Claude Cozens Trio Jubilee Jam

Claude Cozens Drums

The Claude Cozens Trio – Jubilee Jam – 2014

 I was blown away at the launch of Claude Cozens debut album and those memories linger in the minds eye as I listen to the full album, months after that delightful night at Straight No Chaser in Cape Town. The trio made up of Kyle Shepherd aCozens leading from behind the drum kit controls the Benjamin Jephtatightknit trio with the exceptional Kyle Shepherd playing keyboards and piano and remarkable Benjamin Jephta playing bass.

I met Claude who had just finished his schooling and was starting his jazz degree at UCT. I was truly impressed with his solid determination of forging a career in the difficult world of jazz in Africa. Following his pursuit over the years, as I am want to do whenever I bumped into him, enquired how his CD was coming along, his stock answer was, it’s coming. The years rolled on by and then one day I received the phone call from Claude asking if he could come by the All Jazz Radio Studio. Duly he arrived and proudly presented me with a copy of Jubilee Jam with a beaming smile he said, “See, I told you all the time it was coming, now here it is, enjoy” As I was on air at the time I slapped it into the CD player and launched into a wonderful interview with the talented young drummer/bandleader. The rest is history, Claude Cozens; bandleader, composer and jazz musician is on his way to a bright future in the fickle world of jazz. Now the global village’s stages await his assent on the ladder of success.

Not being a musician I cannot launch into the technicalities of the music, all I can say is what a joy the album is I can find little fault with the music contained given the highly talented musicians featured on the album who jelled together so well. This is Claude’s story with each track taking one on his life’s journey through each of the 14 tracks, a story very well told and a worthy addition to ones jazz collection. The Cape Jazz heritage continues to forge ahead, the way is clear for the world to see that South African jazz has a rightful place in the lexicon of great music. I can’t wait for the next chapter of this remarkably humble and respectful young South African jazz musician’s life. Get a copy, this is history in the making. I love it.

Musicians: Claude Cozens, drums with Kyle Shepherd, keyboards and Benjamin Jephta IV, electric bass


Fynbos Spirits, 13 Corfu Avenue, Jubilee jam, Electric Street, Platkop, Song For Peninah, Baden Powell, Love Stain, Hangberg Mountain Jazz, Brother Boesack, Mr English, Overflow, Cape Lion, Landing Place

 Label: Own Release

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