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Carla Bley at piano

Listening is more important than anything because that’s what music is. Somebody is playing something & you’re receiving it.

Carla Bley

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  1. bellemin colette


    I listen to you from France. So BEAUTIFUL programs!!!!
    But I can’ find what was on today, November 5th at around 8.35 GMT (I don’t know what time in South Africa for 8.35 GMT… sorry!)
    I hope to listen to you still very long, and I have a great admiration for Nelson Mandela. He is The Man that will always remain in my heart.

    Kind regards to All Jazz Radio Team and to all so diversified South Africa. I hope I can come one day!!!

    Colette Bellemin / Annecy (Haute-Savoie, near Mont Blanc) / France

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