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2014 ALL JAZZ RADIO VERY SMALL LOGOA BLOG SUPREMEI’ve  got to say, I maybe putting a kybosh on the weekend ahead, but it is another truly beautiful start to the day, glorious sunshine and cloudless sky, the Mother City of Cape Town shows her true colours again today.

The broadcast day starts with Jazz Rendezvous Radio, Pinotage & Coffee Stockvel Club on All Jazz Radio at 10am C.A.T with the usual mix of great new jazz cd’s, but we will also be chatting to wonderful Cape Town Jazz vocalist Emily Bruce VocalistEmily Bruce and will find out what she’s been up to and what we can look forward to from her over the coming months. At 1pm Central African Time the EuroJazz Frontier with London based host Peter Slavid presents a show during which he showcases some of the more creative British and European jazz available today. Rudy Nadler-Nir then gets behind the mic and will take one on an exciting musical journey starting at 2pm C.A.T. Join him for the his regular program, Latin Side.

Kolade Arogundade

Kolade Arogundade

Exciting time at 4pm today because its Friday Faaji one of the two new show that starts this weekend. Hosted by expat Nigerian professor at University of Cape Town, Kolade Arogundade. The show will be focused on the various jazz styling’s of Africa, and will showcase some musicians one may not yet have heard on radio stations in the global village, join Kolade for two hours of exciting discovery. If one missed the previous day’s programs our re-broadcast schedule kicks off from 6pm so one won’t miss a note of the music.


October is Pork Month and today is Carmel Custard (Crème Caramel) Day

pork month celebrateDid you know pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world, accounting for about 38 percent of meat production worldwide, although consumption varies widely from place to place. Despite religious restrictions on the consumption of pork and the prominence of beef production in the West, pork consumption has been rising for thirty years, both in actual terms and in terms of meat-market share.



The Klutz in the Kitchen won’t be presenting a pork dish until Roast Pork Day later in the month so he’s finding the perfect recipe for a Crème Caramel to celebrate the day in sweet style, check the recipe on The Klutz in the Kitchen’s page on our website for a decedent Rooibos Crème Caramel & Toffee Apple treat.

October 3, 2014 is also Diversity Day & Yom Kippur

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Chili Month & Dessert Month & Pasta Month & Roller Skating Month & Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month

This week is National Walk Your Dog Week


Tune Me WhatTune Me What – Caravan of Sound By Brett Lock and Leon Lazarus

Lloyd Ross

Lloyd Ross

There was an urban legend going around in the South African musical fraternity that Lloyd Ross, the founder of Shifty records, had managed to fund his alternative record label with the money he earned writing the theme music to the popular Afrikaans TV drama series ‘Vyfster’.

Koos KIombuis

Koos KIombuis

It’s a great story, but alas not entirely true, as he tells Koos Kombuis in an interview for the SA edition of Rolling Stone magazine:

I did indeed write ‘Vyfster’. But no, I had to make a helluva lot more money than that to lose while I recorded and released Shifty records part-time. I worked in the film industry for that money. And later the Swedes gave enough money so that I could lose it for a couple of years full-time.

Regardless, the story of Shifty Records is fascinating and as Tune Me What joins other fans of the label in celebrating ‘Shifty September’ – marking 30 years since the label was founded – we end our trilogy of Shifty-themed shows joined in our ‘virtual studio’ by Lloyd Ross himself.

The conversation is punctuated with some of the key records from Shifty’s



history, from their first LP by Sankomota to their final releases with Van der Want/Letcher.

There’s a huge variety for such a small label too; we hear the a cappella singing of the FOSATU Worker’s Choir to the electronic experiment of the Kalahari Surfers.

Most of all, we hear from Lloyd Ross as he talks about Shifty’s mission to challenge the old regime, their battle with censorship, their role in the new South Africa and why eventually they had to call it a day, leaving the rich musical legacy we’re celebrating 30 years later.

Also mentioned in the programme is Michael Drewett’s documentary about Roger Lucey, which is well worth watching. Also, read Roger’s book!

Tune Me What? is a podcast and blog by Brett Lock and Leon Lazarus that highlights South African music and artists at home and around the world. For more information, visit or


Joe Ready to Serve ‘Gold’ At Jazz Safari By Felix Eupal

Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas

It is regarded as the biggest jazz concert in the country. It happens once every year and has been doing so since 2008.

It is the Nile Gold Jazz Safari and this year’s edition will be going down this Friday evening at Serena hotel’s Victoria hall. Last year, it was Keith Sweat rocking the stage and this year it is American R&B singer Joe Thomas – popularly known as Joe – and the Tizer band going on stage. Joe, alongside the band, flew in on Tuesday evening and on Wednesday the organizers held a press briefing to share their thoughts about the concert.

Going by the lineup and their promise of a ‘gold’ concert that will awe Kampala, one is left with just one option; dress up and wait to be blown away. Joe held a concert in Kampala way back in 2008 and the seven-time Grammy award-nominated singer, with a new album up his sleeve, says: “I will be doing a bit of everything from the old favourites like ‘Don’t Wanna Be A Player'”.

Another performer will be Norman Brown, an award-winning guitarist in the best pop instrumental category. Starting his guitar playing career at age eight, Brown told The Observer, “I will be doing some covers, but mostly I want the fans to have the best; so, most focus will be on the originals.”

Then there is the Tizer comprised of five people: Lao Tizer, Steve Nieves, Raul Pineda, Chieli Minnuci and Andre Manga. They have performed at Java Jazz festival in Jakarta, Joy Jazz Festival in Johannesburg, Dubai Jazz festival, and Barbados Jazz festival, among others.

Silk Events are in charge of the production and have promised to outdo themselves. The artistes had a music test and rehearsal session yesterday to ensure there would be no sound glitches. This year’s concert campaign was dubbed ‘Crack the Code’ in which people had the chance to open a safe once they bought Nile Gold from selected outlets.

Twenty-one lucky people won tickets to the show plus the chance to meet the artistes up close at the ‘Meet and Greet’, invite-only, party that was hosted at Guvnor. Just like last year, part of the proceeds will go towards supporting the cancer ward at Nsambya hospital. So, it isn’t just about music, but also partying for a good cause.

Tickets have been going for Shs 180,000, and sorry for those who haven’t got theirs as yet; they are already sold out.


Seun Kuti At Dimajazz 2014 – Anthem for Africa

Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti

Constantine, Algeria — Nigerian singer and saxophonist Seun Kuti gave Thursday, in Constantine (431-km east of Algiers), a concert, an anthem for Africa and its youth, as part of the International Jazz Festival.

Son of famous musician Fela Kuti, founder of afrobeat music, Seun took the audience on a trip to Lagos, with African percussion sounds and his performance of songs from his latest album “Long Way to Beginning.”

Seun Kuti, conducting the group Egypt 80, created by his father, played saxophone before signing “Black women,” a song that praises African beauty and deals with the return to the roots.

He also singed “Higher Consciousness,” which contains messages to the young calling them to “reinvent” Africa.

Perpetuating Afrobeat tradition, the singer performs “Ohun Aiye,” a song that tackles Africa and its ills, urging for change.

Speaking at the end of the show, Seun stressed that for him, politics and music “are one and the same.”

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