margo Rey The Roots Of Rey (2018)

Mark Lotz and Alan Purvis Food Foragers (2018)

Mark Lotz meets Omar Ka A Fula’s Call (2018)

Martin Mayer Unbreakable (2018) M

Matt Piet City in a Garden (2018)

Maura Shaftoe Make Me A Memory (2018)

Mcclenty Hunter The Groove Hunter (2018)

Mecca Bodega Skin (2018) WJ

Meg Okura NPO Trio Album (2018)

Meg Okura The Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble IMAIMA album (2018)

Meg Okura’s IMA IMA (f Tom Harrell) (2018)

Melbreeze Animazonia (2018)

Melody Diachun Get Back To The Groove (2018)

Melody Gardot Live in Europe (2018)

Mica Bethea Suite Theory (2018)

Michael Sarian & The Chabones León (2018)

Michael Waldrop Origin Suite (2018)

Middle Blue Love Chords (2018)

Mike Clark Delbert Bump Retro Report (2018)

Mike Jones & Penn Jillette The Show Before The Show (2018)

Mike Pachelli Impressions

Miles Davis & John Coltrane The Final Tour The Bootleg Series 4 CD Set (2018)

Molly Tentarelli Molly Tentarelli (2018)

MTU feat John Pichardo Heart Circle EP (2018)

MTU feat John Pichardo Roar EP (2018)

Nellie McKay Sister Orchid (2018)

NewBorn OutCry NewBorn OutCry (2018)

Nicholas Payton Afro-Caribbean Mixtape Double CD (2018)

Nina Massara Watch Me (2018)

Noah Preminger & Rob Garcia The Dead Composers Club Chopin Project (2018)

Noah Preminger Genuinity (2018)

Nora McCarthy People of Peace Quintet blesSINGS (2018)

Odd Atlas Band OddAtlas (2018)

OKB Trio (Oscar Perez, Kuriko Tsugawa and Brian Woodruff) at Kitano The Ing (2018)

Orquesta Akokn Orquesta Akokn (2018)

Ospina Tramontana (2018)

Out Of The Blue O.T.B. (1985)

Oytun Ersan Fusiolicious (2018)

Pablo Ziegler Jazz Tango Trio (2018)

Panta Rei 2.0 Last Ticket to Heaven (2018)

Pat Battstone Elements (2018)

Patrick Zimmerli Quartet Clockworks (2018)

Pauline Frechette Follow My Heart EP (2018)

Peggie Perkins Influences (2018)

Peggy Lee Echo Painting Songline (2018)

Peripheral Vision More Songs About Error And Shame (2018)

Perry Smith New Angel (2018)

Petals On A Bough Petals On A Bough (2018)

Peter Lin The Lintet (2018)

Phil Casagrande Irresistible (2018)

Phil DeGreg Trio Queen City Blues (2018)

Phil Haynes My Favourite Things(1960-1969 Double CD(2018)

Phil Haynes No Fast Food Settings for Three (2018)

Phil Madeira Providence (2018)

Phil Parisot Creekside (2018)

Philipp Gropper’s Philm Live At Bimhuis (2018)

Philthy (Phil Lassiter) Party Crashers (2018)

Poppa Steve Funky Business (2018)

Poppa Steve Listen Up (2018)

Poppa Steve Sweet (2018)

Prof Mike Rossi’s MR Project Journey (2018) (South African)

Professor Cunningham and His Old School Swing It Out! (2018)

Progger Dystopia (2018)

Project K-Paz Post Something (2018)

Quite Storm Too Goog To Go (2018)

Rafal Sarnecki Climbing Trees (2018)

Ray Brown Jr This Is Ray Brown Jr (2018)

Rebecca Angel….What We Had (2018)

Rebirth Brass Band Feel Like Funkin’ It Up (2018)

Red’s Blues You Knock Me Out (2018)

Reggie Pittman Loren Daniels Quartet Smilessence (2018)

Reloaded My Longest Mile (2018) BL

Renee Rosnes Beloved of the Sky (2018)

Richard Howell Coming of Age Mangaku (2018)

Richard Shulman Turned Into Lemonade (2018)

Richard X Bennett Away From The Many (2018)

Rivers on Mars  DeJe Voodoo (2018)

Rob Dixon Trio ft Charlie Hunter Coast to Crossroads (2018)

Robert Diack Lost Villages (2018)

Robert Glasper R+R Now Collagically Speaking (2018)

Robert Kennedy Closer to Home (2018)

Robin McKelle Melodic Canvas (2018)

Ron Ward jr It’s Just Music Vol ii (2018)

Rondi Marsh The Pink Room (2018)

Ronnie Burrage Bluenoise (2018)

Sam Javitch People and Places (2018)

Sam Morrison Howl Revisited (2018)

Sara Serpa Close Up (2018)

Sasha Masakowski Art Market (2018)

Satoko Fujii feat Kaze Atody Man (2018)

Satoko Fujii Ninety Nine Years (2018)

Satoko Fujii This Is It! 1538 (2018)

Satoko Fujii, Joe Fonda & Gianni Mimmo Triad (2018)

Scott Gwinnell Jazz Orchestra Mulgrewology (2018)

Scott Hamilton Trio Live At Pyatt Hall (2018)

Scott Petito Rainbow Gravity (2018)

Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra Without A Trace (2018)

Sergio Galvao, Lupa Santiago, Clement Landais, Franck Enouf 2X2 (2018)

Shakes Seven Indiana (2018)

Sharel Cassity Evolve (2018)

Shaun Martin Focus (2018)

Shaun Murphy Mighty Gates (2018)

Shawn Kingsberry Peace Love and Happiness (2018)

Shawn Maxwell Music In My Mind (2018)

Shawn Maxwell’s New Tomorrow Music In My Mind (2018)

Shirley Crabbe Bridges (2018)

Sisonke Xonti Iyonde (2018) (South African)

Snatam Kaur Beloved (2018)

Sons of Kemet Your Queen Is A Reptile (2018)

Soul Mutation Times Are Changing (2018)

Spanish Harlem Orchestra Anniversary (2018)

Stacy Mitchhart Live My Life (2018)

Stanley Clarke Band The Message (2018)

Stephanie Mckay Song In My Heart (2018)

Stephanie Sante In Your Eyes (2018)

Steve Gadd Band – Steve Gadd, Michael Landau, Jimmy Johnson, Walt Fowler, Larry Goldings (2018)

Steve Slagle Alto Manhattan (2018)

Steve Tyrell A Song For You (2018)

Strunz & Farah Tales of Two Guitars (2018)

Sugar Queen & The Straight Blues Band 340 Blues (2018)

Sullivan Fortner Moments Preserved, Beans And Cornbread (2018)

Sundae +  Mr Goessl When You’re Smiling (2018)

Susan Krebs Chamber Band Spring Light Out of Darkness (2018)

Susan Williams & The Wright Groove It’s About Time (2018)

Sy Ntuli ibuya (2018) (South African)

Taryn Kasaval Joy at Last (2018) (South African)

Terence Blanchard & The E-Collective Live (2018)

Thandi Ntuli Exiled (2018)(South African)

The Bennito Padilla Sextet + One Classic Salsa & Latin Jazz (2018)

the ȼheap 3nsemble the ȼheap 3nsemble (2018)

The Detroit Bop Quintet Two Birds (EP) (2018)

The Hughes Smith Quartet Motion (2018)

The Idiomatiques Out On The Town (2018)

The Lao Tizer Band Songs From The Swinghouse (2018)

The Liberation Music Collective Rebel Portraiture (2018)

The MK Groove Orchestra MKXVGO (2018)

The Nels Cline 4  Currents, Constellations (2018)

The New England Jazz Ensemble Peter And The Wolf (2018)

The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra (RKJO) Get It How You Live (2018)

The Summer Brothers To Elliot in Remembrance of Wolf (2018)

Tia Fuller Diamond Cut (2018)

Tiffany Austin Unbroken Con Alma (2018)

Tlale Makhene SwaziGold (2018) (South African)

Todd Clouser, John Medeski & JT Bates You The Brave Live at Icehouse (2018)

Todd Marcus On These Streets (2018)

Todd’s Turntable TT12-1 VS (Latin) 24 Mar 2018.mp3

Tom Bruner Homage To A Hero (2018)

Tommaso Cappellato Aforemention (2018)

Tony Koch The Alt News Band Uber Chill (2018)

Tosin Aribisala Afrika Rising (2018)

Tower of Power Soul Side of Town (2018)

Transjoik (Sami Norwegian) & Sher Miandad Khan (Pakistan) Bewafa (2018)

Tribu El Matador (2018)

Troy Roberts Nu Jive Perspective (2018)

Tucker Antell Grime Scene (2018)

Uncle Nephew Blues (2018)

Undecided Future Hit Me Up (Hmu) Ep (2018)

Van Morrison and Joey DeFrancesco You’re Driving Me Crazy (2018)

Venture Life Cycle (2018)

Vijay Iyer Far From Over (2018)

Vin Venezia Fifth and Adams (2018)

Vuma Ian Levin Life and Death on the Otherside of the Dream (2018) (South African)

Wanja Slavin & Lotus Eaters Salvation (2018)

William Clarke Blowin’ Like Hell (2018)

Wynton Marsalis Septet United We Swing The Best of The Jazz at the Lincoln Centre Galas (2018)

Yak Attack Safety Third (2018)

Yelena Eckemoff Quartet Desert (2018)

Yoko Miwa Pathways (2018)

Yuri Apsy Nothin’ But The Blues (2018)

Yusef Komunyakaa, Davis Cieri, Mike Brown White Dust Cover (2018)

Zemill Timeless (2018)

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